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We’ll help you build a B2B, B2C or C2C marketplace putting your objectives in the focus and meeting user expectations to boost conversions.

What we’ll do for you

Planning and analysis

Our business analysts will study your domain and requirements to find perfect tech solutions.

Select payment provider

We’ll integrate the most suitable provider to help you reduce fees and increase net revenue.

Build and release the product

After all preparatory steps and approvals, we start development and keep in touch with you.

Maintain and upgrade

Our engineering team can work on continuous improvements and upgrades for the platform.

Marketplace platform development

Business to business

B2B marketplace is a place where one business sells something to another

$1.2 trillion

B2B ecommerce will drive in revenue by 2021

Alibaba wholesaling goods to businesses or Booking B2B for travel industry professionals are B2B marketplaces.

Customer to customer

C2C marketplace is a place where people offer something to other people, not businesses.


Of consumers buy goods online weekly

At Cleveroad we developed such P2P marketplaces as LetsSurf, The Match Player, MoveUp, and others.

Business to customer

B2C marketplaces are platforms connecting businesses with their customers (e.g. Amazon)


Is a valuation of ecommerce sales in the US

TrainAway and AYIO are one of the B2C marketplaces we’ve built at Cleveroad for our clients.


Such marketplaces have a single codebase for native across all platforms: web, mobile, desktop.

4 in 10

Purchases are made via online channels

Google’s Flutter and other similar technologies enable developers to spend less time and budget.

Stack of technologies we use for marketplace software development







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Case Studies
Video-on-demand platform
Video-on-demand platform

A large online video streaming service offering thousands of movies and TV series.

Working Since
Team Size
varied from 9 to 12
Core Tech
Kotlin, Swift, Node.js, Graphql
Social Business Platform
Social Business Platform

A P2P platform that allows to find and hire local specialists to do work matching their skills.

Working Since
Team Size
8 members
Core Tech
Kotlin, Swift, Angular, Node.js
SaaS Solution for Retail
SaaS Solution for Retail

A versatile SaaS platform for retail businesses offering WMS, IMS, PMS, and other solutions.

Working Since
Team Size
varied from 7 to 11
Core Tech
Swift, .Net
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Questions you may have
Take a look at how we solve challenges to meet project requirements.
Yes. Our team has been developing marketplaces of all kinds including B2C, B2B, and C2C. Here are some of them: TrainAway, AYIO, LetsSurf, The Match Player, MoveUp. You may check our portfolio for more details or contact our managers to learn more about the specific expertise you’re interested in.
First off, analyze your market (B2B, B2C, C2C) and define your competitors. With that information, you can draw up an approximate feature list for your marketplace.

The next step would be hiring in-house developers or an agency like Cleveroad to build your product. The following steps are more or less the same in both cases:
  • Business analysis to validate features and get ready for development.
  • UI/UX design to get a prototype that developers could work with.
  • Web/mobile development.
  • Quality Assurance to make sure there are no critical bugs and the product works fine.
It’s a process of developing a website or mobile app where different third parties can sell and buy products or services. Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Walmart, Newegg are all marketplaces.

Marketplace development includes:
  • UI/UX design of the product
  • Web or mobile app development
  • Admin panel development for managing the marketplace
Here are some of them:
  • Scaling. The more people use a marketplace, the more tech issues developers have to solve.
  • Security. Marketplace developers have to deal with building and maintaining a secure system. They have to implement a reliable authentication and authorization for both sellers and buyers.
  • Payments. There are a lot of nuances here. Developers should be able to implement payments with credit or debit cards, mobile payments, and e-wallets. It’s also often the case that marketplaces require multi-currency payment support and implementation of cross-border transactions.
You should consult with an in-house tech specialist or a software development company to get answer to that question. Contact us to get a free tech consultation with our specialists.
Here are some things you should consider:
  • Define the type of your marketplace by participants (B2B, B2C, C2C) and products (goods marketplace, service marketplace).
  • Determine the monetization model that fits your marketplace (subscription fee, transaction fee, listing fees, ads).
  • Capitalize on SEO from the beginning.
  • Make sure UI/UX design is easy-to-use.
  • Add all payment methods your target audience is using (credit/debit card, PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and others).
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DKHenrik Loop

CTO at Blockbuster, TDC

“We’re very happy with Cleveroad. They seem to work in the way that we do, and we have a close collaboration with them. Every day we talk to the developers and outline what needs to be done."

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