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Multi-purpose trading app

A trading app that lets users create supply and demand ads, showing full information about the item and its owner.




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Saudi Arabia

About a Project

A trading application that matches people who are buying products with those who are selling them.

Project idea

Project challenges



The client initially had:

  • A mind map
  • SWOT analysis within the country
  • Vision on the basic features

We did a thorough analysis:

  • Dedicated a Business Analyst
  • Documented project's requirements
  • Selected the tech stack

Our work resulted in:

  • Specification
  • Wireframes
  • Clickable prototype
  • Detailed project estimate

Main features of the project

After the planning stage, our developers started working on the features.

Creating supply and demand ads

Buyers create demand ads to find needed products, and sellers make supply ads to sell goods fast. Both parties have to fill in several details: min and max price, amount, type, usage time, and so on. Users manage their advertisements in the ‘My ads’ tab: edit details, activate/deactivate, or share them to feed.

Browsing through in-feed ads

Supply and demand ads appear in users’ feeds, including details like photo, price, size, and address. If a user wants to find out more about the item, they look through the ads page with a photo slider, detailed description, and location shown on the map.

Google Maps

In-depth searching system

There's a comprehensive filtering system helping users narrow down the options and find the most suitable ads. Users can filter advertisements by region or city, price range, area, type, and so on.

Real-time matches between ads

The system compares ads by type, location, and price. If there are similar demand and supply offers, users get a push notification about the match, and it appears in the ‘My ads’ tab.

Arabic localization (right-to-left)

The app was targeted at Arabic users, so we created a separate user interface with the mirrored placement of elements and text inputs, going from right to left. Users can change how elements are displayed in their profiles by switching between English and Arabic languages.

Technology stack

We used the following tools to build iOS and Android apps, backend, and admin panel.

Mobile Architecture







Our client say


Mohareb Alshadi

SA flagSaudi Arabia

Owner of Safaqat

“It was amazing experience, especially when you deal with a high level of expertise and well-established organization that can deliver a product beyond your expectations. Thanks Valeriia, Andrey, Dimitry, and the rest of the team. “

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