Cost-Saving DevOps Services

Bring new code and features to your products painlessly with an experienced DevOps partner that's always there for you.


Cloud cost optimization

CI/CD as a service

Cloud infrastructure services


We’ll help you reduce time to market without sacrificing reliability, security, and compliance. Streamline your processes, improve efficiency, and develop new ideas faster with our assistance.

Reliable DevOps services

Infrastructure as a Code

  • ● Stay consistent with the unified infrastructure setup
  • ● Onboard new staff with clear documentation reducing related risks
  • ● Accelerate development with easily deployable architectures
  • ● Save costs minimizing manual work of engineers

Delivery Pipeline and CI/CD

  • ● Accelerate release time recognizing issues in early stages
  • ● Know exactly how much time you need to recover from failure with MTTR
  • ● Convert more users into customers with a bug-free experience

Monitoring and alerting

  • ● Track system’s uptime and availability
  • ● Build transparency over the product’s health for multiple teams and business units
  • ● Avoid false alerts with well-configured, automated systems

Cloud computing

  • ● Build a cloud-based platform or infrastructure
  • ● Get cloud consultancy
  • ● Optimize cloud expenses
  • ● Get help with cloud migration

Configuration management

  • ● Scale infrastructure and software systems, not staff to manage it
  • ● Take a step back anytime an emergency happens with recoverable assets

Secure infrastructure

  • ● Stay on the safe side with Firewall as a Service
  • ● Detect and prevent web attacks and intrusions
  • ● Run security tests

DevOps values

Our DevOps partner will help you with cloud infrastructure, continuous integration, and automation. We develop and maintain effective solutions bearing in mind industry best practices, cost savings, and your business workflows.


Accelerate time to market with best DevOps practices


Inject new code and features on the fly to reduce release time


Cut expenses avoiding unplanned engineering work


Adopt a security-first approach to predict and eliminate issues


Delegate routine tasks to DevOps to free up developers’ time


Respond to market changes lightning-fast to win more users

Optimize your resources with DevOps services
Start saving time and money with Cleveroad’s DevOps team. Schedule a consultation with our specialists to improve your IT environment.
Best Projects Within Our DevOps Services
Micro-investment platform
Under NDA
Micro-investment platform

A turnkey solution for managing micro-investments and savings for the Middle East market

Saudi Arabia
Core tech
Flutter, React JS, .NET
TMS for a logistics company
Under NDA
TMS for a logistics company

Transportation management system with automatic route planning module.

Core tech
Node JS, Kotlin, Swift
Video-on-demand platform
Video-on-demand platform
Video-on-demand platform

A large online video streaming service offering thousands of movies and TV series.

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DevOps technology stack

Our DevOps team only uses battle-proven and flexible technologies to build cost-saving and efficient solutions fitting your business needs.

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We keep deepening the expertise to meet your highest expectations and build business innovative software


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Project manager of Prime Path Medtech™

‘‘We are quite satisfied with the Cleveroad and our collaboration so far. We especially appreciate how they maintained the communication. The team was constantly in touch with us.’’

Questions you may have
We've put together popular questions related to DevOps Services so you can find quick answers to common issues
DevOps is an approach that combines different practices and tools to increase the overall organization’s efficiency in delivering apps and services faster.

Here are some types of DevOps services we provide at Cleveroad:
  • DevOps consulting
  • CI/CD
  • Container management
  • Infrastructure as a Service
DevOps services are a combination of culture, practices, and tools. The main goal it follows is to increase an organization’s speed and efficiency in delivering services and applications.
Here are some types of DevOps services we provide at Cleveroad:
  • DevOps consulting
  • AWS managed services
  • CI/CD
  • Container management
  • Infrastructure as a Service
    DevOps managed services are those services that help companies find out their vulnerable areas to improve code and improve their services continuously.
    With DevOps services, you can reduce the time needed for testing and updating your project. Thus, you cut the time to market time without sacrificing quality or reliability. DevOps also brings standardization of development environment which also affects the final product quality and development pace.
    Here are some services the DevOps approach can bring to your project:
    • Quality control
    • Accelerated development speed
    • Scalability
    • Continuous Integration/Continuous Development (CI/CD)

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