Hire .Net Developers for Your Project

  • Flexible cost structure depending on project specifications
  • Development optimization with the .NET innovative practices
  • Access to skilled professionals suiting the strictest requirements

.NET Development Services We Provide

We offer custom .NET development services that jumpstart your project, help scale and restructure existing solutions, and boost product quality
Custom .NET App Development
You can hire .NET developers proficient in delivering high-quality and user-optimized frontend solutions that match all the project's goals and challenges. We design software from scratch and advance existing ones.
Migration to .NET
Our software engineers will examine the existing software solution and technology stack to advance it with .NET and execute the migration to newer frameworks, ensuring high performance and quality.
Product Scaling
To unlock the new value from your software, we review its infrastructure, rewrite or rebuild its modules and functionality, ensuring accurate and rapid optimization to preserve your product's power.
Continuous Support
We ensure consistent development, scaling, and high performance of software products to meet your company's objectives and bring added business value in the long run.
Hire .Net Developer For Your Needs
Our .NET programmer for hire knows how to address industry-specific challenges and create business benefits. Select this model if you need to:
Access technical expertise in a short timeQuickly hire a .NET developer to fill in a project’s skill gaps and integrate them into the workflow.
Scale up with no time to get your teamHire .net developers to augment your team with extra skills without committing to lengthy staff employment
Professional team for specific purposesWe can lend you developers, QA and DevOps engineers, UX/UI designers, and any expertise required
Adaptability to changing requirementsR&D capacities allow us to respond any project changes without disrupting the entire workflow

Extend your .NET development team

Our resource manager will contact you within a couple of hours to schedule a meeting to discuss your requirements

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Reviews 16 • Rating 4.9/5
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Solutions Delivered by Our .NET Team

We Individually approach each case and build solutions based on .NET in tune with the client’s time, budget, and expectations
QMS for Medical Device Manufacturers
Development of a Quality Management System to Check FDA/ISO Compliance


Staff augmentation, full-time remote team


Attracting Cleveroad’s experienced .NET developers and mobile developers who have been a perfect match for the client's needs

Micro-Investment Platform
Creation of a Cross-Platform App to Manage Micro-Investments and Savings


Staff augmentation for challenging (fintech industry-specific) tasks


Assembling a team of 11 industry experts, including Senior .NET developers, that closely work with similar complicated solutions

Our Clients Say About Us

Client photo...

Director of Software Engineering of Mastercard

“We’re very happy with Cleveroad. They seem to work in the way that we do, and we have a close collaboration with them. Every day we talk to the developers and outline what needs to be done."

Hire .Net developers to get the right specialists that will cater to the needs of your project fast. Apply to us, and we'll get back to you to define all the requirements to candidates
Hire experienced .Net developers now!
How to Hire .Net Developer
We follow a proven multi-stage assembling procedure to provide you with a dedicated development team aligning with your needs at scale
  • Collecting requirements

    We conduct project analysis and hold a series of meetings to specify the arrangement, organizational details, and all the requirements for a .net programmer for hire

  • Listing candidates

    When you’re ready to hire a developer .NET or team of software engineers, we assemble candidates with the most fitting skills to interview and select specialists for development

  • Interviewing developers

    We help you schedule and arrange the interview with the most suitable .NET developers for your project within 1-2 days

  • Signing an agreement

    After you confirm the candidate’s competency, we sign all required arrangements and assist you in integrating developers into your workflow

.NET Technology Solutions We Work With

Our development team applies thoroughly-tested .NET practices to implement mobile and web solutions to maximize the value of the product
Programming language
Serverless solutions
AWS lambda
Azure functions
Desktop applications
Real time communication (sockets)
Entity Framework
Communication between services
Azure service bus
Cloud service
SQL Server
Redis Cache

Why Choose Our .NET Developers

Cover every stage of your development process with a reliable dedicated development team that will meet your project requirements

Oleksandr Riabushko

Engagement Director

  • 92% of the company are senior and middle-level engineers

    We constantly develop our competencies in advanced technology to provide our clients with certified specialists able to handle complex tasks

  • 20% employee turnover rate

    We aim at long-term working relationships with teams and clients, enhancing planning quality and guaranteeing obligations’ completion

  • Any number of developers on request

    We answer our partners’ requirements and needs, offering 280+ software experts, ensuring our clients rapid filling of missing tech talents

  • Fast involvement: from 1 day

    The pool of .NET developers is always available: our customers don’t spend resources on recruitment services, acquiring software engineers in less than 24 hours

Questions you may have
We've put together popular questions related to hiring .Net Developers so you can find quick answers to common issues
How do I hire .NET developers?
The best way to hire .NET developers is to appeal to an experienced software development company that will land you a specialist (based on a dedicated team model) entirely fitting your project needs.
Where do I hire a dedicated team of .NET developers online?
You can use popular tech platforms like Clutch to make the list of preferred IT companies offering dedicated development team services. After that, you go on the selected vendor’s website and leave a request detailing the number of .NET experts you need, their experience level, and desired cooperation model.
Who is a .NET developer?
.Net developer is a technical expert who relies on NET platform technologies to build, design and implement software solutions.
What are the benefits of hiring an outsourced .NET development company?
The core benefit of an outsourced .NET development company is that you can hire .net developers that suit your requirements, budget, and expectations. Moreover, you'll take the responsibilities off your shoulders. An experienced IT outsourcing company will take care of software development and deployment, freeing vital company resources for you to use for further business advancement.
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