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Updated 22 Mar 2023

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Analytics for mobile apps is a vital component needed to figure out how a mobile app works and what you need to do to enhance it and acquire users. Every year we get lots of new analytical tools and the decision-making process becomes more and more complicated. As a rule, developers use several analytical tools to get comprehensive data about the state of their app on the market. This article is about a research we've done to find the best analytical instruments to help developers create the best apps.

Types of app Analytics

There are seven types of mobile Analytics solutions which we need to mention as the most efficient ones, which will help you get a thorough analysis of an app. They are app monetization, App Store, app interaction, app performance management, mobile advertising, mobile browsers and in-app engagement Analytics.

types of mobile apps analytics

Mobile Analytics types

App monetization Analytics

It helps understand a user of an app better, as well as marketing and advertising efficiency, including message settings an app, pricing models and advertisement.

App Store Analytics

This type of collected data shows key efficiency indicators of your product and your competitors' product, as it shows the rate and income in different stores. It comes down to issues like ranking when a user comes to a store, downloads, in-app purchases comparison, and many other factors. The information helps choose the best monetization strategy, increase return on investment and engage acquiring users.

App interaction analytical tools

They are needed to know how a user interacts with an app, why and when he closes it. Data is needed to improve the design and increase productivity.

App performance management

It lets you measure different parameters concerning performance and detect defects. The tool also informs you of all crashes and cases when your app slows down throughout various devices and operating systems.

Mobile advertising Analytics

This Analytics calculate usefulness of advertising expenditures and displays it's effectiveness. It also reflects the users' behaviour and their attitude towards the ads, like clicks, for instance.

Mobile browsers' analytical tools

The tools are needed to increase users experience of interaction with a browser and to understand their behaviour, monitor the conversion and other parameters.

In-app engagement Analytics

It shows a number of downloads, a frequency of use and the duration of each session. These tools display everything that a user does inside the app.

The data is vital, it helps determine the list of analytical tools you require exactly. For instance, if you make an in-house app for a company or an enterprise you need a performance management analysis more than in-app engagement analysis. Or, imagine, that your app is very extraordinary. In this case, standard app Analytics tools won't give you broad understanding of what is going on with your app. So, when you are choosing the best mobile Analytics platform, you need a data decoding feature which will explain why you have this statistical facilitation.

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When you are choosing advanced Analytics tools, make sure that they are completely compatible with your application and are easy to use. Otherwise, they can influence download speed and performance in general. We have chosen the best mobile app Analytics platforms for you that work seamlessly and are easy to implement.

As the main criteria, we will consider two types: in-app engagement and profit-making capacity Analytics and app performance management Analytics. These are the types that cover the majority of categories. 

App performance management Analytics

Here are some of the best tools to collect data connected with app performance management Analytics:

Firebase Analytics

Firebase Analytics is a tool with free and premium accounts and covers IOS and Android platforms. It is actually a set of applications from Google for mobile developers. Along with mobile app Analytics, it offers instruments for your own iOS or Android app development. The system has a built-in monitoring board to track users' behaviour and interconnected capacity. As well as that, you can export all raw data into BigQuery for users' requests.

Firebase mobile analytics

Mobile app Analytics platform - Firebase

The system has some peculiarities, such as crash reports, deep links capacity, in-app-purchase data, segments and behaviour explanation.


If you want to try Appsee, you have fourteen days to do it for free. After that, you will need to pay. Just like the previous tool, Appsee covers IOS and Android platforms. The software provides quantitative and qualitative Analytics. They offer visual data about your application with heat sensor maps and user session reports. Apart from numerical data, the platform explains the nature of this data. Which means it optimizes the process data to information performance.

appsee mobile analytics platform

Mobile analytics platform - Appsee

The system is characterized with heat sensor maps, user session records, crash reports, group research of actions, data storage and navigation routes. 

In-app engagement mobile app Analytics tools

As for in-app engagement mobile app Analytics tools, you can find lots of such instruments on the Internet. Here are the most convenient ones:

Amazon Mobile Analytics

You can use the Amazon app Analytics platform for free for a whole year, however, after that, you'll need to buy an account. The system is compatible with IOS, Android, FireOS and Unity.

amazon app analytics platform

Mobile app Analytics platform - Amazon

Amazon Mobile Analytics allows you to measure the usage of an application and it's profitability. With the help of this platform you can also track key trends, like how to retain users and their behaviour in an app. Here you can also find an additional tool - Amazon Pinpoint which is needed to start targeted campaigns to attract users.

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The platform has lots of advantages. It displays sessions, income, retention, users' events and active users.

Facebook Analytics

You don't have to pay anything to use the system. Facebook Analytics instrument set covers IOS, Android, Web and Mobile Web. It is a great tool if you need to study conversion funnels, retention rates, or automatically collect statistical data about all users that have an account on Facebook. It gives comprehensive demographic data about your users, which is essential to understand customers and their needs better.

mobile analytics tools comparison

App Analytics tools - facebook

What singles this platform out is that you can check the retention rate, conversion funnel, demographic data, segments and active users here.

Adobe Analytics

The Adobe mobile analytics platform is available only for corporate customers. You can get it on IOS and on Android.

Adobe best mobile app analytics

Mobile app analytics platform - Adobe

We need to inform you that the Adobe mobile app Analytics package costs a lot, yet if you've decided to invest in it, you'll get the complex package that provides real-time Analytics and detailed segmentation on the channels.

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People on various forums will confirm that it's a powerful tool that really gives an understanding of what pages give the conversion, and which part is better to improve to avoid high rejection rate. The instrument shows how a customer moves through the ecosystem of an app.

The system provides information about the flow study, index fall study, users' histogram, income analysis, age group analysis and much more.


The Amplitude mobile analytics platform is monetized the same as AppAnalytics. The corporate account here costs $995 a month. And also covers IOS, Android and WP.

amplitude mobile analytics

Best Analytics instruments for mobile apps - Amplitude

A free trial version allows you to register for 10 mln events a month. There are also two types of corporate accounts - business and enterprise. Business accounts cost $995 and tracs 100 mln events a month. For enterprise, the cost varies according to individual needs and register an unlimited number of events.

Flow of events display popular routes and user's actions, and can also show the most probable and popular route to hot buttons 'buy', 'subscribe' and so on. You can use an API and get outputs. The service supplies access to Amazon Redshift PostgreSQL database. Even more, on Github you can find their open source SDK.

What distinguishes the service is that it tracks a huge number of events, reflects popular actions of a user, has an API available and works with SQL databases.


The platform Devtodev has free and paid version. It's available on almost all mobile and web platforms.

The system calculates user LTV based on texts and personal data and provides reports about paid users. Among other things, the reports show daily trends, usage, user retention, market indicators and so on.

App analytics tools devtodev

Devtodev - best app Analytics platforms

As well as that, you can create custom reports choosing those metrics which you need. You can also segment dashboards according to your projects, reports, metrics and share these segments with your team. The only drawback of the system is that there is no A/B testing inside the platform.

Devtodev shows not only the main metrics but also market integration, report designer, configurable toolbar, extended analytical tools, LTV forecast, game analytics, traffic Analysis, popup notifications, personal managers and online support.

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The more mobile Analytics platforms you use, the more data you have. And it is a great opportunity to advance your mobile product and engage active and loyal users. We hope our review of the best and the best mobile Analytics tools for applications will be useful for you. However, if you still have any questions, contact us. We'll be happy to assist you!

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