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Transform Your Business with Digitalization

Receive expert assistance for your company digital transformation to implement modern technological solutions while carefully considering your desired outcomes
IT consulting
Receive insights and expert advice on your product development to optimize IT investments and achieve strategic business objectives
  • Technology assessment
  • Digital transformation
  • IT security consulting
Legacy software modernization
Modernize your outdated IT systems with new solutions to integrate with modern technologies and adapt to evolving business needs
  • System redesign and rearchitecting
  • Cloud migration and security update
  • Data migration and transformation
CRM system development
Automate and facilitate your operation processes with digitally enabled products to empower your business and add customer value
  • CRM software engineering
  • Enterprise Resource Planning systems
  • Human Resource Management solutions
IT Infrastructure services
Hand the configuration, management, and support of your digital ecosystem chores to a team of qualified DevOps experts
  • Cloud computing services
  • Data backup and recovery
  • IT systems monitoring and support

Launch Your Startup with Expert Services

Get a complete understanding of the product development process and timelines to speed up the delivery and optimize project costs
Software Requirements
SWOT analysis
Market research
UX analysis
Validate your product concepts in real-world settings before taking the idea to market and invest in a full-scale development
Requirements analysis
Rapid prototyping
Features prioritization
Software engineering
Get expert assistance in defining and creating a winning UI/UX design for your digital product to bring fast-loading and high-converting online experience
Responsive design
Usability testing
Design validation
Enterprise UX design
Access high-level technology expertise for supporting and guiding your IT business initiatives, ensuring perfect alignment with your overall corporate strategy
Project technology strategy
Strategic guidance
Team management
IT architecture consulting

Extend Your Technical Resources

Strengthen your development capabilities by quickly onboarding experts with the necessary tech expertise to kickstart your product development
React JS engineers
Hire experienced React js developers to deliver high-powered front ends for software solutions of any scale, ensuring smooth and responsive user interfaces
  • Implementing responsive software designs
  • Developing Single-Page Applications (SPAs)
  • Integrating authentication mechanisms with backend
.NET engineers
Engage competent .NET engineers to build secure and flexible backend for software advanced with .NET framework that meet scalability and performance requirements
  • Building large-scale, enterprise-level applications
  • Implementing solutions on cloud platforms
  • Designing scalable databases for handling large data
Flutter engineers
Acquire focused Flutter expertise for designing and developing flexible and high-performing cross-platform mobile applications, enabling optimized development cost and fast product releases
  • Save development costs and efforts
  • Quickly enter the market with application
  • Deliver a native-like user experience
Node.js engineers
Hire competent Node.js engineers to equip your web and mobile solutions with a fault-tolerant backend system capable of running in a data-intensive environment
  • Build scalable and resilient app server architecture
  • Ease communication between devices in IoT systems
  • Ensure smooth data transition to new software systems
Rely on our hands-on experience in IT consulting and software engineering. Write to us, and our team will help you build software, keeping focus on your business demands
Looking for tech experts to build software?

Technology for advanced software

Make full use of leading-edge technologies and innovations to receive faster, more efficient, and future-ready solution for supporting your digital business initiatives
Big Data
  • Big data architecture design
  • Apache Spark and Hadoop
  • HDFS, Hive, Pig, Impala, Oozie
  • EMR, Redshift
  • Security testing
  • Malware & fraud protection
  • Vulnerability assessment
  • Encryption libraries
  • RegTech
  • Smart Contracts
  • Cryptocurrency exchange and trading apps
  • DeFi, DEXs, and auctions
  • Hyperledger frameworks: Hyperledger Fabric, Hyperledger SawtoothÀ
Cloud Computing
  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS: AWS, Google Cloud Platform, Azure)
  • Cloud storage: Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage, Blob
  • Serverless computing: AWS Lambda, Google Cloud Functions, Azure Functions
  • Content Delivery Networks (CDN): Akamai, Cloudflare, Amazon CloudFront
Embedded Software and IoT
  • Protocols: NFC, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, LPWAN, IPv6 over LoWPAN
  • Communication Security (TLS, DTLS) and Data Encryption
  • Artik module, Raspberry Pi, Arduino
  • AWS: Lambda, Kinesis, S3, SageMaker, Sumerian
  • Self-taught algorithms recognize user activities
  • Artificial neural networks
  • NLP software development
  • Open AI based conversational AI development
  • Azure ML, Google Cloud Prediction TensorFlow


We keep deepening our expertise to meet your expectations and build business innovative software
ISO 27001:2013

ISO 27001:2013

CERT No. I-372-02-270-00228

ISO 9001:2015

ISO 9001:2015

CERT No. I-372-02-100-01677



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Scrum Alliance

Scrum Alliance

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Learn Our Expertise in Case Studies

Discover our expertise showcased in successfully completed software projects for our clients across industries
Telemedicine System with Appointment Scheduling
Telemedicine System with Appointment Scheduling
United Kingdom
Telemedicine System with Appointment Scheduling

Solution for delivery of remote healthcare services with RBAC control that meets the requirements of medical regulations (MHRA and CQC) and GDPR rules for personal data usage

Modernization of Educational Platform for DJs
Modernization of Educational Platform for DJs
United Kingdom
Modernization of Educational Platform for DJs

iOS & web apps for the DJs community with subscription services. The solution provides access to learning courses tailored for beginners and advanced DJs

Cross-device Video on Demand Platform
Cross-device Video on Demand Platform
Cross-device Video on Demand Platform

Video streaming platform for movie renting and purchasing with multi-platform access. Blockbuster is a leading service in the Nordic countries and has 500,000+ subscibers

Property Investment Platform with Advisor Portal
Under NDA
United Kingdom
Property Investment Platform with Advisor Portal

A digital solution for real estate development investment and loan management. The system is compliant with KYC/AML and a Financial Conduct Authority #722801

A Global Social Network Community for Dancers
A Global Social Network Community for Dancers
A Global Social Network Community for Dancers

A cross-platform social media mobile app for dance fans with VoD functionality, motion tracking algorithms to analyze moves, battles mode, and real-time feedback

Social Network for Like-Minded Sports Enthusiasts
Social Network for Like-Minded Sports Enthusiasts
Social Network for Like-Minded Sports Enthusiasts

Cross-platform app aligning teams and spectators in offline and virtual sports activities. The system includes 3-levels of admin access and user roles and a customizable user notification system

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Our Clients Say About Us

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CPO at Mangopay

"Cleveroad promptly and efficiently responds to requests for IT staff expansion, providing us with qualified software engineers."

Why Choose Our Tech Expertise

Our team is fully staffed by experienced software engineers who are well-versed in multiple technologies to ensure the best quality of your software

Oleksandr Riabushko

Engagement Director

  • 92% of the company are senior and middle-level engineers

    We constantly deepen the teams’ expertise, providing customers with certified software engineers who can solve complicated tasks

  • Technical proficiency spanning diverse industries

    With experience in various technologies and fields, our experts will find the best solutions to solve a specific business challenge

  • Compliance with security industry standards

    We ensure compliance with legal obligations regarding data security to ensure the software meet industry-oriented legislation requirements

  • Being proactive in embracing tech trends and innovations

    We remain knowledgeable about latest advancements in technology and their potential impacts to provide clients with attuned digital solutions

Common questions you might have
Answering popular questions about choosing the right technology experts for your product development
Which technologies are you experienced in, and how do they meet our specific business needs?
Our team utilizes popular mobile (Kotlin, Java, Swift, Objective C, Flutter, React) and web technologies (AngularJS, React, CSS, PHP, C#, NodeJS) to create complex custom business solutions. Our experts also have a high level of proficiency in emerging technologies, such as IoT, VR/AR, AI, machine learning, Blockchain, cloud computing, and Big Data. To identify what technologies and solutions will align with your specific business needs, we thoroughly review your product’s requirements, industry, existing tech infrastructure, and challenges the software will be designed for. Based on this data, our experts decide on tech stack for building and implementing modern software solutions
What is your approach to selecting the right technology stack for a given project?
We begin by carefully understanding your project details, target audience, desired functionality, and scalability demands. Then, our team dive into your industry, business process, regulatory landscape, and existing tech infrastructure to ensure solution’s compatibility and coherent integration. We also determine any budgetary, timeline, or resources constraints that might affect the tecochoice. Finally, our experts assess diverse technology based on their appropriateness for your product needs.
How do you stay updated on the latest technological advancements relevant to our business domain?
To stay applicable to new industry trends and regulations, our team participates in conferences and meetings devoted to the current innovations and updates in various industries. We also consult with industry experts to gain advice and actionable insights. Our specialists apply new practices in projects to make technological advances to serve our client’s business purposes and needs. We also hold knowledge-sharing sessions to put across knowledge and experience obtained at subject-oriented conferences. As follows, we keep up with latest tech advancements and can provide our clients with modern digital solutions to meet end-users needs.
What best practices do you follow in the development process to ensure efficient software delivery?
We provide a Discovery phase to collect and understand your project requirements, corporate needs, objectives, and expectations, ensuring shared vision of the final product. Based on analysis, the team identifies the needed resources, team composition, and technology stack to implement the software. At Cleveroad, we stick to the Agile methodology to split the whole development process into small, manageable tasks. This allows for consistent project planning, adaptation to changes, faster feedback round, and continuous enhancement. Incremental development enables us to prioritize software functionality, ensuring we center on what matters business the most. We keep clients informed throughout the process and report on progress to ensure a controlled and transparent project environment.
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