Back End Development Services

Get the most out of software’s server side with backend development services provided by an engineering team with proven skills and deep expertise

Backend development service stands for creation, improvement, and management of functionality “behind-the-scenes”: the engine of your software
Server side and databases
Cost-effective refactoring
Secure clouds and APIs

Back End Development Service You Can Get

We offer custom back end development services that help your software become performant, secure, resilient and serve your business goals better
Custom Back End Development
As part of back-end development services, we create the software from scratch and enrich the server side of products already used in business, offering appropriate solutions to unlock the potential of your growth.
Mobile Apps’ Back End Building
We create mobile solutions for various platforms: our apps demonstrate reliability, power, fault tolerance, and cost-effectiveness with a thoughtful approach to architecture, integrations, and technologies
Software Cloud Enhancement
A thoughtful approach to PWA technologies and deep engineering expertise help us create mobile versions of web solutions that guarantee users a native-like experience and flawless interaction on a wide range of devices
Legacy Backend Modernization
Our solution architects and engineering team will carefully select technology tools, study your processes and software in use to open up the potential of your product with chosen back end development service.

Solutions Delivered by Our Backend Team

We individually approach each backend development solution and bring it to life, optimizing the client’s time, budget, and efforts
Telemedicine Solutions with Patient Portal and EMR
Creation of a SaaS for Booking and Managing Online Medical Appointments
  • Development of the SaaS for providing and receiving telecare services
  • Providing 24/7 online access to video and audio consultations of general practitioners and clinicians
  • Creation of an online appointment booking functionality
  • Compliance with the requirements of GDPR and UK healthcare regulators (CQC and MHRA)
eBanking software system
Building of an Online Services Ecosystem for European Investment Bank
  • Creation of new software to simplify investment and account opening
  • Maintaining and improving of the existing banking system
  • Meeting the investment banking regulation (FMIA)
  • Improvement of the UX for sign-up and digital account opening
Get a backend development service to equip your application with a robust backend software architecture. Request a call back and receive a full consultation from our tech experts.
Need to build fault-tolerant back ends?

Core Technology Stack for Backend Development

Our backend team approaches the best development practices and integrations to transform the project requirements into a steady software architecture
Node.js is a server environment based on the V8 JavaScript engine. It is excellent for building cross-platform apps as well as websites and backend API services, ensuring outstanding performance, adaptiveness, and time to market for your software.
  • Performant, scalable backend
  • Robust and fast real-time apps
  • Better response and loading time
.NET is Microsoft's framework allowing you to create a broad spectrum of software: from mobile apps to the Internet of Things solutions. This platform ensures development speed, simplicity in modifying applications, and ease in deploying the product.
  • Secure and reliable software
  • Interoperability and code reusing
  • Solutions for web, mobile, and IoT

.Net Core
Object-relational mapping
Entity Framework
Microsoft SQL Server


We keep deepening the expertise to meet your highest expectations and build business innovative software
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ISO 27001:2013

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ISO 9001:2015

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Our Clients Say About Us

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Director of Software Engineering of Mastercard

“We’re very happy with Cleveroad. They seem to work in the way that we do, and we have a close collaboration with them. Every day we talk to the developers and outline what needs to be done."

Why Choose Our Backend Services

Our backend team is fully staffed by experienced developers who are constantly learning new technologies to ensure the best quality of your software

Oleksandr Riabushko

Engagement Director

  • 92% of the company are senior and middle-level engineers

    We constantly deepen the teams’ expertise, providing customers with certified backend engineers who can solve complicated tasks.

  • An integrated approach to your project

    We offer tech and business analytics services to select the best development approach and implement your idea quickly.

  • Quality, regardless of the project type and scope

    We consistently fulfill our obligations and ensure the quality of delivery when developing large-scale or lightweight software in any industry.

  • Fast involvement: from 1 day

    The pool of backend developers is always available: our customers don’t spend time on recruitment, getting software engineers even during 24 hours.

Questions you may have
Here you can get answers to common questions about backend development services, their peculiarities, and benefits
What are back end development services?
These services stand for creating the software’s server side: the brain and the nerve system that covers all the local and cloud processes. For an engineering team, it means working on the code: writing, optimizing, and deploying on the server side. Solution architects and developers think through the operational structure, complex functional protocols, libraries, and other deep components to make the architecture consistent and ensure the best software performance.
Which company offers the best back-end development services?
At Cleveroad, we offer back-end development services of guaranteed high quality, confirmed by our more than ten years of experience in the industry and the highest level of certified software engineers. We offer custom and convenient partnership models and develop flagship solutions for startups, SMBs, and enterprise clients using all technological advances and tools.

You can learn more about our advantages and solutions by looking at our portfolio or contacting our tech advisors.
Who would use an on-demand back-end development service?
You will need back end developer services if you want your software to have a server-side: whenever it is an application, website, enterprise digital platform, or any solution for mobile and desktop.
What are the advantages of back-end development services?
If you are turning to a reliable software provider, you will appreciate all the advantages of an excellent back end development service:
  • Incredible software performance, resilience, fault-tolerance, and scalability to help you get the most out of your product integration into your business process
  • Smooth data integrations in any location of a software system or application and easy interaction between various apps thanks to precisely chosen APIs
  • Optimal use of Cloud technologies for maximum profitability and security, as well as fast and smooth migration to the cloud, regardless of your backend's complexity
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