How to Hire Flutter App Developers in 2020 [The Fullest Guide]

19 Jun 2020
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Flutter got the attention of big companies along with developers. This robust framework allows creating cross-platform mobile applications, spending less time, and reducing expenses.

So, the question arises — how to hire Flutter developers and not to regret it?

We’ve created a full guide to discuss all the aspects of cooperation with Flutter developers. Here you can find engineers’ skills, responsibilities, and other information that can be useful. Additionally, we’ve listed possible hiring options and interview questions to help you hire a skilled Flutter developer.

Here’s what we’ll talk about:

Table of contents

The Flutter Developer for Hire: Roles and Responsibilities

Let’s start by defining the primary roles of Flutter developers and single out what they tend to be responsible for.

Roles of Flutter App Developers

Flutter was released at the end of February 2018, so it's a young yet perspective framework. But due to Flutter’s youth, there aren’t many developers with enough experience in Flutter.


It’s common to divide mobile app developers into three categories depending on their work experience — junior, middle, and senior ones.

Hire Flutter developers: Roles

Flutter developer skill levels

Speaking about Flutter developers for hire, all engineers will be juniors since they have only the year of experience at best.

So, it’s better to consider the experience in mobile app development (iOS or Android) in the first place. The developers’ level in native development helps study the Flutter framework easier and faster.

Junior developers

Experience: 0-1+ years

Starting their career path, developers usually know only one programming language, and the number of tools they work with is limited. These developers require mentoring from more experienced colleagues. So, they work slower to fulfill their knowledge gaps.

In the case of Flutter, they will spend more time understanding the framework’s architecture and logic.

So, it’s better to think twice before hiring a junior Flutter developer.

Middle or senior developers

Experience: 2-5+ years

Developing various projects, mobile engineers gain experience. As a result, such developers can tailor more appropriate business logic. They consider business goals and budget limitations to pick the most suitable tech stack and build a great product.

These developers don’t need mentoring, they can solve any tech issues and find the best solution.

So, the question arises — which developer to hire?

Everything depends on your project requirements. Some junior developers can possess all the required skills for your project despite a lack of experience. However, you need to remember that they tend to work slower. Junior developers can make architectural errors due to a lack of experience. So, the app becomes less flexible for customization. Speaking about Flutter, they can learn this technology but also slower in comparison to middle or senior mobile developers.

As for developers with more extensive working experience, it’s easier for them to learn the Flutter framework. Also, they tend to fulfill tasks faster. Cooperating with middle or senior developers can be useful in the case of a large and complex project since it requires a bunch of technologies.

Responsibilities of Flutter App Developers

Mobile app developers have a bunch of responsibilities. Flutter engineers also have a lot of tasks to conquer.

If you want to hire Flutter app developers, you need to consider their responsibilities:

  • Designing and developing apps
  • Writing clean code
  • Participating in development life-cycle
  • Fixing bugs
  • Investigating technologies to make the development faster
  • Following new trends in development
Responsibilities of Flutter developers for hire

What is Flutter developer responsible for?

It’s time to review all the tasks more precisely.

Design and develop apps

It’s a primary task of any software engineer. Flutter developers for hire should be able to design and develop complex cross-platform applications. During the development, they need to integrate the required features and predict possible bugs.

Write clean code

Code should be readable and understandable. Clean code allows scaling the app faster as the development team spends less time to understand how it works.

Participate in development life-cycle

App development involves various specialists like UI/UX designers, QA engineers, Project Managers, and others. So, Flutter developers should cooperate with all team members to achieve better results. Also, developers help estimate the time demanded for project development.

Fix bugs

Having completed the development of each feature, QA engineers perform a bunch of tests to detect any bugs or malfunctions. If a QA engineer finds a bug, the developer has to fix it as fast as possible.

Investigate technologies

The IT industry is constantly improving, and new technologies are released. Flutter developers should improve apps architecture, integrating new tools.

Follow new trends

Constant learning is obligatory for software developers. Flutter was released in 2017, but there were three major updates of these frameworks. Also, there are a bunch of minor updates for various platforms.

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Flutter Developers for Hire: Required Hard and Soft Skills

Developers need to have two skill sets — hard and soft ones. Hard skills stand for technical knowledge and experience. As for soft skills, they allow developers to be competent in the workplace. There are so-called ‘interpersonal skills.’

To give you a hint, we’ve listed the hard and soft skills of Flutter developers for hire.

Hard skills of Flutter developers:

  • Good knowledge of Git
  • Understanding of Computer Science
  • Understanding of software development life cycle
  • Strong knowledge of different architecture approaches
  • Experience with GoF patterns
  • Knowledge of SQL
  • Strong knowledge of networking
  • Experience in programming languages for mobile development — Kotlin or Swift
  • Knowledge of Dart programming language,
  • Understanding of Flutter framework
  • Experience in Android or iOS mobile development services
Flutter developers for hire: Required hard skills

Required hard skills for Flutter developer

Soft skills of Flutter developers for hire:

  • Problem solving. Every software engineer faces problems during the development process. So, it’s vital for a good developer to look at the issues objectively and solve them effectively.
  • Creativity. Developers need to look at things from a different perspective and come up with new unobvious solutions.
  • Teamwork. Flutter developers work on projects with a bunch of other specialists like designers, project managers, and quality assurance specialists.
  • Communication skills. Developers work as a team, so they need to communicate with each other quite effectively. During the development, software developers brainstorm new ideas and discover the best solutions.
Hire Flutter developers: Demanded soft skills

Flutter developers' soft skills

Interview Questions to Hire Flutter Developers

To be successful as a specialist, Flutter developers need to have both hard and soft skills.

Hard skills are vital for their job. They include the required knowledge to create complex apps using the Flutter framework. Such skills are listed in the job description.

Developers can gain this knowledge through formal education or training programs like online courses, job training, and so on.

We’ve prepared the PDF file with interview questions to hire Flutter app developers.

There are some of them:

  • What is your experience in mobile app development?
  • Why do you want to study the Flutter framework?
  • What’s your experience in Dart programming language?
  • Do you have any proof of your experience?
Hire Flutter developers: interview questions [hard skills]

Test hard skills of Flutter developers

To cooperate with a team effectively, Flutter developers should have soft skills like teamwork, creativity, and more.

Below you can find a PDF file with interview questions to ask Flutter developers to hire.

You need to check the following soft skills:

  • Communication skills
  • Creativity
  • Conflict management
  • Work in a team
  • Adaptability
  • Dedication
Hire Flutter developers: Soft skills

Consider soft skills of Flutter developers

Where to Hire Flutter Developers?

So, you've decided to develop a Flutter-based app and want to hire skilled and talented cross-platform engineers for a reasonable amount of money. Let’s discuss your options.

The modern IT market provides three most widespread opportunities to employ mobile developers — cooperate with a freelance developer, create an in-house team, or find a reliable vendor. Each of these options has pros and cons that we’ll discuss below.

Where to hire Flutter developers

Hiring options of Flutter developers

Freelance Flutter Developers for Hire

Freelance type of work is quite widespread these days, so it won’t be a problem to hire Flutter developers. However, freelance software engineers aren’t the perfect option if you’re looking for long-term cooperation.

Unless you’re a tech guru, it’s quite complicated to check the candidates’ knowledge and the quality of the final product.


  • There are a lot of freelancers, so you are able to find an appropriate engineer.
  • Freelancers tend to get less money in comparison to other types of employment.
  • There’s no need to pay the freelancer if you don’t have tasks to assign.
  • You don’t pay for sick days, vacations, taxes.


  • Freelance developers tend to fail deadlines.
  • Nobody can guarantee that a freelancer will finish your project.
  • It’s challenging to communicate with such developers due to possible difference in time zones and a language barrier.
  • There is no opportunity to check whether your employee is only involved in your project.

Platforms to hire:

  • Upwork
  • Fiverr
  • Freelancer

Hire Flutter App Developers In-House

Forming your own team of developers can be quite profitable when you’ve already released the product to the market and get some profit. For example, several investors are interested in your product and you need to improve the app.

However, in the case of Flutter development, it can be quite expensive and time-consuming to hire a reliable team.

In-house Flutter development provides constant communication between team members. So, it’s easy for them to share knowledge and experience.

Of course, the creation of your team of developers has some benefits and drawbacks.


  • An opportunity to cooperate 24/7.
  • In-house Flutter developers pay all their attention to the projects and are interested in the final result.


  • There are a lot of additional expenses: purchasing hardware and software, taxes, rent.
  • Hiring talented and skilled engineers is always time-consuming.
  • In-house developers usually get a bigger salary in comparison to freelancers or developers from outsourcing companies.

Platforms to hire:

  • Indeed
  • Glassdoor
  • LinkedIn
  • Dice

Outsourced Flutter Developers: Hire a Software Vendor

Outsourcing is gaining popularity since it offers affordable prices along with quality of the final product and a broad array of talents.

There are three main models of cooperating with outsourcing companies:

Hire flutter developers: Outsourcing

Cooperation models with an outsourcing company

Dedicated team

You hire one or several Flutter developers and pay them for hours spent working on a project according to their rates. However, you need to conquer all management tasks on your own.

Time and material

You find a reliable vendor. After that, the Flutter developers create an app from scratch. In this case, the outsourcing company is responsible for the whole process (from design to release). You’re paying for each piece of a completed work that’s also called sprint. It makes management and planning more flexible.

Fixed price

This model is perfect for startups and MVP creation. You need to clarify your requirements and set a deadline. After that, Flutter developers make the number of tasks.


Why outsource software development to Ukraine? Discover seven primary reasons.


  • Outsourcing companies tend to improve the employees’ skills and keep an eye on all changes in the industry.
  • Developers work together, which makes the communication process inside the team easier.
  • Flutter app developers constantly share their experience with colleagues, so their qualification is increasing.
  • The prices of outsourcing development depend on the region. You can find a reliable vendor that fits your budget.


  • The language barrier may occur with developers from some countries.
  • If you’re located in different time zones, you will need to set a schedule for calls.

Platforms to hire:

  • Clutch
  • GoodFirms
  • IT Firms

As you can see, there are enough options to choose from. To my mind, the best options are forming an in-house team or hiring an outsourcing company. The freelance Flutter developer for hire isn’t the best option unless you are a technical guru and can estimate their code-quality.

Hire Flutter Developers: Hourly Rates

Developers usually have an hourly rate. They can vary according to three factors — hiring options (freelancers, in-house teams, or outsourcing companies), qualification (junior, middle, senior), and regions.

For instance, freelance Flutter developers have lower hourly rates than engineers from an in-house team. Moreover, the region is also essential. Developers from the USA have a bigger salary in comparison to the developers from Eastern Europe. Junior mobile developers have lower hourly rates compared to their senior colleagues.

Since there aren’t many Flutter developers to analyze their salary, we’ll speak about mobile app developers’ hourly rates. The hourly rates of Flutter and mobile developers are quite similar.

Freelance Developers Hourly Rates

Below you can find average hourly rates of freelance mobile app developers from all over the world.

Freelance Flutter developers for hire: hourly rates in different countries (Source: Codementor)
Region Average hourly rate Median hourly rate

North America



Latin America



Western Europe



Eastern Europe



Middle East



Asia & Pacific



Australia & New Zealand






In-House Developers Hourly Rates

Let’s move on with the in-house developers hourly rates. You can calculate their monthly salary multiplying their hourly rates by 40 working hours per week.

In-house Flutter developers for hire: hourly rates in different countries
Team member United States Latin America Eastern Europe Asia

Junior developer





Middle developer





Senior developer





Lead developer





Outsourced Flutter Developers Hourly Rates

Hiring a dedicated team can be a perfect variant. For example, such regions as Eastern Europe and Asia can offer you reasonable prices.

GoodFirms is a platform where you can find rates of different companies from all over the world. Below, we provide you with the average rates for software development from different regions.

Outsourced Flutter developers for hire: hourly rates in different countries
Region Hourly rate Countries

Eastern Europe


Ukraine, Poland, Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria

Latin America


Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Columbia, Peru



Morocco, Kenya, Nigeria, Egypt, South Africa



India, China, Philippines

Why Hire Flutter Developers at Cleveroad

Our developer claim that Flatter framework is perfect for developing apps for the following industries:

  • Shopping
  • Food apps
  • Social media apps
  • Fitness apps
  • Dating apps
  • Marketplaces

Recently, we’ve created a Travel Time using Flutter. Feel free to download and test the app.

One of the apps created in Flutter by our developers is Hydrostasis. It’s an app for athletes and people in military service. It helps improve the effectiveness of an athlete’s training by measuring the moisture level in blood.

Based on the data the app collects, trainers adjust workouts and make sure athletes drink water in time.

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