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Frequently asked questions about Cleveroad, our team, values, customers, area of providing services, guarantees, and software solutions we deliver

About Cleveroad

The company

Cleveroad is a custom software development company that has been creating complex business-driven solutions since 2011. With a focus on transparency and guaranteed product delivery, we help clients worldwide to reach their goals.

Our approach is based on sharing the client’s values, aligning workflows into the business processes of our partners, and striving for mutual understanding at every stage of interaction. Cleveroad builds reliable communication with customers and always welcomes long-term cooperation.

We create innovative Web and Mobile solutions that fit any industry and budget. Cleveroad successfully cooperates with various mid-sized businesses, startups, and private clients. Our main domains are Logistics, Healthcare, FinTech, Agriculture, E-Commerce, Real Estate, Media, and Telecom.

Check out our Portfolio to learn more about our clients and the projects we’ve delivered.

Our R&D centers are located in Estonia, Poland, and Ukraine. We also have representative offices in the US (Claymont), and Norway (Oslo).

We have 280+ in-house software engineers. Currently, 64% of our development team are senior and middle level, and the rest are juniors. We work hard on the quality of working conditions, corporate culture, and staff motivation, so our employee turnover rate is lower than 10%.

Here they are:

  • Broad software expertise. Our Business Analysis team, solution architects, and developers are domain experts in the niches we work with. You’ll get a detailed consultation to find the most innovative and cost-effective approach to your project.
  • Transparent pricing. We are focused on the client’s needs and find ways to optimize the project budget. We calculate costs transparently, flexibly, and they are always reasonable. Our sales managers will make a free rough estimation of your project.
  • Full-service coverage. We offer full-cycle development, as well as software services such as Discovery phase, Design, QA, DevOps, CTO-as-a-Service, etc. We also provide post-release support, maintenance, and marketing and promotion for our clients.
  • Well-oiled processes. We provide on-time delivery, end-to-end development, and management based on the Agile methodology and Scrum approach. All processes are perfectly worked out, so we make decisions and changes quickly and correctly.
  • Focus on customer success. Our Customer Success Managers help the client to send direct feedback to the team and ensure close communication. We always implement customer’s suggestions to improve the product and interaction with Cleveroad.

Values and guarantees

First of all, the Cleveroad team consists of highly qualified, certified developers, including the best graduates of our trainee programs. So we’re confident about their skills and end-product’s quality.

Your project will be managed by a professional Project Manager who monitors progress strictly according to the development plan and the Agile methodology (Scrum). We also have an experienced QA team who are constantly making efforts to improve your product. They conduct manual and automatic tests according to custom test plans, check the system's resistance to peak loads, fix post-release bugs, etc.

After the product is built and we make sure it’s of the best quality, your Project Manager sends you the complete deliverables (it can be the designs, ZIP file with your project code, etc.).

At this point, we are ready and happy to prolongate the relationship with our clients. Whenever they decide to scale their project, develop additional features, or else, they are welcome to turn to us.

Yes, sure. As our client, you own any exclusive proprietary code and designs implemented in your delivered project.

At the end of the project, you will own the intellectual property, including the source code. And of course, you can access it any time during the development.

We take all required precautions to keep your project secured. Only developers, who have signed a strict NDA with us, own information about your project.

We can also differentiate the access to data and processes, if required. Each project’s participant will know only the details that are necessary to complete tasks properly.

Typically, we try to keep the same people assigned to the project from start to finish. However, there is always a human factor, especially at the current time due to COVID-19 and team members’ possible illness. In this case, we do our best to replace them with minimal loss, having enough developers on the board.

Why Team Cleveroad

Cleveroad’s recruiting team works hard to hire only the top tech talents: best graduates from specialized universities and experienced developers from top companies. Moreover, many of our employees had successfully undertaken the internship at Cleveroad to become full-fledged team participants.

You can also take a look at Cleveroad’s professional awards.

We have only an in-house team and do not hire contractors. Our team consists of highly qualified professionals that produce outstanding products for our clients.

Our average developers’ level of English in the company is at least intermediate. Anyway, you will have a Project Manager as a single contact person who will lead communication with you. These specialists are fluent in English.


Software development services

As a technical advisor, we support startups in a fast launch, consult SMBs on business process digitization. Cleveroad helps enterprises augment their staff with the tech experts they need.

We offer software development services in the following areas (but not limited to them):

  • Web development
  • Mobile application development (native and cross-platform)
  • Industrial IoT and Cloud solutions
  • AI/Data Science, Machine Learning, and Augmented Reality implementation
  • DevOps, UI/UX design, and software testing (QA) services
  • IT consulting and CTO-as-a-Service
  • Legacy software modernization

Yes, we can. Cleveroad has significant experience creating products from scratch, including mobile and web applications and different web products. We provide app development for various platforms, including iOS, Android, and cross-platform (Flutter), and we deliver high-quality products that meet the requirements set.

Our team, headed by Project Managers, can provide you with all development solutions, from shaping the idea to post-release support.

Yes, we can. Cleveroad has already delivered projects based on existing solutions. Here are the services we can offer to improve your app:

  • Development of the new set of features
  • Creation of the new version of your app for another platform
  • Application’s redesign
  • Project recovery (if you have a ghost project, we can help you make it work)
  • Modernization of the software created with currently outdated technologies

Yes, we are ready to help you. Our engineers quickly understand the situation, hear the customer, and have a wide range of professional skills. Cleveroad has sufficient experience in successfully completing projects that we did not start.

Cooperation models

Yes, you can expand your development capabilities by hiring our dedicated developers with experience in the industry you need. We offer solid technical expertise across six industries, a vast talent pool to choose from, and sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDAs) on request.

In this case, you should consider the Time and Material cooperation model. It allows you to get the scope's approximate estimation and start a project with ease.

Here's how development goes under Time and Material contract:

  • We deliver a demo, test it, send checklists and sprint reports to the client.
  • Clients review the documentation and give their feedback.
  • We take the feedback into account when planning the next sprint.

If there are any change requests during the current sprint, we’ll work on them in the next one. We list the change requests clients want us to make, document them, and estimate how many hours each change will take.

Yes, sure. We provide our clients with all needed services, including workforce outstaffing and staff augmentation. You can scale up your in-house departments with additional participants, hire several developers with the skills you need, or assemble an agile-oriented team for a new project and software update.

Contact us, and we’ll discuss how you can employ our engineers:



We serve clients from various industries and scales: from innovative startups to private entrepreneurs and enterprises, creating innovative software solutions to grow the business.

Our primary industries are:

  • Healthcare. We help established businesses such as hospitals, laboratories, rehab clinics, and pharmacies, create turnkey products, and simplify digital transformation.
  • Logistics. We build custom solutions to lower operational expenses, optimize supply chain, and improve workflows of warehousing, transportation, cargo delivery, etc.
  • FinTech. We develop software that facilitates online payments, financial analytics, banking and ensures security, legal compliance, and data protection.
  • Education. We help startups and organizations globally create solutions that solve the target audience’s problems and make education easy and exciting.
  • E-commerce. We create products that help SMBs and big brands to improve workflows, back-office operations, and performance and increase business value.
  • Media. We develop audio and video streaming (OTT, VOD), entertainment, and similar solutions following the latest technology trends.

Among the software products that we have successfully developed are:

  • LMS, TMS, SCM, ERP, and other software solutions for logistics and supply chain
  • Custom EHR, EMR, ERX, and other systems for Healthcare and Medicine/Telemedicine
  • Educational platforms, LMS, AR/VR experience, and all the digitals to learn and teach
  • Complex CRM, POS, RMS, and other software for stores and large retail chains
  • Booking platforms, HMS, and TMS software solutions for hospitality and tourism
  • B2B, B2C, and C2C marketplaces of any complexity and focus
  • Software for mobile devices, desktops, and TVs, etc.


Developers at Cleveroad keep up with modern technologies, and our employees constantly improve their qualifications. Now, we mainly specialize in:

  • Web and mobile applications development
  • Internet of Things (industrial, transportation, wearables) and iBeacon technology
  • Cloud computing and Cloud migration
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies
  • Virtual and Augmented Reality implementation

Our software engineers are constantly improving their professional level and expanding the technology stack and development tools. At the moment, they most often use (including but not limited to):

  • Back-End Languages — .NET, Node.js
  • Front-End Languages — Angular, React, Vue, jQuery
  • Native Mobile — Swift, Objective-C, Java, Kotlin
  • Cross-platform — Flutter
  • Storages — MSSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, Redis, PostgreSQL
  • Cloud solutions — Amazon Web Services, DigitalOcean, Microsoft Azure
  • AR/VR — Unity, ARKite, ARCore, OpenCV
  • Data Science — Python, SQL, Apache Spark

We create web and mobile software products that always address industry-specific challenges and compliance requirements. Here are the examples of solutions for our primary business domains (Healthcare, Logistics, FinTech, E-commerce, Media, and Education):

  • EMR/EHR, HCRM/PRM systems
  • Data analytics and forecasting, cloud migration and synchronization
  • Telehealth, remote care, and rehab apps (including HIPAA compliant ones),
  • Custom routing and supply chain management solutions, assets tracking
  • TMSs, WMSs, and Fleet management systems
  • Digital payments, personal finance apps, wealth management systems
  • Blockchain strategy and integration
  • Retail management systems, CRM/PRM, POS, e-commerce stores
  • School, courses, and students apps, platforms, and management tools
  • LMS systems creation and modernization, etc

Delivery and Processes


We have an in-house analysis team that prepares estimation for the project. In the initial phase, developers and team leads work on the project, creating estimation with all necessary details (e.g., team composition, timelines, budget).

In the proposal, we include all the needed information. However, timelines and budget are final on 85-90%. There might be changes after the Discovery phase when we will be aware of the scope and work with your project closely.

Cleveroad aims to deliver outstanding projects to our customers, not just to make money. That's why the project's total sum depends only on the development process cost. It usually includes the complexity and duration of your project and the type of technologies used.

Here are approximate estimates for different types of projects:

  • Small projects (an app with 4-5 key features, not counting static content or sign in): US$50-100K
  • Middle-sized projects (an app with 6-9 key features, not counting static content or sign in): US$100-200K
  • Big projects (an app with 10-15 key features, not counting static content or sign in): from US$200K

To get more precise information about costs, please, contact our business development specialists:

We accept all most common payment options, including ACH, wire transfers, and bank cards.

We’re afraid, no.

Projects Management

You can send us a message giving details on your project's idea and leave your contacts so that we can reach you. Our Account Manager will contact you to set up a meeting with our business analysts and business development managers. They'll provide an offer and quote, so your project gets staffed, and we can start our work quickly.

You can contact us via our contact page

Our initial goal is to make our clients confident of the quality. That's why we immerse ourselves in clients' business challenges and involve them in the process as soon as we can. You'll get:

  • Business case and objectives understanding
  • Defined project scope — delivery process, timeline, and deliverables
  • The expert vision of the future product's functionality
  • Rough cost estimation

It depends on the cooperation model that you've chosen. For example, when you turn to outsourcing, the project manager can assume all responsibilities to monitor and control the work process, including regular reports.

In a dedicated team model, developers become full members of your team and follow your corporate culture. The development process and its management go entirely on your side; we can help with organizational moments.

In outstaff and extended team models, your engineering team's management will go entirely on your side.


Yes, we can. We are ready to use your materials as a foundation for a future app. However, we will have to revise everything you will provide us with to ensure we eliminate the risks of failure. Our experienced team improves all possible downsides.

No problem. We can easily integrate the design created by any designer to your choice. If you provide us with Figma, Sketch, or Adobe XD formats of your design, we will integrate it completely free of charge.

We use special standards in our team to transfer the design to development. Figma, Zeplin, and Invision software we work with give us the ability to convey all materials and components precisely.

Initially, we create a design system according to the checklist to not forget anything and transfer everything to development. We consider it not a little important to use WCAG — Color and accessibility for interface development.

Yes. Cleveroad company has a team of creative and skilled designers. We provide a full range of Design Consulting and UI/UX Design services for Web and Mobile apps. In case you have your vision on how your product’s design must look, we’ll introduce you to our designers so that you can discuss everything in detail.

However, it is not the only option. If you don’t feel like managing the design process, we’ll handle it ourselves, giving you regular updates of the process progress.

The scope of our design services includes the integration of existing designs or building custom designs of any level of complexity.

We can ensure the absolute quality of product design. Only middle designers are involved when composing a team. The experienced team lead is engaged in product quality control, checking all work. After checking, it can be transferred to development. Also, the product designer constantly communicates with the developer throughout the project.

Take a look at the work that we share with the design community:



Usually, after the proposal presentation and till the discovery phase, we need a week to sign a contract and allocate a team. During this stage, we will assign our engineering team for the development.

In case of agreement, start the Development part with you right after the Discovery. We will be able to assign our developers within the Discovery and start the next round without delay.

Typically, we follow Scrum methodology with two-week iterations (sprints). Each sprint starts with a planning meeting and ends with delivering a stable, working product or functionality. The Client and development team agree on the work scope to complete the next two weeks before the planning meeting.

Quality Assurance

We assign a QA engineer to the project, starting to work on a test plan on the Discovery or sprint 0 phase. Our QA will check the delivered functionality according to the test plan. It is a document that describes the entire scope of testing for the current sprint, and it is a crucial component of any well-organized testing process.

The test plan contains all the necessary information such as test environment, devices, cases, expected results, status (pass/fail). It will be maintained during the project development. For the projects with high-quality requirements (for example, projects requiring High Availability), we also dedicate an automation QA engineer writing integration and/or end-to-end automated tests.

At the end of the sprint, we prepare a test report according to the agreed test scenarios that will be added to the sprint delivery report. It contains extended information about the test cases accessible in the test plan.

In the development phase, the QA engineer performs manual testing, and by the end of each sprint, you will be provided with the sprint delivery report with testing results. A Project Manager from our side will also schedule a meeting with you to discuss the sprint results.


Yes, we do. There are several possible ways of the maintenance and support services:

  • DevOps services. Our engineers will ensure that the application is working as expected and will quickly correct the situation in the event of failures.
  • Basic maintenance scope. Our team will constantly support the product and work according to the list of tasks that the client prepares for a certain period (for example, 1-2 months). After evaluating and approving the list, we immediately take it to work.
  • Ongoing support. The team will constantly work on the project: support the product, quickly fix problems, and add new functionality when the customer needs it.

We guarantee that you are covered for all possible malfunctions caused by our team. We also offer extended maintenance periods that ensure you'll get proper support after the project release.

No, we will not. Any additions are priced as separate mini-projects, which will not cost you a lot.

CSM and client communication

We practice an individual approach for every business case, and in our collaboration, we would apply analysis of various factors related to the product's value proposition and demand for one.

The pool of techniques that we select individually per each product are:

  • Business Model Canvas
  • Vision Statement/SWOT
  • Competitors analysis and/or Strategy Analysis, based on results defined as part of activities listed above

Also, our approach is based not just on the techniques listed above but on our preference to provide consultation for solutions based on a combination of theoretical knowledge, common sense, and experience.

In the first stage, the Business Development Manager contacts the potential client and leads the conversation. Then involve the solution team (BA, SA, Designer, etc.) and prepare an estimation and proposal.

In the case of partnerships, we start the Discovery phase consisting of BA, SA, BDM, Designer, and a Project Manager. The PM is responsible for communication with you on the whole project.

The client and development team agree on the work scope to complete the next two weeks before the planning meeting. For example, when a team agrees to conduct some functionality during the sprint, it must be tested and work appropriately by the sprint end.

To be on the same page with the client, we assign a Customer Success Manager to each project. This specialist will constantly be in touch with you, track the reaction to your feedback, and improve the cooperation with the development team.

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