How Much Does It Cost to Develop an App Like Aviary?

02 MAR 2016
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In today's world, people are accustomed to being in the foreground. It happens due to the Internet, social media, and the constant development of communication in the network. And also because of creating apps that allow us to do it.

Moreover, with improved features of phone cameras it became possible not only to tell about what's going on with you. Also, now we can share some photos of these events.

Can you imagine the modern world without Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and so forth? When something unusual happens, the first thought of many people is to take a photo and post it to Instagram (or smth). Anyway, let's be honest people do that even if there is nothing unusual:)

How much does it cost to develop an app like aviary photo for Instagram

At the time of really cool cameras in mobile devices, we want to make our photos the most creative and exceptional. That's what the photo editor by Aviary was created for.

We often face a question of 'How much does app development cost?'. So we try to puzzle out this issue.

Previously, we have already dealt with the question of how much does it cost to build a mobile app? Today we take a closer touch on this topic in the context of creating a really good photo editor.

We will analyze the points of what a high-quality photo editor is. What does it need to become number one in application stores? We'll consider it's feature set and how much does each of them cost and which ones are necessary for a flagship application. So, as a result, you will understand what is necessary to develop mobile apps that become number one.

If you have a brilliant idea for an application, and you are at a loss over looking the information on how much it could cost, keep reading. In this article, you will find everything you need on how your application can be and cost of creating an app like Aviary.

What is Aviary?

Aviary is a flagship photo editor with lots of functions. The slogan we see on the official website of the application is 'Make photos magic'. Indeed, having in your arsenal a good set of tools, you can create anything you want.

How much does it cost to develop an app like aviary make photos magic

Below we take a closer look at what features the Aviary app has. As well as determine the time required to implement each of them and their cost of making an app as a result. That is, after reading this article, you will understand what does the flagship photo editor consist of and what is the price of it's development.

And you will be able to decide which features are essential for your application, and which of them can be skipped.

The main features and their estimate

We offer to find out what this app presents and what functional set it has and what it can be used for. As a result, we will be able to calculate approximately the cost to create an app like this. Taken hours include time for business logic, UI (user interface) and testing.

Of course, the final cost to make an app will depend on the contractor you'll choose. So we took an average figure of $50per hour to estimate developing a mobile application like Aviary.

  1. Uploading photos

Of course, the application's main function is to edit photos. You can upload a photo for editing in two ways:

1. Upload from the gallery of the device. 
2. Take a photo with your camera directly from the Aviary app.

That part of app building takes about 46 - 50 hours, where:
  • 6 - 10 hours for uploading; 
  • 40 hours for a grid of images. 
This equates to $2,300 - $2,500.

  1. Editing photos

After photos uploading, we begin to edit. There is a sufficiently wide range of tools available in the application to make your photos really special.

Opening pictures edit menu, a set of tools appears in front of you. We offer a closer look at each of them.

Auto enhance. With this tool, you can change the quality of pictures and improve color rendering a little. There are several modes at your disposal. They are:

  • high-def; 
  • scenery; 
  • food; 
  • portrait; 
  • night.

Effects. In this section, you can add to your photo a variety of filters. Initially, there is a standard set of effects within the app. But, if you wish, you can download additional packages. It can be done, in both ways: for free and by paying a certain amount (currently for iOS application, the figure is 0.99$).

How much does it cost to develop an app like aviary effects

Cropping. Using this tool, you can crop the photo to the desired size. Options for cropping photos:

  • custom value; 
  • square; 
  • 3:4; 
  • 4:6; 
  • 5:7; 
  • 8:10; 
  • 9:16.

How much does it cost to develop an app like aviary crop

Lighting. The following parameters can be adjusted using the "Lighting" tool:

  • brightness; 
  • contrast; 
  • highlights; 
  • shadows. 
Each of the above parameters can be increased or decreased by moving the slider at the bottom of the screen.

Color. In the same way using the "Color" tool, you can change the color settings. You can change next parameters:

  • saturation; 
  • warmth; 
  • fade; 
  • tint.

Sharpness. To ensure that your photo has acquired the desired sharpness, you have the ability to adjust it by using this tool. It allows you to make the picture much more pretty to look at and more expressive.

Orientation. Using this tool, you can rotate pictures in any direction. It is also possible to flip an image.

Text. Keep in memory pleasant moments and sign names, dates, jokes all that one can wish for. In the "Text" editing section you can add any text to your image. There is a possibility to change the following settings:

  • font; 
  • color; 
  • the size; 
  • orientation. 
Thus, you can apply any text and set how it will look.

Draw. This section is a real flight for creative thought. You have the ability to add any kind of drawing to your photo. You can choose the color, the width of the tool and to create whatever you want. Make your photos really creative.

Blur. With this tool, you can choose which area of the photo is to blur. Thus, you have the ability to hide unwanted items that got into a good shot. Or you can pay attention to some part of the image.

Focus. Here everything is simple. You specify the area of the image on which attention will be focused. With the Aviary tools, you have the opportunity to choose a radial or linear focus, as well as it's size.

Vignette. Here you can make your creation look like a vignette. It is possible to set the parameters of this effect: the size and position of the vignette.

Stickers. Here's another field for your imagination. You can apply any sticker on your photo. Initially, you have a set of standard ones. But if that's not enough for your creative consciousness, welcome to the shop. There are the variety of sticker sets, both free and paid. Download and enjoy the creativity.

How much does it cost to develop an app like aviary stickers

Frames. Here everything is simple. If you think that something is wanting for your photo, try to put it into a frame. Fortunately, in the same way as in the sticker tool, you have quite a wide choice.

Overlays. Here we have the same story. Download and install a variety of packages to ring the changes.

Blemish. You have an opportunity to correct the defects in the picture by using this tool. Edit your images and make them as attractive as possible.

How much does it cost to develop an app like aviary blemish

Whiten. Using this tool, you can make the specified part of photo closer to white color. For example, to make your smile look dazzling.

Redeye. Tool name speaks for itself. If you got quite a good picture, but the person on it is slightly similar to the character of a horror movie, shooting fire with red eyes, that's not a reason to delete the photo. It is enough to fix this little confusion, and ta da, a great photo is ready.

Color Splash. To emphasize the color of the most important element of your image. You can grab the attention of the audience to the most bright accent of your photo. With the use of this tool, you get a black and white photo with bright color accents.

Meme. This phenomenon is especially popular on the Internet. Memes are images that consist of two main elements:

  • certain image; 
  • line, which is kind of a joke, sarcasm, or information.


That part of application development takes about 30 - 50 hours for each filter. 

The number of filters in your app will depend on your preferences. So the cost of developing a mobile app will vary according to this figure. 
Let's take an average number of 20. So it'll be 600 - 1000 hours for filters. 
This equates to $30,000 - $50,000.

  1. Saving photos

After editing your images with this set of tools, you get the edited photos, ready for uploading to social media. Or simply to saving it to the gallery of your device.

How much does it cost to develop an app like aviary saving

At the end of the editing, the app will offer you a few scenarios.

1. Save your photo to the gallery. 
2. Share photos with one of the suggested resources. The are some options: 
  • Instagram 
  • Twitter 
  • Facebook 
  • E-mail 
  • Text (SMS) 
  • More (in this menu, you can upload your photos in any application installed on your device). 
Also, in this menu, you can share the images with the AirDrop if you have Apple's device. 


That part of mobile phone application development takes about 20-40 hours.

This equates to $1,000-$2,000.

  1. Discover

In addition to editing your photos, you have the opportunity to share the finished result with other Aviary users. To do this, upload your photo to the feed. There you can also watch how other users edit images.

In the feed you can see "before" and "after" and how the image have been changed step by step.

How much does it cost to develop an app like aviary discover


That part of developing an application takes about 30 - 60 hours
This equates to $1,500 - $3,000.

  1. Registration

The user should have Adobe ID to upload photos to the feed. It can be registered right from the application. Registration allows you not only to share your photos but also synchronize the data with the Adobe Creative Cloud. Also, you can make a backup and restore.


That part takes about 20 - 30 hours
 This equates to $1,000 - $1,500.

  1. Shop

The application includes in-app purchases. So there's the shop in the app. There you can choose and buy:

  • effects; 
  • frames; 
  • stickers; 
  • overlays.


To implement in-app purchases, you need about 70 - 100 hours
 This equates to $3,500 $5,000. 

  1. Back end estimation

To develop application back end, it is needed about 50 - 90 hours.

It is $2,500 - $4,500.

And now let's sum up

Having made some simple manipulation with the figures above, as a result, we got the following number. So it takes about 836 1370 hour to develop an app like Aviary. And if we multiply this result by $50 (average cost for an hour of developing) we get that that kind of app startup costs $41,800 $68,500.

How much does it cost to develop an app like aviary final cost

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that is an average cost to develop an app that can become a flagship. It means that your version of the photo editor can be significantly different. The reason is your own set of features. So your price to make an app that can become a flagship should be estimated by your own needs.

In addition, you may want to use a completely different approach to the implementation of the photo editor. It all depends on your creativity.

But, in any case, we offer you an exemplary estimation list. It will come in useful for you to decide to turn your idea into reality and to haven't lost anything.

It will give you a rough idea of how much does it cost to develop a mobile app. And also, how the cost will vary depending on changes in the set of features.

For a detailed estimate, you can refer to our sales manager. We will estimate your idea based on your preferences and your individual set of functions. And we sure that the matter of hire someone to build an app will be settled. Contact us.

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