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About a Project

Our customer is a US company that provides specialty services to commercial and industrial businesses, works in many areas, and has to operate under stringent legal requirements, which makes hiring difficult. The customer needed a digital solution to quickly submit and process employment applications, search for jobs, and showcase professional certifications.

Goals set to Cleveroad

Digitalize the process of filling the new Employment Application forms and creating and applying for job resumes

Ensure that processing application forms and employers’ review and attestation comply with US authorities’ requirements

Provide a software solution to organize hiring workflow and order the storage of applicants’ professional documentation

Solutions we've delivered

Development of a native mobile app for applicants using iOS: further creation of a cross-platform app to cover Android OS users

Creation of a responsive layout for the web-based administration panel and mobile applications functionality considering USCIS requirements

Creation of an online "Certification Library" where employees can upload and store their certificates confirming the professional level

Results for the Customer

Applying the Employment forms has become easy and fast, so the company enhanced the processes of hiring and consideration of job applications

The employing company can quickly process applicant forms, verify them, and manage employees' work through a process specified by US legislation

A convenient online library simplifies the company's workflows and allows app users to upload, orderly store, and demonstrate professional certificates

Business Challenges

Our customer operates in the US market and provides numerous specialty services to meet the needs of various job sites. The company needed a modern and convenient software solution for receiving Employment Application forms from job seekers, processing and reviewing them, as well as storing professional documentation of employees hired. Therefore, our customer was looking for a technical partner who had to:

Create a mobile app for job applicants that would help digitalize the process of submitting forms, creating a resume, searching for suitable vacancies, downloading and storing professional certificates.

Provide the company with a web-based solution that makes it easier to apply for new vacancy forms and manage the employee database, application forms, uploaded professional certificates, and staff work’s logging and tracking.

Ensure that the software solution complies with the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) requirements for proficiency confirmation, employer’s hiring procedures, and documentation receiving.


Project in Details

We’ve offered the customer a solution that included native and cross-platform apps and a web Admin panel and successfully developed them
Business Architecture
  • The initial solution was based on a native iOS mobile app, which we successfully developed and launched. However, the customer wanted to expand the reach of applicants and needed an additional app. We’ve proposed a cross-platform application that is fast in development and versatile in terms of supported devices range.
  • We’ve also designed a web Admin panel available to the platform’s Super Admin and Admins. Super Admin can manage Admins and create Certificates. Platform admins can manage Employees, employment application forms, and employee handbooks, as well as create jobs and Positions/Titles.
  • An entire solution has been designed considering the need to comply with the US USCIS requirements in hiring employees, namely receiving documents within 3 business days so candidates can fill an Employment Application. We’ve also developed a convenient Certification Library to store certificates added and functionality for managing applications, work, time logging, and related processes.
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Product Essentials

We’ve developed mobile apps, a web Admin panel, and a Certification Library to cover the needed functionality and simplify the customer's business processes
Mobile App

Authorization in the app is available by email and password. To access the mobile application, users must confirm their email by opening a link received. While the applicants are not hired yet, they can use all app functionality except "Employment Application" and "Personal Time Keeper." To access these features, employees have to apply for a job and get approval from Admin.

A job search that has been implemented in the app speeds up the selection process and allows users to choose the most suitable offers. Filters help the applicant to find a specific job. App users can easily interact with the map and create, upload, and send resumes/CVs to apply for a vacancy.

App’s corresponding features simplify the process of receiving notifications, applying vacancy forms, and logging work time. For instance, thanks to the Personal Time Keeper, employees can use smartphones to track time with a day/night shift and create and send reports, so records of their work can be stored securely according to common data protection requirements.

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Applications and Library

Filling out the Employment Application form includes 12 steps and is available via the mobile app. When employees apply for a job by sending their resumes, Admin set the switch “On.” Their status turns to "Pending," and employees get access to the Employment Application for 3 business days to fill it.

After the applicants fill the form and send it to the Admin within this time, their status changes to "Hired," otherwise — to "Didn't submit an Employment Application within 3 days." This functionality is provided according to the USCIS rules (Completing Section 2).

The Certification Library allows hired applicants to store and order their professional certificates conveniently. Employees can delete certificates and send them by email as well. Users can also upload form W-4 and other conformations of professional level.

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Admin Panel

A web Admin panel is available to Super Admin and Admins of the platform. The digital environment was made easy to navigate and intuitively understandable, so company staff can quickly manage employees, their accounts, job positions, various lists, and documents.

Super Admin can create, delete, and manage a Customer’s account and certificates uploaded (feature in the mobile app), as well as access the Customer management, Certification Library, and Settings.

The system Admins can manage employees and their statuses, decline inappropriate candidates, and:

  • Create, delete, and edit employees’ accounts
  • Create, delete, set status, and edit job positions
  • Manage lists of created (hired) employees, jobs, and resumes applied
  • Download and view documents
  • Upload, view, and delete Employee Handbooks
  • Open employee profile

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Development in Detail

  • At the Discovery stage, we clarified all the customer requirements and defined the feature scope that included features supposed by the client and our team. Discovery stage deliverables included a Feature Breakdown list and Specification document with functional, non-functional, and technical requirements. A Development Team consisted of a business analyst, UI/UX designer, backend, iOS, Flutter developers, QA and DevOps engineers, and a project manager.
  • Initially, we were faced with developing an iOS native application since our customer wanted to cover mainly users from the USA, where Apple's audience is large. Therefore, during the first three iterations, we focused on a delivery of a solution available on iOS devices and web browsers to digitalize the new employment application form.
  • The Flutter-based mobile app covering all user groups was the next step. After the native iOS application was created and launched, the customer wanted to expand the audience with users of other operating systems. We proposed a cross-platform solution that speeds up development and optimizes the customer's budget.
  • A web Admin panel (responsive layout) and Certification Library were developed to simplify the core operations: searching for jobs, creating resumes, applying for a job, and tracking work time. In addition, company employees can interact with a map, log work time using their phones, and send reports to keep the records.
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Technology stack

Tech stack was chosen and used considering customer requirements, solution’s business logic, and USCIS rules

Web Architecture



Mobile Architecture


Cross platform

AWS Infrastructure

External Integrations

Results Obtained
We have developed a solution meeting the customer’s requirements and is built according to the business logic of the company’s workflow

Acceleration of the Employment Application forms filling

The mobile apps made it possible to digitize submitting Employment Application forms and make it intuitive. The cross-platform solution allows candidates to apply using an iOS or Android mobile device. As a result, the processing of applications has accelerated, reducing labor costs in the company.

Reducing the time spent on employees and jobs management

The sophisticated architecture and functionality of the solution consider the company's management and document flow peculiarities. Application processing, logging of working time, certificates' storage and operating have become easier. The company improved control over the workflow, which was essential given the variety of job positions.

Processing of employees’ documents according to the US law

Our solution was built around the peculiarities of hiring employees in the USA. In the step-by-step submission of application forms, we’ve considered current USCIS standards in employer review, attestation, and responsibilities for processing documents when applying for a job. Our customer can freely use the software, complying with US labor law.

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