How We Deal With Common Risks During Your Project's Development

Updated 06 Apr 2023

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Creation and maintenance of software imply some risks. An overwhelming majority of modern enterprises perform their activity on the basis of an A-class software. So budget surcharge, the extension of deadlines or lack of ability to meet the necessary goals may expose the customer's business to risk.

We understand such a big responsibility for the well-being of our clients, so we always do our best to implement their projects according to their requirements and within the given deadlines. Sometimes we come across risks, so we look for the most applicable solutions to avoid all problems. And we think that you should get acquainted with them to find out what we undertake during your project's development.

Every day our highly-skilled programmers are developing new web and mobile apps. Project managers communicate with customers during the whole development process. The sales department informs potential customers about pricing details. All of them perform all these tasks as a single whole to prevent the situation from going wrong. So what are the most common risks in software development?

Common risks during the software development

In addition to some individual risks, there are a few issues that any IT company can face during the development of the software. So we would like to shed some light on them to make everything clear.

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Lack of communicative skills is the most common obstacle in running the business. Apart from being shy, people tend to have communication problems due to lack of knowledge in foreign languages. When interlocutors don't understand each other or understand very poorly, they are unlikely to reach a consensus.

Time difference

When you cooperate with a foreign company, you have to consider the time difference between the time zones to schedule the business rhythm of your company as well as tailor the performance of your business tasks to the time arranged.

Breaking deadlines

Unfortunately, not everyone can meet the deadline and do everything by the due date, while customers always expect to get their product on time. The problem is that as a project progresses, the necessary issues not identified before can create a last- minute obstacle that may cause them not meet deadlines. What is the correct way to avoid such situations? We would recommend considering all details of the project before starting it and create the worst scenario for force majeure cases.

Important information leakage

Good companies never let their customers down. Employees of such companies understand that the leakage of confidential information that concerns the relations between the customer and performer can seriously damage the business reputation of the company and destroy it's image. Hence, to avoid such undesirable situations, before starting a project it is better to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) to make your client feel more comfortable.

Lack of trust in the new company

When the customer is looking for a new IT company to order the app or website development from, he or she always forms his or her opinion on the basis of customer reviews on the Web. This way, he or she wants to make sure that such company is really reliable. Therefore, a new IT company has to do their best to compete in the market and gain respect from the side of the customers.

Common risks in IT companies

Common risks that all companies face

How does Cleveroad avoid common risks?

We always think about our customers and we try to avoid any risks to provide the customer with good and qualitative services. What do we undertake to do this?

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Always follow the client's requirements!

Sometimes time difference can be a serious problem for effective communication, so we always keep it in mind and discuss all important issue in advance. The problem is that when the customer obtains the first version of his or her app, he or she can ask us for some modifications or add-ons. And if he or she needs it to be rebuilt urgently, it may be night time here. So if there is a large difference in time zones, we raise this question right away. It allows us to always be on the alert and make any changes to the software on time. And the customer, in turn, always knows that we will follow all requirements to meet the deadline.

Make your job according to requirements

Follow customers' requirements to get your best

Fixed price contracts

Each customer has a certain amount of money he or she is ready to spend on this new software. And if this budget is strictly limited and the customer has no additional resources for this, he or she chooses this contract type. It's pros lie in the fixed cost of everything that will be integrated into the app. But in some cases, the price can become higher by the end of the development process. That is what every customer should beware of, so from the very beginning we discuss in detail every item of the future software in order not to miss something. It makes it possible for us to avoid situations with the price changing since we always fit within the budget.

Customer's change request

We cannot ignore this issue as well. When the client gets the finished product, he or she tests it and decides to change something because it differs from what the customer wanted to see. But if we speak about some insignificant changes in text or color or total design, we can change it without any problems. But if modification concerns changes in the back-end, that is in the technical part of the software, it can affect the fixed budget and involve new expenses. However, we always keep in touch with the customer and discuss our project at every stages. Thus, the customer gets exactly what he or she ordered.

Deadline break due to changes

It is good when everything goes according to plan. And in most cases, the customer expects to get his or her order within the agreed deadline. When the client describes his or her goals and expectations, we make an estimation and consider it together with him or her. It should be noted that our employees tend to simplify some features of the app to make it more convenient to use. If they find it necessary to change the features or simplify them, they always notify the customer. Thus, it will not lead to breaking the deadline but it may take more time for testing. If such necessity arises, we discuss everything with the client and together we make the final decision.

Don't complicate things!

We always take the demands of our clients into consideration. When our work is done he or she gets what he or she required. And our goal is to follow his or her requirements as much possible. However, we never forget about the human factor and always strive to create software that can be easy-to-use and convenient for the user. It means we can deviate a little from the initial plan but only in favor of customer's comfort. And, of course, we discuss all our changes and let the customer test and check it before paying for it.

New technologies

Some projects can be a real challenge to us, but we never surrender and we always overcome the difficulties. So the challenge may lie in new technologies that are not completely tested yet and not so widely spread. In this case, we explain this issue to the customer and are looking for ways out - either we keep on integrating new technologies in his or her software or we change the project and make substantial amendments. In the first case, it may take more time than was agreed. In the second case - software can change conception and goals. Thus, we offer our client to use proven technologies instead of something new and uncommon. But if the client wants us to use new tech, we do our best as usual!

Let the client check all features

To make sure that all required features are integrated into the software, we create checklists and send it to the customer for a signature after the implementation of each sprint. It makes it possible for us to be sure that we do everything in accordance with the initial agreement. If something goes wrong - our developers apply all their effort to fix the problem as soon as possible.

Cleveroad finds the way to solve risks

What we do to avoid main risks

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Our ambitions

It is impossible to predict everything. Sometimes force-majeure happens and we must be prepared for it. Cleveroad company is constantly improving it's reputation to compete in the market and develop the IT area. Your success is our success. Trust us with your project and we will turn it into reality according to your vision. Be clever - follow the right road! And our blog will be your good assistant - subscribe to it!

Contact us and describe your project. We will find the best solution for you. 

See our following video about the development process:

How we create software?

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