Internship: Node.js Developer


Do you want to start an IT career and participate in exciting projects? Then our Trainee Node.js Developer internship is just what you need!

We will help you go all the way from internship to working on a project in the company and prepare an individual development plan so that you can become a Node.js developer.

By studying and working with us, you will be able to gain expertise in the following fields: FinTech, Healthcare, Logistics, Media & Entertainment. And more, we guarantee employment after completing the internship.

What awaits you:

  • ● 2 months of paid training
  • ● 3 months trial period on the project
  • ● 1,5 years of guaranteed contract with the company!

Theoretical knowledge we expect from you:

  • ● Basic understanding of JavaScript or Node.js
  • ● MySQL or PostgreSQL relational databases, understanding database normalization
  • ● Knowledge and understanding of OOP principles — knowledge of design patterns will be a plus
  • ● Basic knowledge of data structure algorithms, sorting algorithms, etc.
  • ● Knowledge of HTML5 or CSS3

It will be great if you:

  • ● Have an example of code on GitHub with JavaScript or Node.js
  • ● Know and understand SOLID principles
  • ● Read Bootstrap/Material design
  • ● Practiced with VCS Git
  • ● Speak and write in English at least at the Intermediate level
Andrii PikulLead Recruiter
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Andrii Pikul

Lead Recruiter

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