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We’re a team of professionals crafting UI/UX and building native iOS applications for SMBs, enterprises, and startups
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iOS app development services

We’re here to help you solve problems of end-users and reach tangible results through business analysis and engineering. Partner with experts to build a stable and impactful iOS application.

Custom iOS app development

As iOS mobile app development company, we build native applications with Swift. We carefully analyze your market and project requirements before project development.

iOS app UI/UX design

Our UI/UX team follows the audience-first approach and performs competitor analysis. This helps them craft prototypes that solve problems of users through design.

iOS app testing

Mobile and QA engineers create a testing strategy covering every development milestone. They run tests on their sides to deliver a bug-free final product.

iOS app porting

Business Analysts, UI/UX designers, and mobile engineers work together to develop a porting strategy. We can port your iOS app to macOS, Android, and other platforms.

Custom iOS apps tailored to your needs

Our iOS development company gathers and analyzes your requirements to build an effective solution for your brand or company
Such platforms usually have two standalone applications: one for drivers and one for passengers. The must-have features require using map APIs for navigation (Google Maps Platform, MapKit), Stripe or PayPal for payments and Twilio for in-app calls.
2200 hours
Average development time
6 months
Average project length
Live streaming and Video-on-demand applications should be focused on seamless content delivery. The integration of CDN and Brightcove enhances asset delivery while Core Data deals with local storage and PayPal or Stripe handle payments.
2300 hours
Average development time
7 months
Average project length
This type of e-commerce divides into C2C, B2B, and B2C solutions. The basic functionality for marketplaces would be in-app search (Elastic Search), payments (Braintree, Stripe), and instant messaging to connect different parties (Firebase).
1500 hours
Average development time
4 months
Average project length
mHealth solutions have to be secure and comply with HIPAA, HITECH or other data privacy acts. Health care providers often build mobile applications for online consultations, e-prescribing, and custom alerts for patients.
1800 hours
Average development time
4 months
Average project length
Apple is known for its hardware and software focus on education. We offer custom iOS application development for iPads and iPhones to individuals and institutions. Seeking to increase engagement we use ARKit, support Apple Pencil, etc.
1600 hours
Average development time
4 months
Average project length
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iOS app development process
Following a time-tested process, we guarantee best results at the shortest time frame possible

Project planning

  • Business analysis
  • Writing specifications
  • Preparing wireframes
  • Getting approval

UI/UX design

  • Crafting app’s prototype
  • Making changes
  • Getting approval


  • Development strategy
  • Testing strategy
  • Product development
  • Release

iOS technology stack we use

We use modern and time-tested technologies to extend and scale your product effectively
FRP and Networking
App Building



FRP and Networking

App Building


This object-oriented programming language has been actively using by developers iOS app development for over 30 years. This fact alone makes Objective-C reliable as millions of lines of code are written on it. In addition, this code is backward compatible with C and C++ languages.
apps built
apps built
2 Objective-C developers
are available for hiring


Swift is a robust programming language backed by Apple that allows creating top-notch and fast applications for all Apple operating systems. Safety, simplicity and permanent performance enhancements make iOS app development with Swift an ideal solution for creating iOS apps of any complexity.
faster than Objective-C
faster than Python
most popular language
2 Swift developers
are available for hiring


CoreData framework makes it possible to speed up the iOS application development process. CoreData simplifies memory management since developers load into memory only those objects they use at the moment. Integrating sorting of objects and optional automatic validation of property values help app work with a database.
faster data loading
developers’ efficiency


Realm is a popular mobile database for every iOS app development platform and also for Android. It’s incredibly rapid (much more rapid than SQLite), cross-platform, thread-safe, and has an easy-to-use API. The developers call it a contemporary and reliable substitute for the native Apple’s databases.
app performance
apps worldwide


This Backend-as-a-Service platform frees developers from such backend work as managing servers and writing APIs and lets them focus on building the top-notch user experience. Being almost an all-in-one backend solution, Firebase helps to speed up the iOS native app development.
developers use Firebase
developers’ efficiency


ReactiveCocoa is a framework that allows using reactive functional programming techniques for custom iOS application development. It offers bindings and reactive extensions for Cocoa Touch framework in order to make code much shorter. Tailored to Swift, the framework defines the interface for events, so make it easier to filter and compose them.
faster development
better performance


RxSwift library is based on top of Swift and simplifies the development of dynamic apps for iOS engineers. Among the main advantages of this library are asynchrony, clean code, architecture, etc. All this result in faster and more efficient iOS application development services and problem-solving.
stars on GitHub
faster MVP development


Alamofire is a well-tested and reliable library for all Apple platforms. It’s designed for working with the HTTP requests. Alamofire significantly boosts developer productivity because it simplifies a number of routine tasks for iOS application development companies. It makes the code cleaner that helps to decrease the possibility of bugs.
bugs occurrence
faster development


Moya is a network abstraction library to work with network data and for quick project integration with RESTful API. Moya allows iOS application development company to focus on main application features and speed up the implementation of networking data. Using Moya, developers extract network responses to perform unit tests efficiently.
faster API manager integration
development time optimization framework enables real-time data exchange and communication. It improves and accelerates the integration of chats and video chats to iOS apps. has many automated processes for an easy communication feature integration. Flexible and simple customization help iOS app development agency implement their task faster.
websites worldwide
faster chat integration


This platform provides developers with smart solutions helping them provide better iOS development services. Fabric facilitates dealing with crash reporting, deployment, beta distribution and more. Put simply, this tool saves precious time and gives developers more control over their apps.
developers use Fabric
efficiency increase


Fastlane facilitates the process of iOS apps deployment. This tool uploads a beta version of the app to selected beta service. It automates the entire app store deployment process: Fastlane generates localized screenshots, upload metadata, stores code signings and automatically submits new versions of the iOS app.
faster deployment process
faster unit testing
We keep deepening the expertise to meet your highest expectations and build even more innovative software
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Technologies for advanced iOS apps

Without limiting your functional requirements, we use tools and services that deliver the best user experience to your final product
An image
Media Expertise
Live Streaming and OTT delivery
Video Processing
Content Distribution Networks
An image
Machine Learning & AI
Self-taught algorithms recognize user activities
Artificial neural networks
NLP software development
Azure ML, Google Cloud Prediction, TensorFlow
An image
IoT Expertise
Protocols: NFC, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, LPWAN, IPv6 over LoWPAN
Communication Security (TLS, DTLS) and Data Encryption
Artik module, Raspberry Pi, Arduino
AWS: Lambda, Kinesis, S3, SageMaker, Sumerian
An image
Big Data
Big data architecture design
Apache Spark and Hadoop
HDFS, Hive, Pig, Impala, Oozie
EMR, Redshift
An image
Computer vision
Image processing
Deep Learning OCR: Keras, Supervisely
Face recognition: Eigenfaces, LEM, Facial morphology analysis
Face Detection: HOG, SVM
OpenCV, Kairos, Luxand Face
An image
Apple Resources
Frameworks: CarPlay, 3D Touch, Adaptivity
App Services: Apple Pay, HealthKit, HomeKit, CloudKit
Media and Web: MapKit JS, Live Photos, AVFoundation
Graphics and Games: ARKit, SceneKit, OpenGL
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