How Much Does It Cost To Create An App Like Airbnb?

31 Mar 2016
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Alyona Z.

The modern world has changed beyond recognition. We open up more and more horizons. The majority of countries and cultures are becoming much more open. In such circumstances, we have more opportunities to travel and to find out new exciting things about our world and discover new places. Now it's not as difficult as it was before.

It's enough to make a few simple steps to visit the farthest places of the planet. In this case, most people choose the easiest way. They require travel agencies services, where the staff will answer all the questions, do everything instead of you, and even serve the tea and sandwiches round you.

But what if you decide to travel by your own rules? What if you want to organize everything by yourself? No matter for what purpose: to save some money or you just adore all this preparation fuss.

With the course of time, this "fuss" is also simplified. In your application store, you can find a lot of traveling apps, which will help you to execute your plans.

Today, keeping with the theme How much does it cost to create an app? we'll talk about the next flagship. We will look at the cost of creating an app similar to Airbnb.

In this article, we will discuss this topic in a specific, illustrative example of one of the traveling apps flagship.

By the time you have finished reading this article, you'll understand how the process of developing this kind of application looks like. Also, you will be able to calculate how much each of its features costs and, thus, be able to decide which features you need.

In order to find out the cost of developing a mobile app and Airbnb like services, we need to divide it into parts and consider each one microscopically.

In order to understand what this product is, we offer to puzzle out what services are provided and what apps like Airbnb are created for.

How does Airbnb work?

Airbnb is designed for booking hosts all over the world. At the moment, it provides services in more than 190 countries. Using the service, not only can you book a room, but also rent your room or house out. It can be a huge palace as well as an airbed in the corner of a hallway. Horses for courses)


All you need to do is to register and fill up your profile. Then you can explore the options in the place where you want to go, and estimate how much your home can cost and then rent it out.

The project was created to make the life easier for people who travel and those who have a free corner.

Initially, the site works as a basic mechanism of the project. In line with it, there are native applications for different platforms. This simplifies the use of sites similar to Airbnb for mobile users.

How much does the app development cost: in details

In this section, we will separate this application into components and consider how long it takes to develop each of them.

As you know, the cost of making an app is formed as follows. To determine the price, the developing company calculates how long it takes to create this application. The time required for the mobile development is calculated in hours. Each company has its own rate per hour. Then, the number of hours multiplied by a certain rate fixed by the company. Thus, we get the sum that will be the price to make your app.

In our review of Airbnb, we take into account an average price of development. This figure is $50 per hour. Thus, we can calculate the approximate cost of each function.

So, let's look at what it can cost you to develop each Airbnb-like feature. Weve included the time for business logic, UI (User Interface) and testing to every figure.

1. First steps

Every project starts with some basic steps. Without them, the applications development process is impossible to begin. For the Airbnb app, this part of app building will take about 49-53 hours, where;

  • 20 hours for project setup;
  • 24 hours for rest API implementation;
  • 10 hours for database model;
  • 13-17 hours for implementation of services and libs.

It is $2 450 - $2 650.

2. Registration

To start using the application, a user must be registered. By registering, you agree with the policy of use and confirm your registration information.


Implementation of registration feature takes about 12 hours.

This equates to $600.

3. Personal profile

Users create their personal profiles. There are two types of profiles:

  • host;
  • guest.

User adds to their profile further information:

  • full name;
  • sex;
  • birth date;
  • email address;
  • phone number;
  • place of living;
  • personal description.

Also, there is some optional information they can add.


Implementation of this feature takes about 16 hours.

So, this part of the development of Airbnb cost about $800.

4. Filters

Having registered, a user has two ways to choose. If he is a guest he can start searching for the suitable host. If he is a host he can add his house or room.

Placing your host requires adding the information about it, like house type (house, apartment, or something else), room type (private, shared, or shared bed), accommodations, price, photos, etc.

Being a guest you have some options to choose the best host. There are so many filters you can adjust. First of all, you choose:

  • the place you want to visit;
  • check in and check out dates;
  • and the number of guests.

Then you can adjust some other filters to choose the most suitable room:

  • by the room type (entire home or apartment, private room, shared room);
  • by price range;
  • by the size (how many bedrooms, bathrooms, beds are there);
  • by options like Instant Book and Superhost;
  • by neighborhoods;
  • by amenities;
  • by property type;

    by a host language.



The search feature takes about 24 hours to develop, which is equal to $1 200.

5. Variants of rooms to stay

After adjusting filters, a user sees search results options that satisfy filters. A user can choose between them. Having opened one of the options a guest sees further information about the variant:

  • photos;
  • rating;
  • reviews;
  • accommodations;
  • description;
  • map with the location;
  • price; terms.

With this information, the user can perfectly familiarize themselves with the chosen variant of accommodation and find answers to the maximum number of questions they are interested in.

Here you can see the profile of the owner, the house rules (if any), the minimum booking period, cancellation rules. Also, you can see the services that you can use for an extra charge, such as laundry, meal, etc., or the discounts for long stays.

In this section, you can also view a calendar of available dates to stay, with which the options are filtered.


This part of phone application development process takes about 180 hours, where:

  • 20 hours for the grid of variants;
  • 40 hours for information about the room;
  • 16 hours for host profile;
  • 16 hours for reviews;
  • 40 hours for booking feature;
  • 16 hours for choosing check in and check out dates;
  • 16 hours for calendar of available dates;
  • 16 hours for "text the host" feature.

It'll be $ 9000 for that part.


6. Invite friends

With this app, a user can invite their friends to join.


This part of developing mobile application takes about 24 hours to develop, which is equal to $1 200.

7. Add to favorites

In this section, the visitor can add chosen variants to favorites in order to be able to return there later or look again at several options, which he considers as "the best of the best."


Implementation of that feature takes about 11 hours.

This equates to $550.

8. Translate feature

With this button, the user can translate every description of rooms into their mother tongue. How does it work? The text is sent to the Google Translator, where it is translated into language a user choose. Then, the user sees the description in the chosen language. This greatly simplifies the understanding between a guest and a host.


Translate feature requires 4 hours of developing.

It'll be $200.

9. Guide

When you choose one of the available options there's a map of its location. Here is a function of the guide. It means that there are some interesting places and sites on the map, which are worth a visit.


This part of mobile phone application development takes about 10 hours. So, it'll cost you $500.

10. Maps

In addition to the text and filter search, guest can also search for the perfect place to stay with a map. This is useful if there is a fundamental point about what next to the room should be.



It takes 16 hours to implement maps into services like Airbnb. Then, having multiplied this figure by $50, we get $800.

11. Messages

Messaging is a very useful feature inside the application. Thanks to it, you can contact the owner and discuss all the details of your booking directly from the application. This saves time on using additional apps for communications, such as instant messengers, or e-mail clients.


To develop messaging a developer needs 30-40 hours working, which equals to $1 500 - $2 000.

12. Become a host

As we have said before, with the help of this service, you can also rent out your space. This will allow you to earn money if you have a free corner. To do this, you need to create an account, fill up a profile and create an ad with your apartment, house or room. With the app, you can also find out how much your room can cost.


The implementation of the function, which ensures the functioning of this part of the project takes from 100 to 120 hours, the equivalent of $5 000 - $6 000.


13. Settings

Using the settings menu, you can configure:

  • push- and SMS-notifications;
  • your wish-list;
  • currency for payments;
  • paid-up method.


This part takes about 20 hours to develop. It is $1 000.

14. Backend

One of the most important components is the development of server-side part - backend. It is impossible to create any application that has a functional set a little bit more than the minimum without the back-end development. For the flagship, it is a time-consuming and laborious process, so it requires a lot of working hours.


The back-end development for the app like this requires about 600 hours. Itll be $30 000.

In fact, you almost don't need to use third-party applications in order to book a place to stay. With Airbnb, you can do all that is necessary. The creators of the service tried to provide almost everything and continue working on improvements. That's why this application is considered to be a leader among similar ones.

So, how much does an app cost to make?

Here's the most interesting thing. How much does it cost to develop mobile apps similar to Airbnb?


Drum roll... Having summed all time required for the development we got the figure from 1 096 to 1 130 hours. If we multiply these figures by $50, we get $54 800 - $56 500.

We draw your attention to the fact that it's just a rough estimate of the application. So its an average cost to develop an app. We've made it by the example of one of the flagships for one platform. To find out the exact price in your particular case, you need to estimate how much the functions that you'll choose cost. They can be completely different in your particular application. Besides, even the implementation of the same functions may take different amounts of time, due to the fact that in combination with other features they can work differently.

In order not to get lost in those numbers, hours and calculations, we suggest that you address to people who are really good at it. If you want a quality estimate of your brilliant ideas, please contact us and we will help you understand the most complex and tricky questions.

With us, you will get a detailed estimate your ideas and you will have no questions about who to do business with.

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