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About a Project

Our customer is a US company that set out to bring together sports teams, spectators, and everyone who loves sports activities. The company didn’t have software to join people in one digital environment. So our customer needed a technical partner to develop a system connecting people who observe team activity or are involved in it.

Goals set to Cleveroad

Enhance the customer experience and retention rate, putting together spectators and teams in one digital community of interest

Fulfill customer’s requirements about managing users, their activities, content, and events to attract various types of stakeholders

Grow up the business capitalization, creating software that brings added value within the customer’s business model

Solutions we've delivered

Development of a mobile application where users can align by skills and interests, participate in events created by app administrators, and receive followers' attention and support

Creation of a web-based application for administrators to manage system users and functionality, keep data about events and teams, involving new participators

Development of a secure, productive, and well-designed software ecosystem with clear interrelations between modules and improved User Experience (UX)

Results for the Customer

A cross-platform app is available in stores, attracting new users and allowing our customer to increase the target audience and user retention rate

An application (web-based admin panel) allows system administrators to initiate and manage various activities and involve stakeholders, including STEM educational competitions and challenges

A holistic system developed by Cleveroad allows the customer to profit from accepting Teams to events, promoting Teams sponsors, and raising funds via the current business model

Business Challenges

Our customer works in the US sports industry and strives to unite spectators, teams, and sponsors. The client's idea was to create an integrated digital space for communication, content creation and dissemination, and demonstration of achievements and skills. However, it is challenging due to the diversity of participants, their activities, events, and data about them. So, our customer needed a technical partner with industry experience who could:

Develop a mobile application where spectators and team members could participate in events, create posts on the team and personal profiles, share information, attract followers and sponsors, and demonstrate skills and achievements. The development had to be completed as soon as possible and with budget optimization.

Create a web Admin panel to manage processes and all user groups, including Guests, Spectators, Teams, Team members (Team admins and owners), Platform Admins, and Super Admins. At the same time, it was necessary to comply with information security and performance: for example, the event creation must be completed within 30 seconds.

Build a holistic software system that integrates mobile and web applications, being an environment for easy participation in teams and events, generating an exciting user experience, and creating added business value. It was also necessary to increase the company capitalization, given the business model of gaining revenue (Freemium).


Project in Details

We have developed a cross-platform mobile application, a web-based Admin panel, considering requirements for system functionality, security, and performance

Business Architecture

  • We’ve settled on cross-platform development (Flutter) to cover all the customer's requirements regarding application versatility, speed of its creation, and budget optimization. The mobile app is available on iOS/Android devices and web browsers. This approach allowed us to reduce the cost of time and money for the customer.
  • A responsive layout was chosen for the web Admin panel available to Super Admins and Admins of the platform. Admins can manage the permission level of all roles with a lower permission level. Super Admins can manage all Admin permissions (3 by default).
  • We used multi-factor authorization and role-based access to ensure data security. The system discloses information only to users authorized via phone and confirmation code. Teams created by users in the mobile app are available only after Admin approval.
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Product Essentials

The system modules were developed are integrated to ensure smooth and logical flow and cover all the needed features
User registration

Account registration is available in the mobile application. Unregistered users (Guests) are authorized via phone and confirmation code. Registered users who have not joined any team become Spectators.

After authorization in the app, the functionality becomes available to registered users. They can join Teams, join Events, manage Settings and Preferences from My Profile, create and read posts, receive Push notifications and view their history, access Tutorial screens and Search tabs, etc.

Spectators can view and follow Events, Teams, and Team members. They can also keep track of the Team's performance, progress, etc. To create a new Team, Spectator has to make a request. After joining at least one team, they become Team Members.

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Teams and roles

The teams' module in the app is responsible for team management functionality, approval of teams, and CRUD operations.

Regular Team Members are registered users who have joined at least 1 team. They can participate in teams and create posts for their profile. Team members' functionality also includes the Spectators’ one.

Team Admins are registered users who have been assigned by a Team Owner in this role. They can create posts for their Team Profile and manage Team members, posts, and comments to their Team posts. Team Admins functionality includes the Regular member's one and post creation and viewing.

A Team Owner is a registered user who created a Team or was assigned by the Platform Administration in this role. These users can join events, specify Team preferences of Events, update Team Profile info and Team Sponsor information, and assign new Teams. Their functionality also includes the Team Admin's one.

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Admins and Super Admins

Administration Panel provides access to the User administration functionality and management of Events, Teams, and Reports. Administration Dashboard allows the administration to access Authorization, Navigation, Settings, and other independent modules of the managing system.

Platform Admins are users registered by a Super Admin as one who has access to the Admin Panel and Settings. They can create and manage events and manage users, teams, and reports. Access to each specific functionality is provided by a Super Admin.

Super Admins are registered users who have access to the Admin Panel and can create new Platform Admins and manage them. Their functionality also includes the Platform Admin's one.

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Development in Detail

  • The Team Composition was selected based on the functionality requirements and development of a cross-platform application and web admin panel. A Development team consisted of a project manager, business analyst, UI/UX designer, frontend, backend, Flutter developers, QA and DevOps engineers, and Team Leads.
  • Mobile app design corresponds to Apple and Google guides. Spinners and other visual signs are displayed on the screen, so users understand that a specific action is being performed while getting information from the server and updating/loading screens' data.
  • The backend solution covered a server that serves as a single data point to connect whole system data, an SNS service responsible for handling mailing functionality for web clients, and an API service that provides RESTful API to the clients.
  • Notification service sends notifications to the clients using Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM), responsible for push notification delivery. Flutter notification service is accountable for handling notifications received from FCM.
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Technology stack

Tech stack was chosen and used considering customer needs, solution's business logic, and the US healthcare requirements

Web Architecture



Mobile Architecture

Cross–platform (iOS and Android)

External Integrations

Results Obtained

The project team has developed a cross-platform app, a web-based admin panel, and created a holistic system covering all needed functionality

Enhanced user number due to the mobile app

A Flutter application is already available in stores and attracts new users. Thanks to the cross-platform solution offered by Cleveroad, our customer has increased the target audience and user retention rate, which helps to increase revenue within the Freemium business model.

Increase in the interested users of various types

The system functionality, covering the mobile application and the Admin panel, made it possible to offer exciting content and sports activities to users of different types: sports fans, people who want to attract followers or participate in STEM competitions, teams looking for sponsors, etc. The customer can scale the business to a large audience thanks to this.

The customer’s business capitalization growth

Our customer has received a secure, productive, and well-designed software ecosystem with clear interrelations between modules and improved UX. It allowed the company to gain added value from accepting Teams to events, promoting Teams sponsors and raising funds, which increased the total business capitalization.

Our client say

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Owner of DeltaSport

“They stayed directly on task and completed the project slightly ahead of schedule. The Cleveroad team was extremely professional and detail-oriented.”

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