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IoT-Based System of Human Hydration Monitoring in Real-Time

A software solution for a hardware IoT product that track the hydration level in a human organism and allows to control it for medical and wellness purposes




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Our customer is a US-based scientific and commercial company that provides an IoT-based telecare solution for tracking human hydration levels. The company needed software allowing users to track hydration indicators from mobile devices. The solution also had to meet the 510(k) FDA Medical Device Registration requirements to use it in partnership programs with healthcare, sport, and wellness organizations.

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Business Challenges

Our customer is developing the original healthcare Product-as-a-Service solution based on IoT optical sensors that detect changes in hydration levels. The data collected is used for the definition of the Personal Hydration Index and the Optimal Hydration Level to create custom training plans and water consumption recommendations for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The customer wanted to turn the Hydrostasis into a holistic system, easy-to-use from any mobile device and suitable for affiliate campaigns. The company needed a reliable technical partner who could:

Project in Details

We’ve created an architecture matching the customer's business logic, developed an app considering FDA requirements, and ensured through data synchronization
Business Architecture
  • The mobile application integrated with the sensor allows tracking and controlling the organism’s hydration level. Calculation and user advice on the optimal hydration level are based on user data from the IoT sensor. The notifications inform users if indicators depart from the optimal range. Users can also change the sensor’s settings and share data with existing health-tracking software.
  • Web-based Admin Panel covers users’ registration, activation, and management. It allows tracking users’ hydration data (e.g., required in patients’ remote control) and setting up the User Profile. Data from the sensor can be sent to the server or saved to internal storage if the user doesn’t access the phone. After the connection is restored, the system reads the data and sets the correct timestamps.
  • Collecting and analyzing sensor data and Hydration index calculation are implemented via Big Data technology and ML-based learning algorithms. They predict user hydration needs and define an optimal range through the Personal Hydration Index. Users can set up optimal hydration levels and launch the hydration-control session with visual indicators to monitor their condition and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Product Essentials

Core modules and functionality peculiarities, revealing the solution’s essence The description of the business logic, user experience, and features of organizing data flows
Data synchronization and software updates

Data synchronization is configured flexibly and supported in several ways. As a rule, the application receives data from the sensor and sends it to the server. If the user is far away from the phone, the sensor uses internal storage and saves data immediately after connecting to the smartphone.

Offline mode is also available in the application to fully use the functionality even if an Internet connection is absent. After it is restored, all data is automatically and safely sent to the server for further processing.

Sensor’s software updates are also provided in the application. Loading is possible in a contactless way (“by air”). When connected to the sensor, the system checks for a firmware update and offers it to the user if available.

Hydration level measuring via the sensor

Hydrostasis sensor’s connection is intuitive and included in the entire session workflow, so Users can clearly see and follow all the instructions and steps required. When the session is lasting, the sensor measures hydration level in the User organism and transmits data to the server. The system tracks and displays results when the session is over.

Hydration calculation runs depending on the session event-type and related to the activity-type and hydration level retaining and loss. The proper notifications are shown according to data received from the optical sensor. Therefore, the User can follow them to keep healthy habits.

The User registration, profile, and dashboard

Users Registration is multi-role-based. Users can register on their own or by their responsible Admin. For instance, it can be a healthcare provider, trainer, etc. When a responsible Admin registers a User, they are connected to the specific Organization. If Users register on their own, the system’s Super Admin identifies the Organization they are related to.

The User Profile is created in a “minimalistic” style to make data submission easy and intuitive. In the profile, the User can also configure the sensor through the application: change the LED power and/or the location of the photodiodes.

The User Dashboard contains the history of all the sessions, and Users can review their past activities and results. It helps Users understand if they are monitoring the fluid intake and activity correctly and strengthen their healthy goals, habits, or training plans. The Hydrostasis UX allows users to add custom marks and notes to each session tracked on the Dashboard requiring just a “couple of taps”.

Sessions and actions

Session-types configuration (names for the protocols and step-by-step guides per session protocol) is performed by the responsible Admin under the specific Organization. Then, sessions become available for the Users of the same Organization. When the User selects a session, it is easily represented in as much detail as possible, with the steps needed.

Description of actions required by the session is provided for any User and managed via the Admin Panel. The Hydrostasis has been created as flexible as possible, so the workflow and the instructions are fully configurable and can be used for various goals and needs. For particular actions such as taking urine samples for analysis, it is possible to define instructions and also attach video explanations.

Development in Detail

  • The cross-platform app development was carried out by our Flutter team from scratch. The emerging challenge of interaction between the UI framework and the native part was solved using Cleveroad's original solution — the ready-made plugins didn't meet our quality, stability, and flexibility standards. It allowed us to perform close integration with the platform by implementing interaction with Bluetooth on the platform side and data transfer to the Flutter side.
  • Data synchronization for use in the application and the Admin panel has been configured, considering the availability of an Internet connection and a smartphone. We set the correct timestamps for the system to work with data from the sensor in the internal storage. It allowed the app to read data from the sensor, which does not have a built-in timer, and transfer them for processing when the Internet connection is restored.
  • Contactless reflashing of the sensor software (“by air”) was one of our technical finds. Each time the User connects to a sensor, the system checks for firmware updates. The app prompts the User to update the software, download the firmware, and install it if they are available. After that, a reboot and reconnection to the sensor are performed.
  • Data analysis and collection was managed via a modern AWS stack which provides us with a wide range of tools which helps to collect and analyze data received from our hydration sensor and help our Admins to adapt sessions and react to different anomalies without any additional time spendings where the trained ML model helps.

Technology stack

Tech stack was chosen and used considering customer needs, solution’s business logic, and the US healthcare requirements

Cross-platform app development



Local database

Firebase services

CI/CD settings

Results Obtained
Partnership with Cleveroad allowed our customer to get a holistic system integrated with an IoT sensor and suitable for calculating the hydration level for any need

Growth of the user audience by half due to the new app

The customer received a cross-platform application covering all the functionality necessary to implement the solution's business logic. The availability of the application from mobile devices allows the company to double the user audience.

The platform’s availability to the US medical legislation

Solution’s integration with the customer's PaaS, data synchronization, and functionality development was carried out considering the 510(k) FDA Medical Device Registration clearance. Thanks to it, the solution can be legally, freely used by any US-based healthcare organizations and individuals.

Expansion of the customer's partnership campaign

Collaboration with Cleveroad as a reliable technical partner allowed the customer to receive long-term support, improvement, and maintenance services and launch a more extensive campaign of affiliate programs. Already, Hydrostasis is running three partnership programs in parallel and plans to expand them.

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