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Clinic management platform with EMR and mobile application for medical professionals and patients of telecare (remote) rehub




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About a Project

Our customer is an US-based rehab clinic that offers remote care and online consultation. Its Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system in use was developed by a 3rd party, and distributed as a SaaS solution. Nearly 40% of included features were unnecessary; our customer had to pay excessive bills and needed a technical partner to create a custom platform instead of ready-made and inflexible service.

Goals set to Cleveroad

Create the bespoke digital system to move from an excessive and expensive SaaS platform

Cover appointments management and overall workflow in the custom-build solution

Ensure safe data migration and system’s compliance with HIPAA requirements

Solutions we've delivered

Designing a solution for making and scheduling appointments. Aligning it with billing, managing users and workflow into one system

Development of clinic management system and accompanying apps according to customer’s requirements, user roles, and healthcare specifics

Data migration and solution deployment on AWS cloud hosting — the provider that meets all the requirements for HIPAA-compliant systems

Results for the Customer

The clinic has benefited financially, abandoning low-margin SaaS services. The system maintenance cost is reduced in the long run due to highly-proficient support

The clinic has got a robust, fault-tolerant, and secure platform that meets the best healthcare practices, orders the workflow, and optimizes schedule management, preventing schedules conflicts

The data is migrated safely and successfully; platform is launched considering the HIPAA and data security requirements for US-based clinics so the customer can use it without legal risks

Business Challenges

Our customer is a US-based clinic specializing in rehabilitation and recovery programs. It provides patients with rehab services, remote care, and online consultation. The system developed by a 3rd-party vendor did not cover all the customer's needs, and it was too expensive to make changes. The clinic personnel had to use several scattered systems, which was highly inconvenient. So, the customer needed to:

Design and develop a custom solution to move from several platforms serving different needs and get a more effective and flexible EMR system and accompanying apps

Reduce costs by avoiding overpaying for 3rd-party SaaS changes and moving to cost-effective maintenance (adding new features for a low price)

Migrate database with all user info to a new platform and guarantee the system’s compliance to HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act)


Product in Details

We’ve created a custom solution from scratch, considering its HIPAA compliance and list of features required by the clinic

Business Architecture

  • The platform was designed and developed according to US requirements for building resilient and secure healthcare systems that included deployment in multiple availability zones and standby database replicas, guaranteeing high availability. We thinked over the system of managing appointments and overall workflow in order to cover core business processes, allow our customer to move away from scattered solutions, and keep patient health data up-to-date.
  • We had to develop and implement the system from scratch to provide a clinic with convenient appointment booking, access to the SOAP notes and other clinical information, an accounting system, and a notifications module. In healthcare, including broad functionality is complex due to challenges in maintaining integrity between customer needs and health-related plans. We also had to combine the previous platform’s parts and determine the method and type of end-to-end testing required in such multi-directional business scenarios.
  • Ensuring user data migration and system’s HIPAA compliance simultaneously was another non-trivial task. We had to safely and completely transfer existing user data from the old scattered system to a new platform's database. At the same time, it was necessary to ensure that our solution does not violate the US laws and regulations on personal data protection, so it had to be developed as HIPAA compliant.
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Product Essentials

Components, details, and logic of the Clinic Management System with web and mobile apps for patients
EMR and patient profile

Patient profile and EMR are the core modules of the solution. It is accompanied with billing and user management. Due to those modules, personal health data stays up-to-date and employees can make and share current notes.

Scheduling of healthcare providers is performed in the real-time. In their turn, providers can operate within their specific web application. Its functionality includes task list, schedules, and access to the SOAP notes and other data.

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Clinic Management System (CMS)

CMS allows clinic staff to create users, manage user access, manage online consultations, appointments, access to them, and schedules. Rehab professionals can easily work in the system and provide patients with remote care and mental support, including group therapy.

The appointment booking is also included in the flexible system. It allows healthcare and rehab professionals to assess patients remotely in real-time. Users can also set up reminders, status, or critical alerts.

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Accounting and e-prescriptions

A powerful accounting system structures payments data and information about all services provided and paid. It also allows generating various reports for internal review and control and accepting online payments for the session.

An e-prescriptions solution helps select pharmacies, securely transmit recipes to them, and incorporate insurers’ data. The module also allows searching for alternatives and checking safety via decision support functionality.

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Patient apps

Patients can access web and mobile applications made for them. In the friendly and intuitive environment users can:

  • Define their curing goals and subscribe to a monitoring plan
  • Make tele appointments with chosen specialists
  • Get all the needed rehab help, staying in the comfort zone at home (e.g., during lockdowns)

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Development in Detail

  • We’ve provided the client with qualified experts in healthcare and telemedicine technologies. The team consisted of a project manager, UI/UX designer, frontend (web and mobile) and backend developers, QA engineers, DevOps, tech lead, and solutions architect. Flutter developers were involved in building a mobile app for booking appointments
  • We’ve transferred all data from the clinic's system to a new platform and ensured safe data storage, including encryption at rest and in transit. Moreover, the solution design involves a robust role-based access control (RBAC) system guaranteeing that only authorized users can access data. The telemedicine solution was based on the Vonage platform and relied on DoseSpot as an e-prescriptions toolkit.
  • To meet HIPAA requirements, we’ve deployed the platform to AWS, the HIPAA compliant provider. We’ve also used the AES-256 encryption algorithm (it meets HIPAA requirements and is approved by NSA) and other security and data privacy tools around access, use, and disclosure of sensitive health info.
  • We also have created a Quality Assurance (QA) strategy that included manual testing and automated testing (functional testing and integration tests). Its realization helped us to ensure fault tolerance, resilience, and high availability of the implemented system.
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Technology stack

The technology stack was selected considering the customer’s requirements and the solution’s compliance with HIPAA

Web Architecture



Mobile Architecture

Cross platform


Results Obtained

On the project, our team has achieved all the goals and objectives set by the clinic

A bespoke system and web and mobile application

The single solution covers appointment booking, real-time scheduling, human resources management, accounting, payments, and prescriptions. They significantly optimize the clinic’s work and help to provide patients with thought out remote assistance.

The solution that ensures cost reduction

Necessary and sufficient functionality allows the clinic to manage all the processes, optimize workflow, and exclude schedule conflicts’ risk. Our solution helped a customer abandon expensive SaaS services, reduce the cost of system maintenance, and increase total profitability in the long term.

The HIPAA-compliant platform with database kept

The clinic's data was transferred to new secure storage. Due to our solution, the customer doesn't face HIPAA cases' legal risks and provides patients with data confidentiality guarantees, therapeutic assistance, and rehab services (including group sessions and prescription medications)

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