What Is the Best Platform For the First Launch - iOS or Android? [Infographic]

Updated 15 Oct 2022

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Every single day you make dozens of choices. These choices may be even unnoticed, but they still determine your future. But when it comes to some business purposes, every choice is really key one. So, how to make the right decision? Undoubtedly, every time you should evaluate all the pros and cons.

Reasons to decide on a platforn earlier

We know how difficult it is to make all the choices when it comes to your own business. You have to be sure that every step you make is right. So, when you have an idea of a mobile application for a startup you have to decide which platform it will be created for. You should understand that if your app claims to be a flagship, it should be designed for both platforms or even more. But it is better to start from one of them.

There is one strong reason for that. You will be able to test your app, find all of it's weaknesses, and receive the feedback from the first users. Having chosen one platform you reduce your expenditures. Because you test and modify only one app not two of them. Then, when you ascertain that your app is able to attract users, you are ready to develop your app for the second platform.

This time, we'll consider the difference between Android and iOS in terms of the first launch of your application. So, having decided to create your own mobile application, ten to one that there is a question of which is better Android or iOS. And, almost certainly, you'll get the unequivocal answer iOS, which got me thinking, 'Does that answer always work?'.

Together we'll find out why iOS is better than Android or, maybe, that's not true. And the truth is that there are so many aspects to consider when choosing. But, wade your cares away because we have a solution for you.

IOS or Android frot a start [Infograpic]

With our infographic, you'll find out which differences between iOS and Android have to be considered before starting the mobile development. Thus, you'll be able to decide which one is better for you. When you find out all the factors that may affect the choice, you will be able to determine what advantages of iOS over Android are able to outweigh all it's weaknesses and vice versa.

Read the full article to find out all the details about the difference between iOS and Android in the case of the first launch.

Sooo, let's find out which is better Android or iOS!

Which platform is better for the first launch ios or android infographic

Sometimes, even after seeing all the differences, advantages and disadvantages it is still not easy to decide. Therefore, if you have any further questions, please contact us. We are always ready to help you with the choice and not only with it.

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