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Updated 28 Aug 2023

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Searching for a property is always a challenging task. You not only have to find an affordable house in a good area but also to look for a reliable real estate agent who will make this deal happen. 

Recently, working with one of our clients has lead to the development of a solution allowing us to unite these components in one mobile application. Our client's idea allowed us to deal with real estate once again.

The Beginning

Our client came to us with a strong desire to unite the services of real estate brokers and property companies into one easy-to-use Android application with a variety of features aimed at searching for property. As a result, the basis of the future platform was created.

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In order to provide our client with estimations, we have conducted research for defining the list of technologies needed for the mobile application development services. The contract was signed as soon as we received the confirmation from the client's side.

Having done the design approved by our customer - we got to the development stage. The product was ready in 4 months. However, it is probably not the end of the story since further cooperation aimed at iOS version implementation is already being discussed.

What opportunities does this app open up?

Let's take a closer look at what features this application is able to provide it's users with.


Registration features broadens users' opportunities within the platform, making the search for a house even faster and easier.

Users are welcome to choose from two ways of signing up. The registration may be completed with the help of an email & password or the user's Facebook account.

Personal profile

Users may fill in their personal profile in order to search for the property in a more convenient and efficient way. The profile allows users to leave their contact details, personal information, look through their favorite lists and even describe what kind of property they are looking for.

Thus, real estate agents may contact you in case they have some interesting proposals corresponding to the description you have filled in on your profile.

However, to take all the advantages of this feature - it is necessary to register.


When it comes to the deal itself - there are a variety of real estate agents who are ready to help. Users may contact them in any convenient way including a call, email or chat.

Built-in app chat allows users not to lose time waiting for feedback or multitask without being disturbed. Moreover, statistics show that modern consumers prefer chatting to any other form of support.

Real estate application by Cleveroad: chat interface

Chat interface

Since the whole project is about searching, it was necessary to think through all the details connected with the map and search opportunities. Because of this, a lot of attention was given to these components.

Taking our customer's requirements into account, we have implemented an informative and easy-to-use map powered by flexible search options that allow users to search by price, region, and location.

Favorites list

As soon as the appropriate house is found, users may add it to the favorites list in order not to lose it. Thus, future homeowners are able to make a list of houses that correspond to their requirements and choose the best one.

Real estate application by Cleveroad: app's interface

App's interface

How we developed this real estate app

The preparation stage is very important for achieving maximum efficiency. So, before the development started, we had prepared a detailed plan including strategies for Android development and Quality Assurance.

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All the technologies applied to this project, we had repeatedly used before. The choice of the project's solution stack was based not only on our experience with them but also on a variety of groundwork. Thus, the efficiency and quality of work are high.

Java language was used for the development of Android app, while Node.js has served as the basis for back-end implementation. Also, some Amazon Web Services have been used during the project. technology was used for chats implementation. To other technologies, we can refer Google Maps that served for map integration and Elasticsearch that provided this real estate app with the flexible search opportunities.

Real estate app development by Cleveroad: technologies in use

Stack of technologies

Quality Assurance & Testing

Testing plays a prominent role in getting a top-notch final product. That is why our QA engineers follow the best practices in the world to detect all the bugs and issues.

For effective time management, working out the testing strategy began as soon as the developers started working. The QA department provided developers with tests on every development stage.

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Except for API logic tests and white, gray, and black-box testing, we have also carried out graphical user interface testing based on the existing design scheme.

After all the code lines were written and bugs fixed - the project was passed to our client.

In case you are waiting for the right moment to implement your project - do not hesitate to drop us a line to get your free consultation!

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