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About a Project

Our customer is a US-based company that provides educational and training programs online to medical students. However, its current solution in use was inflexible and didn't satisfy the evolving users' needs. Our customer wanted to release a brand-new healthcare LMS and needed a reliable tech partner who could take over all stages of the project.

Goals set to Cleveroad

Develop a learning platform to provide training content and continuous education for medical students

Replace the existing solution with a new, responsive platform providing centralized training management, striking UI, and efficient UX. Migrate users from the old WordPress web app

Provide the customer with further technical consulting and support to scale the product, attract a broader user audience, and increase business value

Solutions we've delivered

Creation of an e-learning solution with LMS functionality enabling access to learning course materials categorized depending on the student level

Development of a new version of the web and mobile applications apart from WordPress. Providing our customer with on-demand services, including business analysis, UI/UX design services, and IT consulting

Providing the Focus Group feedback rounds for already created functionality; its enhancements according to the results. Collaborating with the customer for new features implementation and solution scaling

Results for the Customer

A feature-rich healthcare LMS is fully relevant to users' needs and the client’s revenue model. Now, the company can provide training services on an ongoing basis (Subscriptions) to address the needs of nurses, including preparation for the official professional certification

A flexible, responsive healthcare e-learning platform was successfully designed and developed. Now the company’s clients use the online service, leaving positive feedback about its convenience and functionality, driving business capitalization growth

The customer confirmed the top-quality services delivered by our support team. Long-term partnership with a reliable and experienced IT provider who prevents the system's obsolescence and maintains its competitiveness, scalability, and attractiveness to end-users

Business Challenges

Our customer, a US entrepreneur, strives to end the nursing shortage and help current and future nurses go through the educational preparation process for tests and exams, including preparing for the government professional examination. Its existing learning platform was inefficient, slow, and didn't allow the business to scale. The UI/UX was obsolete and non-customizable, and the business logic was heavy and redundant. So our client needed an experienced healthcare development company who could:

Develop a new-brand learning platform with an LMS module to provide online healthcare training to students with certified industry instructors. It was required to accelerate the software release velocity to preserve the clients’ loyalty while migrating to the new platform, so product quality must be a priority.

Deliver a convenient and attractive online environment to transit users from the existing solution to the new one. It was necessary to create a modernized platform to simplify online learning opportunities and engage a broader audience in the long-term run.

Support the solution by providing end-to-end IT consulting services and healthcare LMS maintenance to keep the product competitive and improve business development ROI. Set the tone for brand advancement by raising a user retention rate and strengthening business goodwill.


Project in Details

We conducted a deep analysis, developed a new version of the application, and created a new UI and UX design

Business Architecture

  • The User app (web app and iOS/Android mobile apps) with Student module. The app contains the functionality and users’ activities related to learners' activities for accessing educational course materials, quizzes, and exam simulators, including preparation for the official professional certification. The students can create their own Study Plans, and track their own progress.
  • The educator module was included in the solution. The teachers can access the system both via mobile apps (iOS/Android) and the web interface to stay in tune with their students. Educators can review their trainees' statistics, access available learning courses, and compose and assign study plans for their students.
  • Web-based Admin Panel includes the functionality for general system administration, configuration, maintaining, securing, and supporting procedures related to healthcare LMS activities. The Admin can manage users (both learners and educators), subscription plans, training content, and Quizzes and tests.
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Product Essentials

Core modules and functionality peculiarities revealing the solution’s business logic
Student module

Students have access both via web and mobile devices to make learning as comfortable as possible.

Students Dashboard is designed to help students identify the goal of learning and set up their educational level to provide them with proper preparation materials. Furthermore, the system displays the task performance statistics.

Study plan creation is available in the app. Learners can create their own study plans by selecting materials from the app and adding them to their educational program.

Learning course selection allows students to maintain their own educational path. Users can pick a suited course from the available options. A course is a collection of videos with additional materials. The learners can view their progress on a dashboard. The course progress is defined as the ratio of watched videos (materials) to passed quizzes.

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Educator module

Educators are the teachers of educational establishments. They can also access LMS with mobile and web apps to manage and plan students' learning.

Educators can access students’ progress statistics dashboard to view their progress and adjust their learning path consequently. A teacher can request an educator account to get started with the service. Once the educator account is provided, it will be matched with the students from the same school/colleague as the tutor.

Educators can create Study plans and assign them to students. Although tutors don’t generate the content by themselves, they have access to the existing educational materials. Educators can see all the Study plans assigned and trace the students’ progress.

Educators can use learning reporting tools to understand what's working and what could work better. Teachers receive customized reports with metrics to analyze. They can be presented as graphs, charts, and other visualizations for student grades on particular assignments.

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Web admin panel

A web admin panel is established to give a product owner control over the system.

User management is one of the essential administrative features available to Admins. It allows Administrators to access all the system users and block/unblock user accounts, see their subscriptions and whether they are active or not.

The course management module provides access to course administration functionality. The Admin can view the list of available courses, add new training courses and upload videos to them as well as add the course descriptions and transcript.

Subscription management is performed by Admins as well. They can add new subscription plans to the system and edit existing ones. The payment history is also available to system administrators to see active users' subscriptions.

The Quizzes and test management are completely manageable through the admin panel. This way, the Admin can make essential changes in tests and Quizzes as early as possible.

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Development in Detail

  • Our team has accepted a non-standard flexible approach to software development and cooperation. To reduce development costs and customer risks, we’ve decided to skip the Discovery phase. As the product development was divided into phases by itself (according to the Scrum framework), preliminary and discovery works were conducted on sprints preceding the development sprints together with implementing previously approved functionality.
  • Our team was supposed to develop a new version of the application in consequential stages. The main goal was to decouple a frontend app from a WordPress web app, build web and mobile versions apart, as well as create a new API that both solutions will use. It was required to deliver a better user experience and improved content management. We decided to provide the customer with a dedicated team of professionals to perform the initial part of the work. The team worked closely with the client and provided satisfactory results.
  • Cleveroad's cross-functional team of a project manager, business analyst, designers, developers, and QA and DevOps engineer was entrusted with the delivery of the new healthcare LMS solution. Sticking to the Agile concept allowed us to scale the development team up and down depending on the business needs: when the project development phase demanded more resources, we added additional working hours, and when there was no need for extra hands, our specialists worked part-time. By staying agile in approach, we could deliver goals incrementally within the mutually agreed upon time and cost.
  • During the Solution phase, our customer asked us to check the issues on the React Native mobile app (which couldn't be solved by their in-house team). Our experts thoroughly examined the app, revealed the root cause of the issue, and provided a solution for it at no cost to our customer. This approach allowed us to gain and keep customer trust who was more willing to sign a contract with the team who had already solved a real problem for them. Additionally, our experts offered valuable suggestions during the development process that ultimately helped create a better product.
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Technology stack

The tech stack was selected and applied, considering customer needs and the solution’s business logic

Web Architecture



Mobile Architecture


AWS infrastructure

Results Obtained

Our team delivered a renewed healthcare Learning Management System that allows our customer to receive a steady value stream, and achieve the following:

Modernized healthcare LMS for offering online training

Our team redesigned the solution (web + mobile) to support the company’s growth and scalability. The client got a more robust and improved healthcare LMS that evolves in line with the client’s business plans. The new solution allows the customer to offer paid access to online learning programs, expand the user base, and receive a steady income flow

The rise of customer satisfaction rates in times

The renewed system covers the functionality for all users. All the company's clients have successfully migrated to the new app and are making use of it, enjoying smooth UI/UX. The quality of development allowed our client to release the app quickly, avoid interruptions, and increase the users' loyalty. Now, the platform is trusted by over 350,000+ future nurses

Continual improvement of services for end-users

A strategic partnership with Cleveroad as a reliable and competent technical partner allowed the business to obtain long-term support, improvements, and result-driven maintenance services. Together with Cleveroad, the client company plans to amplify its start product to boost the brand’s competitiveness in the competitive Healthcare Education market

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