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Evgeniy Altynpara


Evgeniy Altynpara is a CTO and member of the Forbes Councils’ community of tech professionals. He is an expert in software development and technological entrepreneurship and has 10+years of experience in digital transformation consulting in Healthcare, FinTech, Supply Chain and Logistics

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I specialize in software development, technological entrepreneurship, and emerging technologies, including marketplace businesses, processes automatization, AI, Big data, IoT, and Fintech, Healthcare and Logistics projects.

My experience in technology, building teams of engineers and designers, running operational businesses worldwide gave me an opportunity to create something useful that can improve people’s lives and make the world a better place.

The biggest business I run is Cleveroad — software development company focused on iOS/Android/Web development, which operates in the US and EU markets. We continuously help our clients create custom-fit mobile and complex B2B web solutions with solid user experience and design that improves client’s businesses and change the world of technology.


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