How We Created a Service for Recording Video Reviews [Case Study]

Updated 16 Sep 2022

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Media streaming services are gaining popularity these days. To keep up with the latest trends, we’ve decided to develop a platform for creating video reviews. Our solution lets users record 30 second videos and post them on various social networks.

Such a platform can be used to create short video reviews for films or books. Also, users have an opportunity to make video presentations and add it to their CVs.

To make our service more useful, during web development, we’ve integrated an opportunity to create a video cover automatically. The essential data like name and company’s logo are placed at the thumbnail.

How a video recording service works

How does the service work?

Project Challenges We've Coped

During the project development, we’ve faced and solved several challenges:

  • Recording live videos
  • Adding author’s name, logo, and photo
  • Converting video
  • Placing data

Let's break these challenges down a little bit.

Recording live videos

Our service allows creating 30 seconds videos using a web camera and microphone.

Discover the stages of the software development process at Cleveroad.

Adding personal data

The user needs to complete personal information like their name and company’s name. Also, it’s required to add a square profile picture. The user can write a comment.

Converting video

To make video loading faster, the service compresses its size. The development team has set video format and size in AWS Video Transcoder, so each video converts to the same format.

Placing data

The service can add personal information like photo, name, and company’s logo to the video cover. The profile picture and name (both personal and company) are placed at the bottom left corner while the company’s logo is located at the upper left one.

Main Technologies Used for Development

The platform has a web version. Our team decided to use .Net Core for back end, TypeScript for front end, and AWS Video Transcoder for converting videos.

Technologies used for developing a video recording service

Tech stack for developing a video recording service

.NET Core

.NET Core is a free framework for such operating systems as Windows, Linux, and macOS. Microsoft created this tool as a part of the .NET Foundation. We’ve used this framework to develop a robust back end.


The development team used TypeScript programming language to build a client side of the website.

AWS Video Transcoder

The service is able to transcode media in the cloud. There are various features like converting media files from the source format to a required one.


This storage server brings scalability, security, and high-performance. We used S3 to let users store their data safely.


Amazon Simple Notification Service or SNS offers available and secure messages. Using Amazon SNS, the services can send messages to a bunch of users.


Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud offers complete control over service computing resources.


Our team used HTML 5 to markup and tailor the website interface.


SaSS allows the developers to make CSS more powerful. This technology helps write less Cascading Style Sheets in a programming construct.

Bootstrap 4

Bootstrap 4 This free and open-source framework tends to be the most popular for building responsive projects on the web.

You’re more than welcome to use this service for your needs. If you’re curious about our latest projects, feel free to look through our portfolio.

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