9 Growing iOS Development Trends of 2017

13 Feb 2017
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Technologies are moving forward all the time and we cannot foresee exactly what to expect in just a few years. The growing demand for mobile apps sets the pace for the IT industry, producing different trends for existing platforms. Apple devices are not an exception since we can observe certain iOS development trends.   

Analyzing some facts within a platform, we can define them. However, only time will tell whether they survive in the harsh world of information technology.

You never know what will turn the industry upside down next. For instance, cloud computing was invented in 1970 but gained popularity only in 2007. Now, it is inherently becoming a future of the whole industry but we will get to that later.

In this article, we will dive into a flat world of devices from Cupertino in order to learn the main trend in iOS development for this year.

Top iOS development trends of 2017

Re-inventing the way to code or programming languages trends

When somebody says 'Apple' more than half of the people imagine the devices of the same company name, while the rest is thinking about fruit. However, not everybody knows that Apple is about coding as well.

Being deeply convinced in fact that the platform's success largely depends on the developers' interest - they have presented their own coding languages Objective-C and Swift. The last of them is among recent programming languages trends.

Let's code it swiftly!

Swift is a relatively new coding language presented by Apple in December 2015. This language was intended to make apps more stable and simplify their coding. A well-designed documentation in couple with clear syntax allows developers to master Swift quite fast and painless.

Being developer-friendly, Swift language features are aimed at more comfortable development for all the platforms including iOS, watchOS, and tvOS improving user experience by means of increased stability.

Since Swift platform is easy to use even for advanced app building, we can say for sure that in 2017 this language will continue its expansion becoming more and more demanded on the market.

Swift coding language vs Objective-C

Swift performance (Source: Apple


Users rely more and more on their devices to perform different tasks from drawing up a list of products, to paperwork and financial operations. Add to this list ongoing popularity growth of m-commerce and various in-app purchases using credit card information - it is not surprising that digital security is a must tendency of this year.

Apple's devices are esteemed for their advanced secure infrastructure but in some cases that is not enough. Except for built-in security, the company took a step allowing developers to achieve a high degree of iOS app security. I am talking about the introduction of App Transport Security (ATS) in 2016. That feature has become mandatory for all developers from January 1st, 2017.


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Thus, we can see that the company is taking determined steps not only within the platform but protects applications from the inside.

Growing markets increase its needs: Mobile commerce growth

The fact that a lot of businesses use the power of IT to multiply their capital is barely a secret to somebody. Largely, information technology contributed a lot to the creation of entirely new niches such as e-commerce. However, even e-commerce is now losing its positions because of mobile commerce growth.

A store in your pocket

Mobile devices are getting more popular and widespread annually. Accordingly, mobile traffic has exceeded desktop traffic. It would not be wise from the side of retailers and entrepreneurs to ignore such a huge audience, losing potential clients. This way, mobile commerce trends were born, broadening the shopping opportunities.

Answering your possible questions like 'How did it gain its popularity?', we have singled out several points that can help you to figure that out.

Consumers rule the commerce. Research shows that consumers prefer mobile apps over mobile websites because they feel more secure and feel better shopping experience. Moreover, desktops are no longer profit leaders since the average order value per transaction on apps exceeded the amount on desktops.

M-commerce features graph: average amount of orders

Average order values per transaction by categories (Source: Criteo

A matter of time. About 90% of the whole time users spend within apps, while only 10% fall on mobile browsing. Comparing these statistics with the previous point, it can be seen that a mobile-oriented website soon will not be enough to meet the needs of your customers and the future of mobile commerce are apps.


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Simplicity of payment. Mobile payment systems providing users with convenient transactions. That is one more reason for users to love m-commerce. They can not only buy things on the go but also pay for them using any alternative payment systems including Apple Pay, Google Wallet, PayPal etc.

So, m-commerce will definitely continue to gather momentum in the world of digital shopping this year, bringing new customized solutions to users.

Mobile commerce growth graph by countries

Mobile shoppers by countries (Source: Statista)  

Apple for enterprises

Everybody has their own opinion concerning Apple. However, we cannot deny the fact their devices are quite in demand among enterprises. Especially talking about iPad and iPhone as enterprise devices preferred by Fortune 500 companies.

The company intended to gain ground on the enterprise market by means of optimizing their corporate networks. Also, iBeacon technology gradually leads to a real breakthrough in enterprise segment since it can be applied to apps for commercial and marketing purposes.

So what are the reasons for iOS's popularity among companies? We have several points for you again.

Locked door is not enough. We have anew, returned to Apple iOS security. That's it, security is the primary point in enterprise life. It is worth noting that Apple's devices with its fingerprint scanners and AI calculations cope with that task perfectly, drawing corporation's attention.

Platform unity. Apple's main philosophy in recent years has been the ability to start working on your tablet and continue doing that on your Mac or iPad seamlessly. You know, it just works. Every update brings to the platform something that will help you to perform tasks more efficiently. For example in iOS 10, you are able to copy text on the iPad and paste on your Mac or vice versa.

In total, all these little things form a secure and convenient system suitable for efficient work.

This way, the enterprise development is among iOS trends that continue growing. So, if you are looking for a solution to your business - think about choosing this platform.

iOS future or what to expect from apps?

What is the iOS future? Having surpassed the migration from skeuomorphism to flat and changing one tendency by another what shifts should we expect in app development this year?


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To start with, it is assumed that the total number of free apps will exceed 93% this year. The entire focus will be on in-app advertising and marketing within an app. In case you are thinking to create an app, you should be ready with different ways to monetize it.

Wear your app right on the wrist: wearable trends

The Apple Watch Series 2 was released in April 2016. From the moment the first version was launched, the number of downloaded apps has exceeded 80 million. Taking into account growing sales of the company's devices, the direction of wearable trends is obvious. The market will be in need of adapted apps for watchOS.

In case you already have your app, you should think through how to adapt it for watchOS, since its army is growing and development for wearables is definitely a trend of this year.

Making things smarter: IoT trends

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a combination of cloud technologies and networks of data-gathering. Its aim is to make everything in our lives smarter - from flowerpots to fridges.

Statistics claim that by the end of 2020 there will be over 50 billion devices connected to the Internet. This fact confirms that the impact of IoT trends will only be getting stronger in both technological and developmental spheres.

Making things smarter, users get an opportunity to interact with things remotely, for example, to open up a garage door using the Smart Home system. Talking about entrepreneurs, among IoT perspectives are better optimization of business processes, collecting and analyzing the data by means of IoT. By the way, Apple has already launched its HomeKit allowing you to control your IoT devices from their platforms.

So, if you want to optimize your business or just do not want to get off the couch in order to open a garage door - you should take a closer look at IoT.

IoT technology trends graph

The growth of IoT (Source: Statista

You can see it but can't touch: AR future

Augmented reality has been in the spotlight in recent years. However, whether AR future is so bright? Well yes, without any doubts, this year it will become a trend in app development. There is no need to look far, just remember the success of the Pokemon Go game. Among popular AR apps worth mentioning is Ink Hunter and WallaMe. They both have interesting concepts. So, the further development and application of this technology are obvious.


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Having an idea for the game or app - pay attention to AR. Probably, this exactly technology will allow your product to stand out of the crowd and take it to a whole new level.

iBeacon trends

What is iBeacon? It is Apple's technology allowing mobile apps on both Android and iOS platforms to react to the Beacon's signals in the real world.

These signals depend on the user's location. In other words, passing by the clothing store, a user will get an advertisement on the screen of a device with special offers, sales etc.

As you can see, iBeacon trends are gradually introduced in physical business, becoming an advanced marketing tool that is useful during marketing campaigns within the shop. We can even say that iBeacon is a digitalized version of lightbox advertising.

Cloud technology future

Cloud technologies are a must when it comes to modern app development. Users are excited about the possibility to access mobile apps across multiple devices.

However, plain cross-platform synchronization will soon be not enough. Apple believes in cloud technology future, so it continues the development of its cloud component so that users can count on the new features within the platform and apps accordingly.

One of the strongest trends in 2017 is cloud computing and cloud-based services. You should be ready to adapt your project to cloud integration.

3 iOS development trends

Percentage of CEOs believing in importance of separate technology (Source: Statista

Final words

Keeping up with all the tendencies within one project is barely possible. When creating a user-centric product you should concentrate on those ones that will broaden user experience, bringing new features to your app and new opportunities to users' lives.

At Cleveroad, we keep up with the times, being aware of all the modern technologies even before they evolve into trends. We are glad to help you to realize your ideas. Do not hesitate to get your free consultation.

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