Personalized live wallpaper application

A live wallpaper app that allows setting the most memorial videos at the device’s load or home screen


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A live wallpaper app that allows users to set the most memorable videos at the device’s load or home screen. Voomies are fast and simple to make and easy to share.

Voomie - a live wallpaper app

Project idea

Create a live wallpaper app where users can choose videos from their photo library and set them on screens. Voomies can be set to run from 3 to 60 seconds.

Target audience

Set up for the US market, but there’s a translation for Hindi users.

Project challenges

  • Coming up with the final concepts of the app
  • Minimizing phone battery usage
  • Allow sharing voomies via email, messengers, and social network accounts


Our team created a lightweight Android app with a pleasing UI/UX design. Voomie comes with a simple in-built video editor and uses less battery compared to other live wallpapers.


The client had:

  • Idea of the application
  • User tutorial
  • Welcome video

We've conducted an analysis:

  • Over nine meetings were held
  • The business analyst was involved in creating concepts of the app

We've provided:

  • Wireframes
  • UI·UX designs
  • Tech requirements

Main features of the project

After the planning stage, our developers started working on the project

Making voomies

To create a voomie, users select one or a few videos from their phone library or Google Photos. Or tap on the camera icon to shoot a new one. Voomies play between 3 and 15 seconds, and users can pick the finest moments with the slider.

Wallpaper editing

Voomie comes with an in-built video editor. It helps to adjust the playback speed (slow, original, or fast), add blur effect, edit the timeline or sequence. If viewers don’t want to include the sound, they can hit the ‘Mute’ button.

Turn wallpapers on/off

The app allows setting multiple voomies as wallpaper and turning them at any moment. Users need to toggle the Voomie on/off switch at the bottom of the app welcome page and choose the screens – home and load or the home screen only.

Technology stack

See the ways how the development team implemented client’s requirements

Mobile Architecture












Client Say

Steve Weill

Creative director

We’re very satisfied with the results. Cleveroad is very responsive and attentive to details; the team makes propositions and delivers work on time, making changes when necessary. The communication with them is also excellent!

Denis Bilichenko

Project manager

Voomie is both amusing and amazing project and a very entertaining to work on. Customers had a fascinating idea for the future app, and our team worked hard on its delivery, meeting all the deadlines. I’m delighted our cooperation was that fruitful and satisfying.

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