Patient Monitoring Software Development Services

  • Software enabling traditional and virtual care via remote monitoring
  • Real-time data solutions based on IoT technology
  • Integration of RPM systems with healthcare software: EMR, EHR, Patient Portals, telemedicine solutions, etc.

RPM Software Services We Offer

Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) software development services for healthcare institutions to maintain physical and mental well-being
Custom Software Development
Studying business processes to develop bespoke RPM solutions. Compliance with industry regulations (GDPR, HIPAA, PIPEDA, FDA, etc.)
Software Modernization
Reengineering the existing RPM solutions to meet the latest healthcare and telehealth standards in terms of security, usability, and interoperability
Third-Party Integrations
Aligning custom-built RPM software with internal systems, EHR, EMR, Patient Portals, e-RX services, etc. Integrations with interactive streaming platforms for telehealth solutions
Digitalization and Optimization
Increasing the performance of RPM software by the processes optimization and applying modern advanced technology

RPM Software Solutions for Your Healthcare Services

We’re an RPM software development company that creates intelligent solutions to optimize services and workflows for patients’ care and support
Health Control
  • Data Collection (skin temperature, motion/activity, sleep monitoring & patterns, SpO2, pulse rate, blood pressure, breathing, etc.)
  • Fall Detection
  • Data Storage & Processing
  • Decision-support Analytics
  • Notifications, Emergency, & Alerts
Assets Tracking & Space Monitoring
  • Space Optimization (assets, staff, & patients)
  • Critical & Operational Equipment Locating
  • Workflows Customization (transportation, transfer, discharge)
  • Escalation Paths
  • Alarm Triggers & Rules
Real-Time Locating Systems (RTLS)
  • Indoor Positioning & Exit Protection
  • Room- and Bay-level locating
  • Outdoor Location Tracking
  • Geofencing
  • Wander Management & Access Control
  • Wayfinding
  • Notifications & Alarms
  • Tamper Detection
  • Instant Audio/Video Calls
  • Bluetooth LE, Wi-Fi
  • GPS
  • Mobile Phones & Tablets
  • Wearable Tech (smartwatches, wristbands, sensors)
  • Web & Desktop Applications
  • IoT, AI, ML, Big Data & Analytics
  • Assistive technology (with adapted usage of items listed above)

Experience With RPM Regulations and Standards

We design RPM and telemedicine solutions in line with industry legislation, understanding the importance of regulatory compliance and data security

Our Clients Say About Us

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Founder of el Tab

"I was very happy with their overall performance. I was very pleased that the team would regularly come to me with suggestions of how to improve the app."

Our team is ready to create a patient monitoring system meeting your needs. Schedule a meeting with our experts and get a consultation as to the best-suited tech solution.
Remote patient monitoring app for your needs

Tech Expertise for Healthcare Business

RPM software development expertise: full project’s coverage and on-demand tech services, guaranteeing quality and meeting deadlines
Engineering services
  • WEB & Moble software development
  • API Design & development
  • High performant fault-tolerant systems
  • Delivery pipeline and continuous integration (CI/CD)
  • System automation
  • Infrastructure maintenance
  • Streaming Data
  • Patient monitoring devices data processing
  • Data Storage
Software Testing
  • Manual and automated testing
  • End-to-end testing
  • Analyze complex software for technical debt and potential risks
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Fault tolerance
  • Data backups
  • PHI
  • Industry-standard data encryption
  • Data residency and retention

RPM Solutions We’ve Delivered

We Individually approach each RPM solution and find the best way to implement it, optimizing the client’s time, budget, and efforts
An IoT-Based System of Human Hydration Monitoring
Creation of a Software Solution for a Medical/Wellness IoT Hardware Product in Real-Time

Challenges solved:

  • Development of the web-based Admin panel and Flutter app connected with IoT hydration sensor
  • Integration with the customer’s PaaS platform
  • Ensuring compliance with the 510(k) FDA Medical Device Registration
  • Providing solution support and maintenance for expanding the customer’s network of partners
Telemedicine Solutions with Patient Portal and EMR
Creation of a SaaS for Booking and Managing Online Medical Appointments

Challenges solved:

  • Development of the SaaS for providing and receiving telecare services
  • Providing 24/7 online access to video and audio consultations of general practitioners and clinicians
  • Creation of an online appointment booking functionality
  • Compliance with the requirements of GDPR and UK healthcare regulators (CQC and MHRA)

RPM Software Integrations We Implement

Tools and integrations for RPM software to optimize development time and budget, ensuring the precise functionality
Improve your care delivery process
Share your project idea, we’ll analyze your business strategy and help you develop a robust software solution for efficient remote patient monitoring.


We keep deepening the expertise to meet your highest expectations and build business innovative software
ISO 27001:2013

ISO 27001:2013

CERT No. I-372-02-270-00228

ISO 9001:2015

ISO 9001:2015

CERT No. I-372-02-100-01677



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Why Hire Cleveroad as RPM Software Development Company


Sergey Molchanov

Head of Business Development

  • Full-cycle development

    End-to-end software development for RPM and telecare: Discovery Phase, bespoke UI/UX designs and prototypes, Delivery, and post-production support.

  • Best practices and compliance with industry security standards

    Solutions that consider the latest standards regarding security, patients’ data safety, usability, and interoperability: GDPR, HIPAA, PIPEDA, and other healthcare regulations.

  • Technology expertise

    Cleveroad certified experts help healthcare, mental care, and medical institutions choose tech stack for a RPM solution and advise the architecture, allowing to achieve business goals.

  • Continuous innovation

    Our team participates in various conferences and meetings devoted to innovations and updates in RPM/telemedicine standards. The Cleveroad experts apply new approaches and technologies to make innovations serve our customers’ business goals and needs.

Industry contribution awards

Leading rating & review platforms rank Cleveroad among top software development companies due to our tech assistance in clients' digital transformation.

60 Reviews on Clutch




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Questions you may have
Answering popular questions about RPM, telecare, and mHealth software development services
What kind of software is used in remote patient monitoring?
There are many software solutions used for RPM purposes. Applications aligned with IoT devices help to monitor patients’ vital indicators constantly. Mobile apps connect patients and doctors (medical consultants) and help them get help and advice remotely. Comprehensive SaaS platforms and tools help create an ecosystem where doctors, telemedicine managers, and patients can easily interact and work in the digital space.
Can Cleveroad build software compliant with RPM medical standards?
As healthcare, telemedicine, and RPM software development company, we treat compliance very seriously. Our team builds e-portals, mobile apps, and other software in line with industry standards, following them accurately. To optimize this process, we’ve established our framework for compliance with HIPAA, IEC 62304, ISO 13485 / ISO 27001 / ISO 27799, and other regulations.
How can your RPM software enhance the healthcare business?

The software for remote health monitoring and all other RPM purposes helps healthcare providers reduce costs and improve patient care. Such software can be targeted at clinics, hospitals, or laboratories.

We create solutions that help patients always stay in touch with physical and mental health professionals and receive emergency help, improving the client experience and the reputation of the medical organization. Cleveroad’s RPM software helps you create new revenue streams and expand into promising business niches while being vital for people with various diseases.

How much does it cost to create RPM software?

The cost of developing such software highly depends on the solution’s complexity and, consequently, the team composition and the project’s duration. In most cases, building an RPM app takes no less than 1500 hours, but the numbers can widely differ according to the requirements and business needs. Engineers’ hourly rates depend on the region where you’re looking for a telemedicine software development company:

  • The United States: $100-$149/hour
  • Canada: $110-$170/hour
  • Australia: $90-$150/hour
  • Eastern and Northern Europe (Cleveroad is from here): $45-$65/hour
  • Western Europe and the UK: $60-$99/hour

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