IT Staff Augmentation Services

Augment your business capacity by quickly onboarding external specialists with the necessary technology or industry-specific knowledge

Staff augmentation services allow you to engage the right tech talents with the necessary technology/industry competencies on a temporary basis. Instead of making new full-time hires, you receive well-versed IT experts to tackle your business tasks, saving up on recruitment expenses
On-demand team scaling
Collaboration starts in 1-2 weeks
Four-week trial period

Augment Your Team with Software Engineers

We have all the specialists available ready to work on your IT initiatives and empower your team with necessary expertise and knowledge

Web development

Front-end development

Engage seasoned frontend developers to deliver dynamic front-end solutions for web and mobile applications of any scale, guaranteeing intuitive interfaces
Vue JS

Back-end development

Employ skilled backend engineers to empower your software with a resilient backend system capable of operating in a data-intensive environment
Node JS

1500+ web developers

in the talent pool

Mobile development

Native app development

Onboard proficient iOS and Android engineers to deliver robust and responsive mobile applications tailored to the specific platform
Objective - C

Cross-platform development

Augment your team with specialized expertise for creating versatile and performance multi-platform mobile applications
React Native

1200+ mobile developers

in the talent pool

Scale Up with Specialized IT Experts

IT consulting

15+ internal tech consultants
Engage high-tech CTO, Business Analyst, or Solution Architect with solid experience in digital transformation consulting to gain guidance for your product development
  • Technology assessment
  • Digital transformation
  • IT security consulting


150+ DevOps engineers in the talent base
Expand your team with skilled DevOps engineers who have experience in CI/CD tools, AWS, and IaC for configuring, managing, and supporting your IT infrastructure
  • Cloud computing services
  • Data backup and recovery
  • IT systems monitoring and support

UI/UX design

450+ UI/UX designers in the talent base
Hire UI/UX design experts who contribute to obtaining lightning-fast and high-converting digital products that refine user experience with modern design practices
  • Responsive design
  • Design validation
  • Usability testing

Quality assurance

550+ QA experts in the talent base
Onboard QA engineers with experience in complex testing projects to deliver software to market up to 80% quicker with performance and test automation services
  • Software audit
  • Performance testing
  • Security testing


We keep deepening our expertise to meet your highest expectations and build business innovative products
ISO 27001:2013

ISO 27001:2013

CERT No. I-372-02-270-00228

ISO 9001:2015

ISO 9001:2015

CERT No. I-372-02-100-01677



Select Tier Partner



Solution Architect, Associate

Scrum Alliance

Scrum Alliance

Advanced Certified Scrum Product Owner®



SysOps Administrator, Associate

Request our experts' CVs for team augmentation to find and onboard the needed software engineers who will contribute to your product development
Augment your team with specialized expertise

Experts in Innovative Technologies

Our software engineers combine expertise in both traditional and emerging technologies and bring a thorough understanding of technology’s applications to your product
Big Data
  • Big data architecture design
  • Apache Spark and Hadoop
  • HDFS, Hive, Pig, Impala, Oozie
  • EMR, Redshift
  • Security testing
  • Malware & fraud protection
  • Vulnerability assessment
  • Encryption libraries
  • RegTech
  • Smart Contracts
  • Cryptocurrency exchange and trading apps
  • DeFi, DEXs, and auctions
  • Hyperledger frameworks: Hyperledger Fabric, Hyperledger SawtoothÀ
Cloud Computing
  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS: AWS, Google Cloud Platform, Azure)
  • Cloud storage: Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage, Blob
  • Serverless computing: AWS Lambda, Google Cloud Functions, Azure Functions
  • Content Delivery Networks (CDN): Akamai, Cloudflare, Amazon CloudFront
Embedded Software and IoT
  • Protocols: NFC, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, LPWAN, IPv6 over LoWPAN
  • Communication Security (TLS, DTLS) and Data Encryption
  • Artik module, Raspberry Pi, Arduino
  • AWS: Lambda, Kinesis, S3, SageMaker, Sumerian
  • Self-taught algorithms recognize user activities
  • Artificial neural networks
  • NLP software development
  • Open AI based conversational AI development
  • Azure ML, Google Cloud Prediction TensorFlow

Projects of Providing IT Staff Augmentation Services

Discover our experience of providing staff augmentation service for businesses through successful case studies and see how we helped others address their staffing needs
Staff Expansion with Streaming Developers
Staff Expansion with Streaming Developers
Staff Expansion with Streaming Developers

Providing IT staff augmentation services with a focus on mobile expertise to build a cross-device video on demand platform for online movie rental and purchasing

Tech Team Augmentation for Medical Provider
Tech Team Augmentation for Medical Provider
United Kingdom
Tech Team Augmentation for Medical Provider

Forming the right team of healthcare IT experts to add extra force and create a legislation-based telemedicine system for the delivery of remote healthcare services

IT Staff Augmentation with FinTech Expertise
Under NDA
IT Staff Augmentation with FinTech Expertise

Assembling of a dedicated team with experience and proficiency for creating eBanking software that provides robust automation of internal business process

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in Projects Portfolio.

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Our Clients Say About Us

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CTPO of Penneo A/S

"Cleveroad proved to be a reliable partner in helping augment our internal team with skilled technical specialists in cloud infrastructure."

Our Staffing Process for Team Augmentation

As an IT staff augmentation company, we conduct a multi-step recruiting procedure to provide you with suitable candidates, considering your needs
Perform CVs screening
24 hours
Arrange interviews
1-3 days
Negotiating and contract signing
1 week
Onboarding and integration
1-3 days

Perform CVs screening within 24 hours

We perform preliminary CV scanning of our experts and provide you with the choice of candidates whose CVs best match your industry and work requirements. You select the resumes, and we organize interviews for team extensions with approved candidates.
Ask for software developers’ rates
Ask for our software developers ‘rates to evaluate the cost-efficiency of candidates and extend your team with software engineers who will match your budget and tech requirements

Benefits of Staff Augmentation Service

Cost optimization for the team

Hiring full-day workers incurs the extra costs per hire for each salary position. The IT staff augmentation services bring you the advantage of only paying for the tech resources you need and how long you need at the time of work execution.

On-demand team scaling

Your staffing needs may fluctuate directly to your IT requirements, and fulfilling them all is challenging. Staff augmentation services serve as renting tools, allowing you to adapt the team’s size depending on workload or project demands.

Fast software engineer hiring

Staff augmentation services company follows a proven multi-step assembly process to provide you with the tech talents you need in the short term. Namely, you can onboard software engineers within 1-2 weeks.

Access to specific knowledge

Finding specialists proficient in a particular technology or domain may require months of recruiting. Using an IT staff augmentation service, you can quickly fill the skill gaps and add value to your business endeavors.

IT Staff Augmentation Service Models

We offer various cooperation models, allowing you to select the approach according to your task requirements and capital resources

On-demand staff augmentation

You require a software engineer(s) with niche expertise on a part-time or task-based contract basis. The specialists work either on your product individually or augment your in-house technical staff for a temporary period.
Value delivered:
  • Increased team capacity with additional expertise
  • Quickly specialists integration
  • Flexible team scaling
  • Optimized hiring process and HR management

Dedicated development team

You need a dedicated development team to run specific project tasks and cooperate with your internal engineering team. If you onboard a self-managed team on long-term agreements, you can optimize your development budget.
Value delivered:
  • Effective management of the team and assigned work
  • Workspace, tools, and workflows are set up
  • Transparent team administration practices
  • Access to a team of vetted IT experts

Industry contribution awards

Leading rating & review platforms rank Cleveroad among top software development companies due to our tech assistance in clients' digital transformation.

63 Reviews on Clutch




Clutch Spring Award, 2024 Global



Clutch Spring Champion, 2024 Global



Top Staff Augmentation Company, 2024 Global



Top Flutter Developers, 2024 Global



Top Web Developers, 2024 Global



Top Financial App Developers, 2024 Global

Why Choose Us for IT Staff Augmentation Services

We proactively work with staffing requests to provide you with the needed tech resources and keep your initiatives on schedule

Oleksandr Riabushko

Engagement Director

  • Extensive talent pool of certified tech experts

    Gain access to a vast pool of high-tier experts. We have high-tier IT experts in Europe and Latin America. Nearly all, 92% of our team, are senior and middle-level software engineers. Our specialists constantly deepen their qualifications and possess certification from leading technology providers, such as AWS, Google, and Cisco

  • Fast integration into existing workflows

    Turn over HR and administration processes to us, enabling you to onboard competent tech talents within 1-3 days. By doing so, you’ll minimize project downtimes and accelerate the implementation of your business initiatives, ensuring swift progress toward your goals

  • Strong technical expertise across industries

    Cooperate with IT experts who are experienced in diverse business domains and understand the relevant processes, technologies, and legislations to support your organization’s technical needs

  • Flexible pricing and engagement models

    You can select the contract length (weeks, months, year) and pay for the tech specialists you need for a fixed period with the ability to ramp the resources up and down based on the workflow state. We also offer a 4-week trial period to evaluate the capabilities of the augmented team and its fit to the project needs

Questions you may have
We've put together popular questions related to hiring external IT experts within team augmentation services so you can find quick answers to common issues
What is staff augmentation service?
The core idea of staff augmentation services is growing your team and expanding your development capacity with external tech expertise. This cooperation model is a great choice if you need extra IT specialists to strengthen your internal team or require specialized technology/domain knowledge to integrate into your workflow. One of the benefits of this service is that you hire and onboard the vetted tech specialists within 1-2 weeks.
What is the difference between staff augmentation and managed services?
Staff augmentation services and managed IT services are both methods for engaging external IT professionals for specific tasks. But, there are some key differences:
  • Problem to solve. IT staff augmentation services are used to fill the talent gap with specific tech competence for some tasks. Managed IT services focuses on delegating the full IT functions or software development to an IT service provider.
  • Level of control. Using staff augmentation service, you sustain control over the outstaff team and tasks fulfillment. Ordering managed IT services, the control over the project management hand over the IT provider.
  • Work scope and duration. Technical staff augmentation services are applied mainly for urgent IT tasks when you need to quickly integrate missing expertise into your workflow. Managed services are requested for both short- and long-term IT initiatives, or even ongoing IT infrastructure administration.
  • Price. IT staff augmentation service is a more affordable option, especially for short-lived tasks. Managed IT services can be more expensive upfront because you hire the full development team. But the investments will pay off in the long run as you get free from the recruiting process and HR management activities.
What are the benefits of staff augmentation?
Appealing to staff augmentation services will grant to significant benefits, like:
  • On-demand IT team scaling
  • Fast specialists hiring and integrating into the workflow
  • Cost optimization for the team as you engage tech resource you demand currently
  • Access to unique technology/domain expertise
What is the difference between staff augmentation and outsourcing?
Staff augmentation services and outsourcing are options for benefiting from third-party tech knowledge. But, they differ in their approach to team management, level of engagement and control, price, and timelines. The key distinction is that IT staff augmentation services implies extending your internal project team with external knowledge and support; the outstaff team works with your in-house team. Outsourcing means fully delegating IT initiatives and project management to a third-party IT vendor.

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