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About a Project

Our customer is a healthcare startup who aims to create a mobile solution allowing children to engage in a healthy lifestyle through gamification elements. The customer needed a technical partner to build a custom platform and define the proper MVP (Minimum Viable Product) functionality of the app to raise ROI.

Goals set to Cleveroad

Create an MVP version of the application that will allow the client to enter the market quickly and stand out among competitors

Develop a bespoke a mobile app to provide fitness and nutrition content with gamification components

Develop an admin panel to meet the requirements of the customer to manage the content and users of the platform

Solutions we've delivered

Development of an MVP version of the app that includes basic functionality and several unique features, including gamification elements, leadership boards, and badges for achievements to differentiate the client’s solution in the market

From-scratch creation of the app optimized for iOS and Android platforms with gamification functionality to engage the target user and enhance their experience by integrating various interactive functions

Building of a web-based management system for administrators to take control over the users and in-app contents, such as exercise and physical activity, gamification, rewards and incentives, and more

Results for the Customer

Custom habit-forming app developed with the participation of experts. It contains thoroughly crafted functionality that allows the client to stand out among similar solutions in the market and ensure the further success of the concept

Well-structured health tracking app available on both App Store and Google Play, tailored to the interests of the target audience and effectively attracting new users. As a result, the business benefits from improved brand loyalty, and a strengthened position in the market

Robust web admin panel allowing the customer to efficiently supervise all activities in the app, including exercises’ animation management

Business Challenges

Our customer, a Swedish entrepreneur, wanted to build a mobile application to promote a healthy lifestyle among a young audience. The app was conceived as an ideal tool for a successful sales launch in the health and fitness market. It was needed to create a platform that's functional and user-friendly for the target audience while also being competitive and offering distinctive features that foster future growth. The Quality and the Budget were considered the most important development factors. Therefore, the client needed a reliable technical partner to:

Create a health habit tracker app from scratch. Build a mobile application that helps children to track exercise and nutrition. It was required to include all the necessary features to implement the solution's business logic: emotions, animations, exercises, crews, and success tracking. It was also needed to implement a parental control module and payment management from the parent's side to enable income from subscriptions.

Quickly deliver a solution to the market. Carefully compile the list of the solution’s MVP functionality to meet clients budget limitation and release the app quickly. At the same time, it was necessary to add unique features to gain a competitive advantage and ensure high ROI.

Set the tone for product development by adding new features. The MVP version of the health tracker app should contain a well-thought-out set of features that must be paired with more advanced functionality. It was needed to set a solid base for creating a full-fledged app and enabling future growth of the business. The sponsorship element needed to be included in future post-MVP versions. This element is anticipated to serve as a valuable source of revenue generation, enhancing the sustainability and profitability of the product.


Project in Details

We’ve developed a health and nutrition mobile app from scratch and a web-based admin panel. Our team also became a long-term partner for the client.
Business Architecture
  • Our team has built mobile apps for iOS and Android from scratch. In addition to the basic functionality, the solution includes advanced features (gamification element with User’s animated avatar, Leadership boards , badges for achievements) to engage the target audience. The main focus was on gamification, including animations showing proper exercise technique, profile customization to personalize the user experience, emotion-based exercise selection, and a progress score feature to increase motivation.
  • We also built a web-based admin panel containing all the features for general system administration. These include access control, new user verification, and user and content management in the app. The Admin panel also contains the role of Super Admin who can manage access levels of other administrators to ensure the proper level of security and compliance with GDPR requirements.
  • One of the key modules of the app is Parental Control, which is seamlessly integrated within the current app as a core feature linked to the settings. This functionality allows parents to provide access to a child's role, manage subscriptions, and handle payments.This comprehensive feature not only enhances the user experience but also underscores the app's commitment to ensuring a safe and user-friendly environment for both parents and their children.
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Product Essentials

We developed all the necessary features of expanded MVP to engage the audience and allow users to improve health, increase motivation, and track success.

Gamification elements keep young users engaged in the training process. They include achievements, animations, and emotions. Animations use a user-selected character to show children how to properly do each exercise to get a good result. Also, users can set their current feelings, and their characters will display them and match the kids with activities based on their moods.

Crews allow kids to add friends and form virtual teams to compete against each other and track each other's progress. Users can use a customized QR code to add friends to a group. Kids can work out or compete to win awards with their friends.

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Exercise contains a set of features necessary for selecting and executing workouts. Users can choose the desired exercise block, e.g., Body, Mind, Charge. They can select one of the subcategories or read the complete list of all exercises among these categories.

The user can access detailed instructions and a workout timer when starting a particular exercise. Each exercise accompanies a GIF animation of the child's avatar to help them understand the correct technique.

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Progress success

The progress success feature helps users to stay motivated and strive for more rewards. Users can view up-to-date Challenges to see their completion details and track their progress. When a goal is reached, the user receives a special badge.

We have also implemented a leaderboard where children can view the most successful users of the current challenge. They can also learn more detailed information about users from the leaderboard.

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Parental control

Parental control module is designed to allow adults to provide young users with access to the app. It also allows parents to track their children's activity and progress and make minimal changes to their training plan if necessary.

The payment feature is based on parental control and allows users to access subscription management. Users can check, update, or cancel their subscription details from the settings menu.

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Profile management

The user profile provides better engagement through personalization. Users can choose their avatar and animated character and enter personal information such as name and gender. The profile also includes a selection of preferred sports.

User’s animated avatar increases user motivation by serving as a personal exercise role model and virtual friend. The dynamic and animated nature of avatars adds an element of fun and entertainment to workouts, making fitness more enjoyable for kids.

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Scheduling functionality is essential to keep users on track. They can create a personalized schedule which will include a workout plan for each week depending on the individual needs and wishes of the users.

Notifications allow users to receive reminders when it's time to start a new workout, ensuring they won’t miss planned training sessions.

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Development in Detail

  • We conducted three phases within the project: Prototyping, Discovery, and Development. The team started working on the solution with prototyping by assigning a skilled UI/UX designer. The designer deeply analyzed the client's requirements and ideas to bring the concept to life as a clickable app prototype.
  • During the Discovery Phase, we used appropriate tools to define the scope and plan the project's progress. During this phase, our team detailed all requirements for the app architecture, identified a set of MVP features (for a quick product release), and defined key differentiating features: Parental Controls and Gamification elements. Also, since the app handles personal user data, we created a plan for proper development according to the security requirements, namely GDPR.
  • Aside from the prototype mentioned above, discovery deliverables included the following: a Feature Breakdown List (FBL), a Software Architecture Document containing diagrams, technical solutions, technology stack, constraints, quality attribute scenarios, etc. Our team also compiled a communication plan, schedule, and estimate based on the FBL.
  • During the development phase, we converted the prototype and all Discovery deliverables into a final product under customer requirements and ensured its compliance with the GDPR rules. It includes a mobile health tracking app for children on iOS and Android with built-in Parental Control module, and a web-based admin panel.
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Technology stack

The technology stack was selected based on the solution architecture and the client's product’s requirements

Web Architecture



Mobile Architecture


3rd-party services

AWS Infrastructure

Results Obtained
Our team met all the customer’s expectations regarding the health habit tracking app, built an appealing prototype, and moved to the next project stage.

Rapid idea validation within a limited budget

We created a prototype that helped the client show investors all the benefits of the app and gather the necessary fundraising. The MVP version of the health app allowed the customer to receive additional investments for further development of the app.

Continuous growth of mobile app users

The client received a mobile app with gamification features that helped arouse children's enthusiasm and engage them to use the client's app over competitors' solutions. Our customer received a successful product, obtaining high ratings and expanding the user base.

Enhanced user satisfaction with app management

The system includes a robust admin panel that allows our client to efficiently manage the app's content and user access. The combination of content management and role distribution in the healthy habits tracking app has boosted user satisfaction and set the client apart.

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