Cleveroad Becomes an AWS Certified Developer

Updated 28 Sep 2022

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Developing complex solutions across eight industries, we know how valuable tech expertise is. Our engineering team passes relevant courses for professional development and holds internal knowledge-sharing events on a regular basis. It helps us keep up with current tech trends and deliver future-proof products.

Encouraging the lifelong learning culture, the number of certified specialists at the company increases each month. This time, our DevOps engineers passed one more certification — AWS Certified Developer - Associate.

AWS Certified Developer — Associate

Being a prominent cloud computing leader, Amazon offers a wide range of knowledge validation programs for tech professionals and business representatives.

There are four levels of certifications:

  • Foundational Certification Level. Brings non-technical employees an opportunity to get acquainted with AWS.
  • Associate Certification Level. Focuses on solving problems with AWS.
  • Professional Certification Level. Allows tech professionals to check and validate skills.
  • Specialty Certifications. Narrow-focused certifications for tech specialists.

Amazon also categorizes certifications into learning paths:

  • Role-Based Learning. Includes certifications focused on a specific type of work like solutions architect, DevOps, developer.
  • Solutions-Based Learning. Covers specific areas like security, operations, machine learning.
  • Partner-Based Learning. Designed to let partners better understand AWS products and help clients solve their problems.

As already noted, our DevOps engineers completed the AWS Certified Developer — Associate certification, which is a part of the Associate Certification Level.

The certificate validates the following abilities:

  • Understanding of core AWS services and how to use them
  • Knowledge of best practices in AWS architecture
  • Confirmation of proficiency in developing, deploying, and debugging cloud-based apps using AWS
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Amazon Web Services (AWS) Overview

AWS is a cloud computing pioneer. In a nutshell, Amazon Web services let you run application servers in the cloud, securely store all your files, send bulk emails to customers, and perform countless other cloud-related tasks. Compared to other big players — Microsoft Azure and Google Computing Cloud (GCP) — Amazon has the largest market share of 32% and around 175 fully-featured products. These factors make AWS a choice of 1M users around the world and the most popular cloud service provider.

About Cleveroad

Cleveroad is a software development company from Ukraine helping SMBs, medium enterprises, and startups worldwide to design, develop, and launch software solutions. The company offers its services for clients across various industries: retail, e-commerce, logistics, media & entertainment, education, healthcare, travel, and others.

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