5 hot Android app development trends for 2017

08 Feb 2017
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Every year we see something new in the world of technology since it is impossible to stop the progress. Some years ago Android burst into IT world and made a revolution there. And innovative mobile development trends of this system are still blowing the minds of users. We will prove it in this article. It will persuade you that Google does its best to impress their users and change this era with mobile development tricks.  

5 Hot Android App Development Trends

Trends in Android app development may just seem unlimited. As there are many Android-based apps, developers set a goal to amaze even the most sophisticated users around the world with something unusual. This year will surely bring us new and interesting Android products.

Okay, here we go!

Android Instant Apps - new trend in digital universe

What is Instant Apps? Let's discuss it. For example, you need to use a certain app, but it is not installed on your phone, and a mobile Internet connection doesn't allow its quick installation from Google Play. To provide users with quick access to Android apps, Google developed Instant Apps.

  • With one click you will be able to download apps instantly like usual web pages. Moreover, it would not be downloaded to your portable device in its full size. It will be installed only in part.
  • It is worth noting that Instant Apps traffic is comparable to casual web page traffic. So our phones and tablets won't be full of various applications that we need only once.

However, is everything so optimistic about Android Instant Apps? If we examine this issue more deeply, it turns out to have some pitfalls, especially for developers.


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First up, users who deploy only Instant Apps will be less engaged in active use of the application. Thus, they won't be interested in new updates. In this case, the popularity of any instant app on Android may result in decreased revenue for developers. It makes it impossible to affirm unambiguously that new apps generation represented by Instant Apps will be completely suitable and profitable for everybody.

As for Google, it will surely make some profit due to the increase of web searches since for now only about 27% of apps are installed through a web search. But Instant Apps' technology has a great potential. This fact is indisputable.

Android downloaded apps

Statistics of downloaded apps

Today you can test Instant Apps if you use the latest OS version Android 7.0 Nougat. But in the long run, the Instant Apps feature will be supported by all Android versions starting from 4.1.

As for the development process, specialists don't need to develop two different apps. Instant Apps requires the same Android API as well as the same project and source code. It is only necessary to update the existing app and add Android Instant Apps' functionality. As it can be noticed, the process doesn't take any more time for development than most common Android apps.

Let's ponder whether this trend will become popular in the digital world. When it comes to users, they want everything to become quicker with the app. Beyond any doubt, they will be satisfied with an instant Android app (and some of them already are!). As for developers and marketers this year will show their perspectives.

Improvement of Android app security

Is the security of your apps important to you?

This question is unlikely to have a negative reply. In some cases, breached app security could harm our health if we consider fitness apps. In this way, not only our wallet, hardware and personal data are under threat. Striving to satisfy the consumer's software security requirements, Google is planning to improve the security of Android's operating system.

We would also like to draw your attention to the aforementioned Instant Apps. As Googlers note, although Instant Apps is the new technology, its core is using a runtime permissions model integrated into Android 6.0 - safe and secure feature. It means that developers are working hard to make mobile operations safer.


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In addition, the apps' total security will be increased due to automatic security updates that will make interactions with the app easier and safer. There will be more permission requests to use a specific app.

We have every reason to believe that it will raise security in mobile apps since authorized users only can have access to one application or another.

Hackers and virus developers don't waste time and we have to consider it. Thus, mobile OS manufacturers have no moral right to lose sight of app security. We hope to see new integrated security features in mobile operating systems this year.

Android AI-assistant - interaction between you and phone

It is hard to impress modern people with artificial intelligence. However, they only see the tip of the iceberg. We use voice assistants and chatbots on our mobile devices. Game developers are trying to add more and more AI into their games to make gamers feel as if they are in a real world.

What is even more fantastic computers with artificial intelligence like IBM Watson can solve some tasks that are impossible for a human mind. In addition, many people dream of intelligent robots to assist in daily life so the development of artificial intelligence is moving forward very fast. 

At least, such robots already exist, but only in the form of the mentioned virtual voice assistants that we will talk about here.

Last year Google promised to continue the integration of its new supporter Google Assistant into upcoming Android devices. Improved features and intellectual skills are the main advantages of the upgraded assistant.

Google Assistant prompt

Google Assistant notification

Unlike Google Now, Okay Google command turned out to be more useful:

  • The AI-based assistant is able to converse with the user, clarify necessary information, and act as a smart chatbot.
  • The bot is able to recognize even complicated commands. As developers promise, this function will be improved in the course of time.
  • Besides, the virtual assistant allows you to switch off the light in your home through Google Home, book a table in a restaurant etc.

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Apps developers are also able to add other commands to Google Assistant. And, by the way, the quality of artificial intelligence in Android has risen up to 93.9% in 2016 from 89.6% in 2014.

Android AI quality rise

Rise of AI quality 

Apart from this, Google Play search will also have smart features. The neural network will use machine learning to find the most relevant results according to your queries even if you don't know what exactly you need. Google Play will analyze word or collocation input, proposing results based on previous queries. Now, this smart search is functioning in beta-testing mode, and it is steadily improving itself.

Facilitation of Android in-app payments

E-commerce has already become an integral part of the modern picture of the world. Since people have already gotten already used to shopping online, it doesn't seem like something unusual. There is no sense to explain its advantages they are obvious! You can buy something without leaving your cozy dwelling and standing in line.

That's cool, isn't it?

Internet shops development is rather popular for today. Online stores offer a wide range of products at different prices. How do we pay for deliveries? Usually, it can be cash on delivery or cashless settlement by credit card. Day by day, we are becoming more and more dependant on our mobile devices, so we need the possibility to make online payments right from our portable gadgets.

That is why the necessity to make mobile payments triggered the mass development of payment apps.

As experts predict, in 2017 approximately half of all online transactions will be made through our mobile devices and even wearables like smartwatches. So m-commerce is entering the golden era of its impetuous development. Thus, Google does not want to lose its leading position in the market and introduces new trends in mobile payments.

Almost seven years are have passed since Google Wallet the mobile payment system that allows people to perform payments with their Android smartphones using NFC technology was created. Since that very moment, people started making payments via Android OS. Two years ago Google introduced Android Pay upgraded Google Wallet, more secure and advantageous. This system is perfect for storing the confidential data from all of your credit cards.

Android Pay interface

Android Pay button

The benefits of Android Pay lie in the possibility to effect payment by simply unlocking your device. By the way, the device must be NFC-compatible and run on KitKat 4.4 or later versions. To make the payment you should unlock your device and place it near the contactless terminal. That's all!

Besides, if you buy something cheaper than 30 pounds, you don't even need to unlock your device, just its screen should be on.


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For the moment, USA and UK are the only countries where Android Pay is available. Nevertheless, Google pursues its super-ambitious plans to extend the geography of this useful system.

Apart from this, the Android Pay feature is already installed in apps and it makes it possible to pay with one click on 'Buy with Android Pay' button.

In 2017, developers intend to build apps with integrated Android Pay buttons. This innovation will surely simplify the mobile payment process. Adding payment systems directly in apps allows various organizations to manage their brand and user experience.

Search within apps

And the last fascinating Android trend is expecting for you. It is In-App search. Seems like nothing serious? I bet you're wrong. Due to this feature, you will be able to find any content you need on your phone. 

But unlike common search feature provided in any Android smartphone or tablet, In-App function represents Google search bar within the apps you have already installed. Yes, it means any app will allow you to search the content on the phone just using one keyword. Amazing, isn't it?

By now, Google has integrated the new feature into popular apps as Gmail, Spotify, and YouTube. But developers promise to extend the number of apps supporting In-App in the nearest future. So this year such Android app development trend is expected to be among the hottest ones.


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The main advantage of this new Android feature is that you can keep on searching the necessary information even when you are out of the connection. For example, it makes it possible for you to spend your vacation in the mountains and keep working on your thesis via your electronic gadget. The In-App search is located directly on your phone, not on the cloud. The regular search bar will be available all time you are using an appropriate app.

This innovative addition is absolutely worth paying attention to. It is to appear in both new Android apps and in already existing updated ones developed in previous years. 


What else can be said about new trends Android users can expect to see? Google, as usual, is striving to be the best in its field and leave its professional rivals far behind. No matter what exactly it scheduled to develop this year. 

There is no common public opinion regarding each trend since all of them are very different. When all these trends become completely available, it will be possible to make a correct unbiased assessment. Especially when many factors influencing the development of one trend or another will become obvious.

We understand that it is quite easy to get confused in such a diverse and quickly developing IT industry. In other words, sometimes it is quite difficult to choose the application that would be the best for you. 

Our mission is to help both newbies and experienced users turn their smartphones or a tablets from simple devices into great electronic assistants with the help of unique apps. In turn, our developers can weave your professional ideas into a high-quality product. Please, contact us anytime!  

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