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A cross-platform app for booking meeting rooms to enhance internal pipelines and optimize communication in remote offices.




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About a Project

Our company used a third-party tool to unite teams with meetings in separate offices, but it had several drawbacks that did not cover all our needs. To eliminate stoppers that complicate the communication between the offices’ teams, we’ve decided to develop a custom app tailored to Cleveroad’s specific needs and pipelines.

Goals set to Cleveroad

Speed up the process of booking rooms and scheduling meetings in both offices

Reduce the percentage of missed meetings or employees who are late for them

Minimize queues by simplifying management in both offices and optimizing the rooms’ load

Solutions we’ve delivered

Creation of a Flutter-based app for on iOS and Android and a separate Web client with a seamless transition between them

Simplify time tracking by displaying this parameter directly in the app and on the timeline in the synchronized Google calendar

Creation of administrator features to hide and add new meeting rooms, as well as invite employees to the system or delete them

Results for the Customer

Enhanced internal pipelines with a solution including the full-fledged Web and Mobile versions

Reduced missed meetings with the introduction of informative UI with calendar synchronization

Minimized queues for rooms with features of adding or deleting them and tuning the meetings time


Business Challenges

Cleveroad is a high-tier software development vendor that provides its technical expertise to enterprises of various industries and sizes. We have several offices in different cities, so it’s quite challenging to manage all the meetings and rooms for them.

Our solution aimed to help:

Simplify meeting rooms management in all company offices, eliminating various inconsistencies in the time and occupancy of rooms.

Provide employees of all departments with a convenient tool for creating new meetings and transparent tracking of ongoing ones on any device.

Reduce the number of delays or absences of meetings by employees due to lack of information and complexity of time management.

Project Goals
Our main task was to create a cross-platform application for the management and booking of meeting rooms, aimed to cover all the needs and features that other solutions could not provide

Speed up the booking and scheduling process

It was necessary to create a cross-platform application that can run on iOS and Android, as well as a separate Web version with seamless transition from one to another. Everything revolved around the synchronization of all actions on all devices.

Reduce missed meetings percentage

It was vital to create a minimalistic yet informative UI that would contain all the necessary information regarding meeting scheduling, time tracking as well as synchronization with the corporate Google calendar.

Minimize queues for meeting rooms

We had to develop functionality that was absent in third-party solutions, namely the ability to configure the number of meeting rooms in the application at any time, as well as more convenient tuning of meeting times.

Project in Details

The meeting room booking app was developed from scratch with attention to our specific needs
Cross-platform app development
  • To meet goals and develop our solution, we settled on Flutter technology, which allows us to create high-performance and feature-rich applications for iOS and Android platforms.
  • We’ve achieved a fast development process due to the Flutter feature named offers fast development thanks to Hot Reload. It allows developers to implement changes and new features and check the results in a matter of seconds.
  • We have created a widget that controls that the correct design layouts will be displayed on all devices. Depending on the launched application (web or mobile), the user is offered the appropriate UI.
Calendar synchronization and better time tracking
  • We have created functionality that allows users to specify a time, describe the meeting purpose, and repeat this booking. Also, each user can view the schedule for the current day and for the whole month as a list. In addition, there is a simple ability to edit and delete your own bookings and look at the bookings of other workers.
  • To make work with our solution and service seamless, we used the official Google APIs library, which made it possible to implement synchronization with the corporate Google calendar and add its display directly in the app.
  • The interface’s intuitiveness was at the forefront, and we added the display of the booking time of rooms in the calendar, which appears in the form of a timeline. Navigation in the app was done by sections using a separate Beamer library.
Administrator features development
  • We used Firebase Auth to implement authentication since we have defined that the application will have two user roles - administrator and user. The administrator can create an organization, add information about meeting rooms, send invitations to the system, and block users. The user can book a room and edit the meeting.
  • We simply could not do without the advanced administrator's features, so we endowed this role with the ability to manage meeting rooms, namely, hide them for booking, edit the name, and add new or delete old ones.
  • To make it easier for the company's employees to understand who the conference room is assigned to, each user has the opportunity to add a profile avatar, full name, and corporate mail. We can store all this data thanks to cloud Firebase Storage.
Results Obtained
We created a digital solution from scratch based on our needs and successfully implemented app into our workflows

Enhanced internal pipelines

Teams note the simplified and accelerated processes of room management and meeting scheduling across all departments of the company.

Reduced missed meetings

Lowered the number of admissions and lateness for meetings from 27% to 2% by adding all the necessary information in the app and synchronization with the corporate calendar.

Minimization of queues for meeting rooms

It helped us optimize the load on meeting rooms by eliminating time overlaps and better controlling the number of rooms in both offices.

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