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Get connected with your school community by receiving information, scheduling events, viewing newsletters, and contacting teachers.

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iOS, Android

The story behind The
School App idea

Streamlining communication and getting students
and parents deeper involved

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The School app is focused at involvement of
school students and their parents into the school
life through the app which has to contain all the
necessary information on school events,
schedule, notify of changes in them, contain staff
contacts, newsletters, links to important web-
pages, announcements.

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  • Simultaneous development for three platforms
  • To provide ability of in-app calling
  • Mobile responsive admin panel
  • Email and email-less registration
  • Languages: English and Spanish
The functionality was implemented to reflect requirements of scalability and vulnerable data security.
The solution was tested manually and automatically and uploaded to a production server.
The School App is targeted at everyone is related to school: students, parents, teachers, school administrators, etc. The products are meant to have US and Europe distribution.
We provided our client with mobile solutions that are controlled through the web-based admin panel, support client’s scalable and sustainable business, and corresponds monetization plans.
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Input data
Clients had ideas on:
  • Business model basics
  • Initial design concept
  • Desired list of features
  • Project release deadline
Information received from clients goes through analysis
  • Dedicated Business Analyst
  • 2 weeks of research and planning
  • Around 20 meetings to clarify the requirements
As a result, we provide clients with:
  • Specification Document
  • Wireframes
  • Clickable prototype
  • Project estimate



Development process

See the ways how the development team implemented client’s requirements

Dealing with registration in apps
The apps have an implicit way of authorization. When users install the app, they need to choose the school they belong to and their role: student, parent or staff member. The app automatically binds the user to a particular school using auto-generated login and password.
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Tracking the community performance efficiently
School administrators can observe parent and student engagement level. Having quick access to grades, calendars, newsletters, and lunch payments, engagement can now be done within seconds.
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Smooth communication inside the community
With the easily-customized notifications, users don’t have to look around for information or download multiple systems. Through The School App’s backend, it takes seconds to send an email or record a call.
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Project development stack

See the ways how the development team implemented client’s requirements

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Mark Zhuk

Owner, School App

Working with the team was very beneficial, I know I can rely on Cleveroad to deliver us a great product, but also on educating me on best practices every step of the way. The team was flexible to work with my schedule, always ready to be in contact at different times of the day. I highly recommend their planning process, excellent service all the way around from start to finish!

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Vlad Artemov
Project manager

We found the idea and the implementation really successful. It is great to see that shortly after release we already have positive results and feedback. In general, the work done was challenging but rewarding.





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