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Get first-class IT infrastructure services to bring better reliability, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness to your business processes.


Adopt new technologies

Move workflows to the cloud

System workload optimization


It doesn’t matter what your business’s size or domain is. You need a flexible infrastructure to get the most out of your IT processes.

Benefits of IT infrastructure services

Higher revenue

A well-optimized IT infrastructure has a significant impact on maximizing the revenue of your business as tech barriers are eliminated and all technologies in the system operate at maximum efficiency without stuttering.

Easy scaling

It’s vital for a dynamic business to have a flexible IT infrastructure that’s optimized for future growth, ever-changing market conditions, business requirements, and goals.

Enhanced productivity

In enterprises, maximizing business process efficiency always comes first. Clockwork IT infrastructure allows you to automate routine tasks and optimize the connection between the company’s departments and employees.

Reduced downtimes

Frequent and long downtime or disruptions in IT infrastructure inevitably leads to monetary losses. Moving business infrastructure to the cloud can help you reduce maintenance costs, the number of downtimes, and their duration.

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IT infrastructure services we provide

As a leading company with more than ten years of experience, we provide a wide IT infrastructure services list
  • IT infrastructure consulting
    We learn your business and conduct an in-depth analysis of the existing IT infrastructure to determine possible options for its optimization and improvement.
  • Cloud infrastructure management
    We deal with configuring and management of your cloud IT infrastructure. Besides that, we’re engaged in the optimization of costs associated with AWS services.
  • IT infrastructure management
    These services include operations such as administration, monitoring, troubleshooting, and infrastructure security by deploying workloads to the cloud.
  • Cloud infrastructure security
    We’ll ensure high protection of your infrastructure by constantly monitoring suspicious activity, analyzing logs, and eliminating identified security issues.
  • Cloud infrastructure consulting
    Our team of solution architects examines the structure of your IT system to find the best options for integrating cloud technologies into your workflows.
  • Cloud migration
    If you decide to move your workflows to the cloud, we’ll carry out cloud migration in the shortest terms possible to increase the flexibility and performance of your system.

Our Clients Say

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Project manager of Prime Path Medtech™

‘‘We are quite satisfied with the Cleveroad and our collaboration so far. We especially appreciate how they maintained the communication. The team was constantly in touch with us and available at each project step.’’

Our industry expertise

Custom EHR, EMR, ERX, and other technical solutions for the medical industry

Our experience, along with the knowledge of industry-specific tech and security standards, are what give us enough power to build software of any complexity

Our industry expertise

Custom EHR, EMR, ERX, and other software solutions for Healthcare and Medicine

We help established businesses such as hospitals, laboratories, and pharmacies, create turnkey products, and simplify digital transformation.

Our awards

Leading rating & review platforms rank Cleveroad among top software development companies due to our tech assistance in clients' digital transformation.

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Our representatives will gladly consult you on our IT infrastructure services. Leave a message, and our manager will contact you as soon as possible to schedule a meeting.

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Why choose IT infrastructure services at Cleveroad

Sergey Molchanov

Head of Business Development

  • AWS certified team of professionals at your disposal
  • We can build infrastructure from scratch or improve the existing one on demand
  • Provide free consultation and initial estimate on your project
  • Fully comply with GDPR, PCI DSS, ISO 27001, and other essential security regulations
  • Choose between three flexible cooperation models: dedicated team, fixed price, time and material
  • In-depth experience across business domains
  • We use only a cutting-edge tech stack and modern app development methods for our IT infrastructure services

Cases of IT infrastructure services

Creating and configuring AWS server for Occaz
Our main task was to help the client create and configure a reliable environment for future scaling. Also, we took into account that there can be a need to distribute web content worldwide in the future.
How we solved it:
To cope with client’s needs, we’ve picked AWS services. We implemented Amazon EC2 for business scaling, Amazon RDS as a database, Amazon SES for email, Amazon S3 as storage, Amazon CloudWatch for monitoring, and Amazon SNS for notifications.
Core tech stack:
Amazon EC2, Amazon SES, Amazon S3, Amazon SNS
3,5 months
Project under NDA
Database Enhancement for FinTech CRM
The client set us a task to modify business financial CRM. All modifications were aimed to solve three main problems: load time, navigation speed and poor performance. Besides that we had to create space for future business scaling because company’s client base was growing steadily.
How we solved it:
We’ve decided to use AWS EC2 cloud capacity as a host for the whole financial CRM system. To decrease the database’s load times, increase performance and make navigation a lot smoother, we’ve transferred all business data from original database to powerful AWS RDS.
Core tech stack:
Amazon RDS, Amazon EC2
4 months


We keep deepening our tech expertise to always stay at the forefront of new technologies and provide high-quality IT infrastructure services.


Solution Architect, Associate


Security, Speciality

Scrum Alliance

Certified Scrum Product Owner®


SysOps Administrator, Associate


Blockchain developer


Linux professional certification

Questions you may have
Answering popular questions about website application development services
IT infrastructure services are aimed at updating and enhancing outdated business’ IT infrastructures. These services can help transfer all workloads to the cloud, enhance performance, strengthen security, and much more.
These services can include: IT infrastructure consulting, IT infrastructure management, cloud infrastructure consulting, cloud infrastructure management, cloud infrastructure monitoring, cloud infrastructure security, cloud migration.
These services will be beneficial for every company that suffers from outdated IT infrastructure. Besides that, it doesn’t matter what the company’s domain is. IT infrastructure services can bring improvements in healthcare, logistics, FinTech, education, travel, retail, and other industries.
Yes, of course. These specialists are involved in cloud infrastructure consulting and can be part of the team in the Discovery stage.
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