Chatbase, Kotlin, AMP: What Does Google Have for Developers in 2024?

Updated 21 Apr 2023

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Will you be surprised finding out that the total number of Google employees all around the world reaches up to 80,000? Well, maybe it will not be shocking info for you, but this figure means that the company involves more and more employers due to company's capacities growth. New futuristic technologies from Google revolutionize the IT market year after year and this 2022 year will not be the exception to the rules. Some Android app development techniques will definitely be on trend and we would like to pay rapt attention to them. Let's do it!

Previous Google Achievements

Google is the company that is always striving to move ahead of their competitors. This year is not over yet, but the company from Silicon Valley is already planning how it will surprise it's users in the next year. However, first, let's take a look at some new interesting inventions that were presented by Google in previous years.

Android Oreo

Of course, the main event of this year in Google was the release of new Android OS version. Android Oreo 8.0 is the 8th version of the mobile operating system and, according to the well-established tradition, it was named after regular sweets. New Android version has still not gained a great popularity since in November 2017 Android 8.0 was installed only on 0,3% of active Android devices. But considering that the new version has just been released in September of the current year, it's popularity will rise in course of time.

android 8.0 oreo

Android Oreo in action

Google Assistant modification

Google can boast about some new features especially for programmers and, in a whole, to companies providing mobile app development services to let them enrich applications with a new version of Google Assistant. For example, Google added new API that includes speaker-to-phone transfer feature. It means that the users can order food delivery, for example, and get the receipt of a specific dish right on their screen. Generally, Google Assistant increases it's intelligence level and it will make a search experience more convenient.

Google Assistant

Google Assistant is at your disposal

New Pixel phones

In October 2017 Google finally announced 2 new smartphones of Pixel series - Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL. Both these phones got the latest Android version - Oreo 8.0. So they make it possible for you to get all benefits from new Android OS version.

Daydream VR total update

Daydream VR is a VR headset that was announced to the public at the end of 2016. This headset was created as an untethered VR device that can work with the smartphone only without any wires. But this year Google has drastically changed and modified their Daydream headset, and it will function without the phone. It becomes a reality due to collaboration between Google and Qualcomm. Google Play is already full of Daydream VR apps you can install to feel all power of Daydream. Or you can order the development of your own VR app, our experience is at your disposal.

We looked through main novelties Google surprised us in previous years. Now it is the time to find out what new mobile development trends will be preferable for Google in 2024.

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

As Google is engaged in mobile app development predominantly, it wants to make an attractive mobile experience for users. Today Accelerated Mobile Pages help resolve this issue, and that is why Google paid a lot of attention to this feature. This trend is not brand new, but Google believes that it will hardly lose it's significance in the following years.

AMP is a library of scripts that accelerates the loading of mobile pages and improve the general design look. It was created to let the user get more structured and high-quality content that is easy-to-read while the website will be loading faster even if the Internet connection is slow. It is a lightly built version of web pages.

Benefits of AMP

  • If we look from the perspective of the user, a quick content loading will be convenient for people that are used to surfing the web using mobile device predominantly;
  • If we look from the perspective of the business, AMP will be useful for anybody who has websites with such content like news, blogs, magazines etc. 
Accelerated Mobile Pages

Accelerated Mobile Pages optimize surfing process

So, as we see, AMP will be popular to be integrated into many websites and apps. And your new software can also get benefit from this feature.

Android Instant Apps

This technology was presented by Google in 2016 at I/O conference. And now developers already have the capability to integrate this technology into new software. But as scales of using such technology are really limitless, it will be one of the greatest development trends in 2022.

Android Instant Apps

How Android Instant Apps work

Learn how to make use of Android Instant Apps applying to the most popular trends for Android App development

Instant Apps are apps on Android devices that are installed only partially on your phone, and it will take less time to open this app. Instant Apps are generating the same amount of Internet traffic like common Internet pages.

This technology is running on all Android versions starting from Android 4.2 and younger ones. So, users with smartphones that run on older Android versions can also gain some profit from Instant Apps. If you consider this technology important to be integrated into your app, our developers can assist you in it.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence in 2022 is going to surprise us. Google plans to enhance it's Google Assistant with the new smarter features to provide users with a full immersion in the world of artificial intelligence. Apart from Android phones, Assistant will be added to the voice-controlled Sonos One speaker and other handheld smart devices.

By the way, for today Google Assistant can answer more than 55 million questions. And it is expected that this figure will grow in 2022.

Do you need to integrate a virtual assistant into your mobile app, but you don't know the right way? Our video below will help you.

3 Ways To Integrate Virtual Assistant Into Your App

Virtual reality and augmented reality

Next year should bring us more VR apps from Google for Daydream VR headsets, as well as apps with augmented reality. Despite the fact that the previous years were the years of such trends in AR like Pokemon Go. But in 2022 more attention will be paid to VR and AR business apps.

VR app

VR app in action 

With the modification of Google VR headsets, we will be able to get fully immersive apps. By the way, we recently published an article regarding VR app development cost. Read it to estimate the budget of your future VR app since VR in 2022 will be a hot trend.

Cloud-based apps

Google is planning to develop it's cloud-based technologies, especially for enterprises which are involved in BYOD policy (Bring Your Own Device). It means that cloud-based technologies will allow entrepreneurs protect personal devices of employees that they bring with at work. All confidential data can be secured with the cloud-driven mobile apps. Besides that, Google Drive cloud storage will give more data space, and also mobile web browsing will become much faster with cloud technologies. 

Also, Google will facilitate cloud technology in it's development strategies. Cloud technologies lead to the reduction in equipment costs, increase of the storage capacity of apps, higher productivity. So, Android developers should also pay more attention to cloud technologies, especially if they create an app to function on a few platforms.


All large IT companies are working on the software security enhancement, and Google makes it's contribution as well. Android mobile apps will be equipped with additional security layers, whether it be FinTech apps or any other types of apps.

As for Android Instant apps, Googlers are planning to provide them with a higher security protection since Instant Apps can be rather vulnerable at the moment. Apart from it, considering the rise of IoT devices will also lead to the additional protection of appropriate apps. And don't forget about cyber attacks - malefactors are not sleeping.

Chatbot service

Well, chatbots can be referred to artificial intelligence point, since today chatbots are created with a machine learning feature, so they can be a really fascinating interlocutor. Older versions of chatbots could respond to strict commands only, but this type becomes a history already.

Chatbase Google

Chatbase from Google tp optimize your chatbots

So what about Google? How did it plan to develop a chatbots service? The company has just created the Chatbase - a cloud-based service for analyzing and optimizing existing chatbots. Using Google Chatbase, developers of chatbots will be able to increase the performance of their bots, their accuracy, so users will get more advanced bots as a result.

This service will be promoted in 2022 and Google says that their service integrates with any voice messaging or text messaging platform, whether it be Viber, Alex, Skype, WhatsApp etc. So we should wait for the new generation of chatbots in 2022 due to Google.

Mobile payments

Of course, money is the issue that cannot be ignored. People use Internet banking or credit cards to make online payments for many years already. But the last tendency shows the m-commerce popularity growth. And this is not surprising, the statistics below proves it. 

M-commerce growth

The growth tendency of m-commerce (Source: Invesp CRO)

Two years ago Google made it possible for developers to integrate Android Pay system into new apps to let users make payments easily and quickly. And, as you see, Android Pay technology still remains very popular. Moreover, Google even has some intentions to enrich Android Pay with voice recognition and facial recognition features in future, that is why developers simply cannot ignore this trend for now. 

Due to Android Pay and Google Wallet, people start using these payments systems more and more. Google plans to extend the list of countries where Android Pay will be available. Also, Google will take care of a high-security level of mobile payments to provide users with secure payments.

Now then, that's all potential trends from Google for 2022. It is quite possible that this list will be extended and we will see more interesting and captivating trends. But before we wrap up, I offer you to see what programming languages Google adheres to in 2022.

Programming languages Google plans to use in 2024

We will not overload you with the large list of trendy programming languages for 2024 since we will pay more attention to this topic in our separate article that will be published in the first quarter of the next year. Let's just take a look at languages Google plans to use for Android apps development.


A couple of years ago, Google announced that it will start applying Kotlin language for new Android apps development. This is an open-source language that is based on Java Virtual Machine, and this language can be easily compiled to JavaScript. So it's simplicity and compatibility with Java makes Kotlin is a far-reaching language. In 2022, more Android apps will be created using this language. Our developers have already started learning this language and apply it for Android app development.


Java language will remain one of the most popular languages in the world, and Google knows about it. This object-oriented language is popular due it's flexibility and simplicity. And that is why all Android apps are developed using Java. But developers are gradually switching to Kotlin language to follow the new trend. 

Kotlin Java

Kotling and Java - main languages used by Google

Look what languages were popular in previous years. Read Top 20 most popular programming languages of 2021.

Did you enjoy reading our article? Our goal was to show you what such giant like Google plans to show us next year. And we hope that it is just a part of what we will see in future. The app development of Android apps using trends above can lead you to success, why not? The only thing you need is to choose the right trend for your specific type of business. We can help with the development process as well as with choosing the right trend you need. Just drop us a line! And we will do the rest. Moreover, don't forget to subscribe to our blog - click on the button on the right side!

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