Influencer Marketing for E-Commerce: 5 Reasons Why Your Brand Needs It

16 FEB 2018


Entrepreneurs are always looking for cost-effective ways to boost sales. If your e-commerce business isn't an exception here is what -- think of influencer marketing campaign. It generates $6.50 in revenue per each invested $1 according to popular marketplace Tomoson. Besides, influencer marketing is the fastest-growing channel that outdoes strategies like paid search and display advertising.

Quite promising, isn't it? In this article, we're going to consider in details why use influencer marketing strategy for your e-commerce business, as well as several examples of cooperation with influencers from well-known brands.

What is influencer marketing?

Let's start with the very basics. Simply put, influencer marketing implies cooperating with so-called influencers who are active over different social networks (e.g. Instagram) or blogs. Such cooperation implies that influencer will tell his or her audience about your e-commerce business, products/services you sell, benefits you offer etc.

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Talking about the influencer's audience, it should match the target audience of your business. For example, if you own the e-commerce store focused on selling tech -- you should look for tech bloggers. This way, you're able to direct your marketing efforts on the concrete audience that'll pay off better than if you targeted on a big group of customers.

As we mentioned, influencer marketing is gaining traction and more importantly, it really works. Just take a look at stats underneath.

Influencer marketing statistics

Influencer marketing stats: It's effectiveness 

Reasons why influencer marketing is important

Brands actively involve influencers and celebrities to showcase their audience certain products or services. Why? Because customers tend to trust recommendations given by a third party more than a brand itself.

Here is one more point to think of -- nearly all your competitors already use influencers in marketing. The Julius platform surveyed some influencers that gain popularity and turned out that 90% of them have cooperated with brands previously, while 70% are doing so on a constant basis. So, to stand out in such a competitive market as e-commerce -- you should at least think of influencer marketing strategy adoption.

Still sounds dubious? There are several more reasons why influencer marketing can work for your e-commerce business:

  1. Influencer marketing effectiveness isn't a myth

It's hard to find something that drives as many sales as word-of-mouth does. The survey conducted by Nielsen analytics company unveiled that 92% of customers claim they trust such recommendations more than other types of advertising.

This clearly shows the value of influencer marketing in comparison to other advertising channels. It's a reliable source of getting recommendations for them. And it allows brands to benefit from this strategy and utilize it as a social proof.

How does influencer marketing work

Influencer marketing for e-commerce

  1. It's about socializing

Have you ever noticed how active are your competitors and other brands on social networks? That's because nowadays it's not enough to build a website for generating the constant flow of customers. Social networks fit pretty well as the additional channel for lead generation. Besides, efficient presence on social networks can also drive loyalty and brand awareness.

We should mention that customers expect to reach brands on social media as well. Respectively, this trend makes influencers with thousands of subscribers across different social media even more impactful for businesses. By cooperating with the right personalities, you can cover more target audience through the influencer marketing for e-commerce.

What social networks Americans use

Influencer marketing effectiveness: Statistics of social networks usage 

  1. It's something dictated by consumers

If we try to remember what channels marketers were using, let's say, two decades ago -- the first things that come to mind are TV commercials, as well as advertisements in newspapers/magazines and on the radio.

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Through some time, humanity has plugged into the Internet era and consumers have started losing the interest to traditional media. They switched to digital sources, so did marketing.

Even though the demand for TV ads is still high, spendings on digital marketing continue to rise from year to year exceeding costs on other advertising channels. Against this backdrop, investing into influencer marketing strategy for your e-commerce doesn't seem like a bad idea. Especially taking into account it's a very popular and widely-used channel nowadays.

Why influencer marketing work

Influencer marketing channels: Digital channels of marketing vs the rest

  1. It makes your SEO specialist happy

Except for the main benefit of influencer marketing (connecting brands and audience), it also has some secondary advantages. For instance, it can help you with SEO optimization. To be exact, with rankings on search engines and here is why:

  • You get more inbound links;
  • You get more social reach that in turn impacts on your rankings. 

These are signs of good influencer marketing campaigns. Moreover, Google and other search engines love things listed above.

  1. Only way to benefit is tracking

Any marketing campaign should be tracked. If there is something you cannot track in marketing -- it turns into the useless waste of time and money.

Yes, it can be difficult to track some aspects of influencer marketing but still, control is something any campaign should be built on. How to measure influencer marketing results? If talking about Instagram, tracking became easier over the recent years. For instance, the company has introduced tags for stories and shopping which are able to collect ROI, as well as conversion rates in a very accurate way.

Influencer marketing measurement aspects you should think through:

  • Visits to your website;
  • Activity on social networks (likes, shares);
  • Social conversations.  

Influencer marketing campaign examples

It's time to consider how to use influencer marketing on examples of brands using influencer marketing. We'll cover examples from different spheres so you had more space for thinking and could come up with the influencer marketing idea for e-commerce on your own.


It's a beauty startup based in Manhattan with the ever-growing millennial audience. The company decided to involve 'regular woman' in it's campaign instead of celebrities or big influencers.

The point is customers can take photos of themselves and tag Glossier's official Instagram page in their posts. In turn, the company's social team constantly re-shares some of these photos, as well as answers any questions about their brand.

Best influencer marketing campaigns: Glossier

Influencer marketing examples: Glossier

Such a philosophy has worked and it's a perfect example of how the influencer marketing campaign among other things makes consumers closer to the brand.


Around 90% of overall company's earnings come from their deeply engaged audience, not from paid advertising or other marketing channels.


Nikon has also experienced the importance of influencer marketing. The company chose a different path -- they cooperated with Warner Music to showcase what their cameras are capable of. That's right, cooperation with other companies is also a kind of influencer marketing.

The company became a sponsor of Warner Music Group's festival called SXSW. Throughout the festival, Cameras from Nikon were used for live performances recording. Moreover, visitors had an opportunity to use these cameras and share photos right on their Facebook pages. Besides, bands performing at SXSW festival used them to record behind the scenes videos and then share it with their fans.

Nikon launched a dedicated hashtag to create a social buzz during the event. Through some time it became one of the most discussed topics on Twitter. This example clearly shows the influencer marketing opportunities.

Best influencer marketing campaigns: Nikon

Influencer marketing examples: Nikon 


More than 15K posts across social networks with dedicated hashtag, over 500K people viewed the live video, 46M media impressions, and 166M social impressions.


That's another interesting example of influencer marketing campaign. Buick is the upscale car brand belonging to General Motors which decided to show it's new car model (Encore) from a different angle with the help of Pinterest influencers.

Under 'different angle' we mean that the company has chosen influencers out of automotive sphere to share their vision concerning the interior and exterior of this upcoming car model.

This influencer marketing campaign implied that participants had to create a board which could convey their style and life passions. These boards have encouraged people to gain a new vision of this brand. Moreover, the winning one was used as an inspiration to create new color and texture for updated Encore model.

Best influencer marketing campaigns: Pinterest

Influencer marketing example: Buick

Why did Buick choose Pinterest? The terms of this contest implied dealing with color, design, and texture. It's hard to imagine a social network that would fit for that better. In addition, the influencer campaign was focused on younger audience and 45% of Pinterest users are younger than 45.


More than 17M visitors across such social networks as Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. 


The last campaign example in this article is about Zara. The company referred to Instagrammers to work together on a design project and #iamdenim campaign.

By cooperating with influencers, the company expected to show it's audience that Zara clothing is more affordable if compared to high fashion brands.

Best influencer marketing campaigns: Zara

Influencer marketing example: Zara


More than 4.6M new followers on official Zara page on Instagram.

Bear in mind that an excellent marketing must be accompanied by the great product. Make sure your e-commerce solution is fast and user-centered.

In case you experience some technical problems with your e-commerce solution or want to add more features -- we can help you. Our managers will provide you with consultation you need as quickly as possible.

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