How We Developed Vottelo: A Platform for Sharing Thoughts

Updated 16 Sep 2022

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People move online, using a bunch of cool platforms for sharing our opinions. Recently, we’ve released a platform called Vottelo.

Our customer has decided to offer users an exciting and necessary project. Anyone can raise their voice and vote for questions on topics like politics, business, culture, and others.

What is Vottelo?

Core Idea of the Project

Would like to get an opportunity to ask a question to the whole world and get a simple answer — yes or no? That’s what Vottelo does.

Vottelo is a survey platform that lets users exchange their thoughts. Users can ask questions and get answers with yes or no. Using these functions, it’s easy to calculate votes and study statistics.

It's possible to use the platform for political questions to find out the voters’ opinions. Vottelo can also be thought of as a kind of democratic tool or aid.

The platform has a broad target audience — from 18 to 50-year-old people worldwide (mostly the USA and Europe).

Marc Heimoz

Marc Heimoz

Vottelo's owner

The fully functional website met the expectations of the internal team. Cleveroad is available and reliable, establishing a smooth workflow. The team is hard-working, communicative, and organized.

Challenges We've Faced

During the project development, we’ve faced and solved several challenges:

  • Adding multi-language support
  • Implementing smart calculations
  • Integrating the ‘Until Date’ feature

Let’s dive deeper into them.

Adding multi-language support

It’s possible to use the platform in two languages — English and German. Lots of countries and regions were translated manually.

Implementing smart calculations

To develop such categories as Most popular questions and Best rated questions, we needed to integrate smart calculation criteria. It allows dividing the questions, depending on the users’ behavior.

Integrating ‘Until Date’ feature

Creating a question, users can choose the date until which others can vote. It lets them see the results for a particular time.

Our team has built this project from scratch and met the set deadline. To be precise, the scope of services we've provided to our customer is the following:

  • UI/UX design
  • Back-end development
  • Front-end development
  • Admin panel

Details About Vottelo’s Features and Technologies

Vottelo is a robust platform that consists of a web app and an admin panel. Let’s start with a brief overview of Vottelo’s capabilities.

Vottelos’ Primary Features

Registration and user profile

If users want to use the platform, they need to sign up and fill in their personal data like date of birth, country, nationality, and more.

The sign-up feature is quite standard. Users have several registration options like using email and password and Facebook or Google accounts. The latter lets users pull their photos and other data from the Google profile.

How we developed Vottelo

Registration and user profile


Once registered, users can start answering questions. After clicking on yes or no, visitors can see the statistic for the chosen question.

How we developed Vottelo


Detailed answer analytics

Users can see the result in percentages. Additionally, it’s possible to filter answers by gender, age, nationality, and country. The system calculates answers for one or several filters. For instance, you can see the results only for the USA or choose the gender of voters.

How we developed Vottelo

Detailed answer analytics

Flexible filters

We’ve integrated a flexible filtering system for choosing questions for a particular topic. There are the following categories:

  • Country, Region, and City
  • Category and Subcategory
  • Language
  • Date
How we developed Vottelo

Flexible filtering system

Tech Stack Used to Develop Vottelo

The platform has a web app. Our software development team has used the following technologies to make it work:

  • NodeJS 8
  • MySQL
  • Angular 7.2.0
  • Amazon SES
  • Disqus
  • AddThis

NodeJS 8

We’ve decided to use NodeJS for back-end development since it’s perfect for creating data-heavy solutions.

Angular 7.2.0

Our development team chose the Angular framework for front-end development. This technology allows writing less code and achieving greater functionality.


This is a stable and reliable database. Additionally, it’s a good option for scalable projects.

Amazon SES

We’ve used Amazon Simple Storage Service to store objects. It guarantees the safety of the information.


Discus is a comment hosting service for websites. This technology allows integrating spam filtration and moderation tools, getting some analytics out of it, and more.


We’ve used AddThis to let users share their questions via social media like Facebook, Twitter, and others. The technology can be integrated into a website.

Vottelo's tech stack

Vottelo's tech stack

The main goal of our customer is to continue expansion in the US and world. We hope to cooperate again soon!

If you’re curious about our latest tech projects, go and check our portfolio.

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