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About a Project

Our customer is a German-based medical service provider from the German Medical Association. The company wanted to develop a SaaS system for healthcare providers to contribute to better nursing service delivery. The client needed an experienced healthcare software development company to build such a solution.

Goals set to Cleveroad

Create healthcare solutions for caregivers with a user-friendly and easy to navigate interface allowing medical providers to effectively monitor the real patient location

Develop custom mobile solutions for patients that incorporate monitoring devices to track their indoor and outdoor location using GPS technology

Build an interconnected SaaS system for remote patient monitoring and medical care improvement

Solutions we've delivered

Creation of a resilient custom solution for healthcare providers consisting of a web app and a mobile app for Android OS intended for clinic’s staff to get patient location data and receive timely notifications.

Building of a custom mobile solution connected with wearable devices, such as wristbands and smartwatches for indoor and outdoor location monitoring for patients. The monitoring will be performed with the help of the GPS navigation. The patients will also be able to see their location history and interact with healthcare providers and nursing staff through the mobile app.

Making of a remote patient monitoring system ready to use by nursing service providers and its patients. Integration of the subscription-based module enabling end-users to access a range of telehealth tools and features on the recurring basis. The service flawlessness is grounded on maintenance and upgrading the system with new functionality boosting patient’s care quality

Results for the Customer

Two telehealth solutions (web and mobile apps) were successfully designed and built. Now, the clinics and medical practitioners caregiver web app can track patients’ outdoor and indoor location and manage it to quickly come for help when needed.

The patient mobile solution with GPS tracking for nursing services is being developed. Now, the clinics can monitor indoor and outdoor user locations to enhance treatment of two kinds of patients: those who cannot care about themselves and require total nursing care, and those who can care about themselves but require professional assistance.

Thanks to the well-designed patient tracking SaaS solution, the client got an opportunity to profit due to the subscription business model. The success of the developed system allowed the client to plan functionality expansion: particularly, to add features for monitoring the vital signs of patients (e.g., heart rate & respiratory rate)

Business Challenges

Our customer, a Germany-based medical service provider, strives to bring a promising and innovative approach to telehealth service delivery. For this purpose, they wanted to build a SaaS-based patient monitoring solution to offer it for medical institutions that render nursing services. That’s why, our client required services of the experienced software provider to:

Provide caregivers with the powerful capabilities to fully monitor the patients’ well-being. The caregivers got solutions for indoor and outdoor patient tracking to offer timely nursing to helpless patients and ones who can care about themselves and require just professional assistance. It is also important that the solution meets healthcare security standards, as the system contains confidential patient data, as well as medical patient records and other sensitive information. So, it needs to be designed in accordance with requirements for sensitive data encryption, particularly PHI and ePHI, and other health data security tools for using and disclosing confidential info.

Improve the medical care for the patients of the medical establishment. A modern Android-based application was built for tracking patients’ location on mobile and smartwatch devices. In addition, our patient tracking software system is capable of generating the automated health alerts based on the earlier defined criteria to remind about upcoming events, medications or warn as to the potential health issues.

Set the tone for brand development by expanding the range of SaaS-based medical solutions. Our patient monitoring system is a scalable and reliable backbone to medical patient applications development. The remote patient monitoring system is designed in a way that seamlessly integrates and supports the development of these additional applications, ensuring a stable profit and increasing the client’s company business value.


Project in Details

Our team has developed the remote patient monitoring system from scratch and became a long-term partner for the client

Business Architecture

  • We created for the customer the following solutions: mobile and web digital products for caregivers that are accessible via smartphones and web browsers. Web app is intended for indoor tracking of the patient location through the wristbands, while the mobile solution is meant to be used for an outdoor patient location monitoring through the smartwatch. Moreover, our team developed a backoffice web app for clinic managers that can be also used through the web browser.
  • We also built the apps for residents (patients) connected with wristbands and Zigbee devices (e.g., smartwatches). The resident app collects patient location data and sends it to the database where it is stored. The caregiver and the clinic manager apps apply to the servers to obtain the data stored in the database for the further medical establishment’s staff use.
  • Moreover, our team created an Admin panel in a view of a web-based app. It’s required for the proper management of the patient remote monitoring system by Admins – the staff members able to handle caregiver and patient data, and Super Admins – the medical institution employees able to manage the admin data and having all other necessary responsibilities to perform admin activity.
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Product Essentials

The system modules were created to work together seamlessly and provide all the necessary functions.
Caregiver apps

Wristband- web and mobile app-connected patient management. This functionality allows the caregivers to register and manage patients equipped with wristbands or wearable devices for tracking. The physicians can also easily access patient profiles and relevant health information captured through the smartwatch or mobile app.

Indoor location tracking for wristbanded patients. The client's medical staff can utilize indoor positioning technologies to track the location of patients wearing Zigbee devices (like wristbands) within indoor environments. It allows caregivers to view the real-time indoor location of these patients on a floor plan or map.

Location tracking for smartwatch-equipped patients. Rendering nursing services, the medical staff can utilize GPS and other location-based technologies to track the outdoor location of patients with wearable devices, such as Fitbit, Garmin, and Google Pixel Watch. The technologies provide caregivers with real-time updates on the outdoor movements of these patients.

Indoor maps management. The indoor maps management feature allows real-time tracking of patients within indoor spaces like hospitals, displaying their locations on interactive maps. This helps healthcare providers monitor patients, respond to emergencies, set boundaries, and optimize resource allocation.

Notification service. The medical staff may receive real-time notifications and alerts that the patients can send by tapping the alert button on their wristbands. Moreover, physicians may receive alerts from patients' mobile apps and smartwatches that include medication reminders, vital sign updates, or emergency notifications triggered by patients.

Moreover, we have developed a mobile app for caregivers. The mobile solution will allow the assigned caregivers to call their patients directly for communication and assistance, and immediately react to emergent calls in real time, monitor patient position in real-time, and so on.

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Patient mobile app

Alert option. The patients are offered to have a quick and accessible alert button to trigger emergency notifications to caregivers and healthcare providers. This option can be used to request immediate assistance in critical situations.

Online & offline GPS location tracking. GPS is essential for real-time online location tracking when the patient has an internet connection. Moreover, offline location tracking is also integrated for periods when the patient's device does not have the Internet connectivity, ensuring data synchronization when the connection is restored.

Text chat with a caregiver. This feature enables patients to communicate with their assigned caregivers through text-based chat within the app. It optimizes patient-caregiver communication and gives patients opportunity to ask questions, share concerns, and receive support from caregivers.

Voice calls to mobile app and smartwatch. Patients can make voice calls directly from the app to their assigned caregivers or their caregivers' smartwatches, which enables real-time communication and assistance. It is possible with the help of third-party services, such as Vonage and Twilio.

Daily event notifications. They are sent to patients to remind them of scheduled activities, medication doses, or other important events, serving as helpful reminders for patients to adhere to their care plan.

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Admins and Super Admins

Admin role. It enables the system admins (the monitoring system’s managers registered by the super admins) to access indoor location data, manage patients’ info, such as adding new patient profiles to the system, changing data in the existing ones, etc.

Super Admin role. This role is necessary for the better security of our client’s remote monitoring system. The super admins are able to manage existing admins, create new ones and have access to the system admins’ functionality.

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Development in Detail

  • We also provided our client with long-term tech support. It means our healthcare software experts look after the quality of the system's functioning and its flawlessness and add new features to it in order to ensure the comfortable service rendering for our customer. Moreover, the built patient monitoring system is a robust basis for further healthcare apps development and integration, which will allow our client to enhance their nursing service quality.
  • Our development team worked on the creation of a SaaS-based remote patient monitoring system that consists of web and mobile apps. Web app was built to allow caregivers to track patient location indoor and outdoor. Mobile apps for patients and nursing staff were made to help them facilitate health data tracking and communication with each other.
  • We have provided for our customer an extensive Discovery phase. The discovery stage team consisted of a solution architect, business analyst, project manager, and senior QA automation engineer. The team collaborated with technical leads and product owners from the customer's side. The team produced various deliverables, including a software architecture document, functional baseline, business activity and sequence diagrams, architecture and infrastructure diagrams, rough estimation, project strategies for testing automation, nonfunctional requirements, and implementation of change requests. During the stage, we have also gathered the development team which consisted of the following specialists, such as business analyst, project manager, 2 UI/UX designers, DevOps and QA engineers as well as developers.

Technology stack

Tech stack was chosen and used considering customer needs and the solution's business logic

Web Architecture



Mobile Architecture







Results Obtained

We have built a robust remote patient monitoring system with the following results for our client:

The customer’s profit increased by 20 percent

Thanks to our patient monitoring software integration, the customer could significantly increase their profit offering the developed software to other B2B clients. The created system allowed our customer’s clients to focus on proactive care and smart resource allocation lowering their operational costs. For example, they could prevent costly hospitalizations due to our developed solution.

Patients’ satisfaction rate boosting

Due to the use of our mobile app developed for patients, they are able to be more engaged in care after their health. The patients have access to their health data; moreover, they receive timely medication and doctor appointment alerts. This engagement has led to patient compliance and improved health outcomes, simplifying the medical staff’s workflows.

Better organized nursing and treatment from the staff

Our patient monitoring system gave our customer’s clients essential data-driven insights transforming their approach to rendered care. This way, the medical staff can make the evidence-based decisions while continuously monitoring the patient’s health signs. It helps them create more personalized care plans, and lead them to more effective treatment.

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