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Updated 15 Sep 2022

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The world is heading into the next decade. And everyone is trying to sum this decade up. Except for us. We’re too loyal to the good-old year-in-review format. :)

I’ve gathered the most interesting things that happened at Cleveroad this year to keep this copy both short and rich on news.

New Awards

A lot of reputable rating and review platforms included Cleveroad to their rankings in 2019.

Here are some of them:

Awards that Cleveroad got in 2019

More Certifications

We strive to become better every day. This year we’ve deepened our knowledge going through three new certifications:

  • Programming in C# from Microsoft
  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect
  • Blockchain Developer
Certifications of Cleveroad in 2019

Now we can build even better products.

Community Life

Whenever we have a spare minute, we spend it making open-source projects and UI/UX design concepts.

Let’s start with open source. Underneath, I’ve listed some of this year’s projects you can find on our GitHub profile.


It’s a computer vision based iOS application designed to track and change the color of objects. DetectionApp utilizes OpenCV library and is written on Swift.

DetectionApp project from Cleveroad


This is the AR application based on Kotlin and ARCore. It overlays texts above the user’s head and tracks movements to make AR texts look more natural.

AR library from Cleveroad

Except for GitHub, it’s available on Google Play.


This library is designed to create a blur effect for Android UI elements.

Tutorial library from Cleveroad


A library that allows creating user onboarding screens with parallax effect and smooth animation. As we started to actively deepen our expertise in cross-platform development, this project is based on Flutter.

User onboarding library from Cleveroad


We’re very proud of our Dribbble profile. It has tons of awesome shots and we almost reached 5K subscribers. Feel free to join our Dribbble and enjoy fresh design concepts.

Cleveroad Dribbble profile


Being a part of NUCC, we’ve participated in Norwegian-Ukrainian Business Forum. There were a lot of topics interesting for both potential clients and software development companies.

Also, we’ve been qualified to trade mission to Norway. It was held to connect representatives of business from Ukraine and Norway. The event was divided into such blocks as Cloud, AI, and IoT.

Cleveroad visiting Norwegian-Ukrainian Business Forum

Except for these conferences, we also visited Business Innovation World, Oslo Innovation Week, and became members of the IAOP association.


The year 2019 was pretty rich in events. Let’s take a look at some of them.

All-Ukrainian Programming Contest

We were partners and sponsors at the All-Ukrainian Programming Contest. It was a pleasure to see over 100 young talents fond of programming and willing to show their knowledge.

Cleveroad on All-Ukrainian Programming Contest

Dnipro UI/UX Club

It was a year of design events at Cleverod! We hosted two UI/UX events for ITCP Community — Dnipro UI/UX Club #7 and Dnipro UI/UX Club #8. Participants were studying how to create simple interfaces for complex solutions on real-life examples.

Cleveroad hosting Dnipro UI/UX Club

Hawaiian Party

What a year without the company’s birthday celebration? That was what we thought before throwing a Hawaiian-themed summer party!

Dnipro and Kharkiv offices gathered in one place to have the greatest time.

Summer Hawaiian party at Cleveroad


We love two things: active rest and spending time together. That’s why we decided to do both and held a kayaking tour. It’s our third kayak trip and we just can’t get enough of it!

Cleveroad kayaking tour
Cleveroad kayaking tour

Receiving guests

It’s a pleasure when our clients come to visit us. This year we received a lot of them and would be happy to receive even more the next year!

Cleveroad receives guests
Cleveroad receives guests


We believe it’s important to support young talents. That’s why we hold six traineeships this year:

Traineeship at Cleveroad


We constantly share our knowledge with others by publishing materials on media. This year wasn’t an exception.

Here are some of the articles we wrote:

Hope you’ll enjoy reading them!

The Bottom Line

It was a great year for Cleveroad. Thanks to everyone who was with us this year.

More is yet to come in 2020!

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