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Quality Assurance Services

We draw up an elaborate approach to testing your software that covers every single part of the product and is meant to ensure its adequate quality

What do we test?

We run tests to check every single component of your software and guarantee the highest possible quality.
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Types of software testing we offer

Our engineers draw up a software testing strategy tailored to your project in order to eliminate possible bugs and issues
Functional Testing
Unit & Integration
Usability testing
Load & Performance
Functional testing lets us analyze a separate part of the application within the context of the entire application. This testing ensures that the system does what users are expecting it to do.
In other words, we test the business logic of a product to make sure all the functional objectives are met and the app or website performs the functionality it is supposed to.

Software testing process

The software testing is divided into several stages to build an efficient testing workflow and comply with high quality standards
QA engineers analyze project requirements to eliminate any logic-related issues and identify inaccuracies. Such a revision helps us prevent our clients from spending extra money on making changes to requirements during the development phase. Next, the functionality that will be implemented during the following sprint is picked by the entire development team.
This stage takes from
the overall testing time

Automation testing

We use automated tests to boost the speed of product testing and enhance the overall quality
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It automates the API testing as well as helps us to check a large amount of backend logic with which all the product's platforms interact with
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User Interface
These tests are written with the intent to imitate the behavior of product users in order to test and validate various UI layouts
Tools we use
Our engineers utilize a variety of specialized tools to test software even more carefully and effectively.
We use only licensed and time- tested software tools to guarantee our clients the highest quality of testing.
Testing tools:
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Charles proxy
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An image
Browser’s developer tools
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An image
Android Studio
Automation testing:
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An image
Selenium WebDriver
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Things we do next:
Our representative contacts you within 24 hours
We collect all the necessary requirements from you
The team of analysts and developers prepare estimation
We keep confidentiality with all of our clients by signing NDA
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