How to Become Successful in Taxi Service: 5 Stunning Examples to Learn

31 MAY 2016
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If you enter the request 'What is a success?' in Google, you will get dozens of articles and comments on this topic. Some people define it as money, some - as glory, for others - it's an opportunity to help those who need it. If we talk about the success of a mobile application rather than the personal one, a clear definition looms on the horizon faster. A well-known, eagerly sought, and a profitable product can be considered as a successful one.

Speaking of the car-hailing apps, which ones come to your mind and have a success linkage? Right you are, Uber, Lyft, Hailo, Gett, Curb are the world famous leaders of a taxi hiring industry. What helps them to stand out among many other similar applications? In this article, we will try to hit the right answer.


Let's start with the 800-pound gorilla in the sector of cab apps which is Uber. How was the idea of the app actually born? Very simple: two men faced a situation which couldn't have been solved immediately. That's what gave them the brainchild to create such a solution. Let's look back in 2008 and see how it was.

Standing in the snow on a cold Paris night, Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp were struggling to get any transport in order to reach the conference. Realizing that they are not the only ones facing this problem, they thought it would be nice to call a taxi in a single click. One tap - quick ride. So simple and so genius.

From that moment, the idea began to grow rapidly and soon turned into a finished product. In 2009, the above-mentioned Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp introduced UberCab, an app allowing passengers to pick the car by pressing a single button.


Currently, the service is available worldwide. Due to the simplicity of the interface the question of how to use Uber app hardly arises. The application is the unifying point between supply and demand of transport services. A hallmark of it's work is that it does not own cars or hire drivers. Instead, self-employed individuals use the application in order to detect passengers who need a ride. Thus, both the parties become happy since the drivers get the clients and the passengers receive a conveyance at any moment of time.

From a simple cab app it has grown into a grand system of ridership and delivery services. Along with providing vehicles at various levels (UberX, Uber Black, Uber Taxi) and supplying services both for passengers and drivers (Uber Ride, Uber Driver app), it organizes overwater movements (UberBoat), delivery of food and other goods (UberEat, UberRush), and also provides an opportunity to integrate their API into your site or app.

Being launched as a San Francisco startup, Uber run riot into a globally known project. Currently, it operates in all the parts of the world. Well, except for Antarctica, at least, for now:).



Although the idea of hiring a car through the app does not belong to Uber initially, it's success has led to the emergence of other companies of a similar type. One of the most popular apps like Uber is Lyft car service. It is wrong to consider Lyft as the Uber's copy even though they do have much in common. Also, it should be noted that the Lyft founders had already owned the organization providing long-haul rides when they decided to make a car-hailing app. Therefore, we can assume that Uber was their inspiration for business expansion.

Let's not jump ahead and see how it all began. Did you know that a company called Zimride is a kind of forerunner of the Lyft? Logan Green and John Zimmer founded it in 2007. They followed the idea of making long trips more affordable and enjoyable. And it became quite successful. Like any other business owners, further, they had a desire to expand it. This is when the concept of a short distance ride came into their mind. It was a consistent and logical sequel of their running enterprise.


Compared with Uber, Lyft covers fewer services provided, however, their functionality is not limited by the usual car renting only. Depending on your needs, you can choose Lyft, Lyft Plus, or Lyft Line service. The first one stands for the car ride by up to three persons simultaneously. The second one will be suitable if you want to go with a large company containing up to six people in the same car. The third variant will be suitable if you are not in a hurry and want to save. In this case, you can use a ride sharing app in order to catch a car which drives another people to the same destination. Having split up the amount to pay, you will save your money.

A specific feature of the Lyft cars is that all of them drive with a fancy pink mustache attached to the bumper. This points out to the fact that the managers aim to create a homelike atmosphere, encouraging their users to a live friendly conversation.



Another bright representative in the area of the car service apps is Hailo. Founded in London, it was initially oriented to the UK market and eventually expanded it's activities in the US and Europe.

As well as Lyft owners, the founders of Hailo, in particular - Russell Hall, had already had an experience in organizing transportation. Before launching Hailo, Hall and two other taxi drivers were working on the Taxilight - a web platform to book taxi or call it immediately.

Not much time has passed when Hall realized that this strategy is not a thing that can bring success and be useful to the users. An unclear idea that he could not even conceive was forefront in his mind. To share his thoughts and get a professional advice, Hall got in touch with Peter Stringfellow, an accomplished UK businessman famous for his luxury night clubs. Having listened to vague explanations of Hall, Stringfellow said a very wise thing:

'It'll be a success because you know the market you're in.'

This is when Hailo success story began. Trusting the idea and the stars, three taxi drivers together with three entrepreneurs founded the service used for quick and easy car ordering and ride sharing via app.


Currently, Hailo serves both for business and individuals. It offers it's own payment system, so the clients do not need to bother of the cash. The trip can be paid on-site without leaving the application.


GetTaxi is a definitive name of the application. It fully discloses the idea of creation and the principle of work. And this time, our success story goes to Israel. This is where future $30 million profit company started it's business.

Funny enough, the history of creation is very similar to the Uber story. It is about two men waiting in the airport for the cab for over 30 minutes and afterward deciding not to make other passengers repeat such an unpleasant experience.

In two years, Shahar Waiser and Roi More introduced a beta version of GetTaxi. At the initial stage, it was available for Tel Aviv citizens only. However, after a short period of time, it was also launched in London. Subsequently, the geography of activity has expanded to Moscow and New York. And in 2012, the company's revenue reached $30 million.


As well as previous companies, Gett does not have it's own cars or drivers. It simply joins those who drive with those who ride.

Gett founders claim their payment system goes far ahead of Uber. It implies that 10% commission of the trip goes to a driver, no extra tips are required from the passenger, bonuses for 50 hours of riding with the app, and gifts for registering as the official Gett driver (up to $600).


The last but not the least success story for today is about Curb. Acting as RideCharge in 2007 and Taxi Magic in 2009 it was working with business travelers mainly. The purpose was to provide them with a convenient and fast taxi booking service. In 2014 the company changed it's strategy and, except for the guests, started focusing on the residents of the city.

At the moment, the service is running in the United States and covers about 60 cities of the country.

Curb claims it collaborates with the official taxi and professional drivers only. No unreliable cars or ambiguous motorists are involved. Payment system enables both non-cash and cash settlements.


Curb expresses the customers loyalty by providing various bonuses and gifts and holding itself as a discount cab app. For example, you can get $10 off in case your friend rides with the Curb and uses your personal code that you share.

Curb cooperates with more than 35 000 cars from more than 90 cab companies. Definitely, this is not the point at which the owners are going to stop.

What is the formula for success?

We come nearer the end of our impressive success story. Having read the above illustrations of the glory, you might be wondering if there is a universal recipe for the prosperity. I hasten to let you know that it does exist. All you need to do is to find right answers to the right questions. Well, take a pen and write them down:).

  1. What are people missing?

It is great if you accidently get into the situation which will murmur into your ear a genius idea (remember, how it was with Uber or Gett). However, if it does not happen, try to think of the modern people needs. Of course, they are spoiled with all sorts of scientific progress inventions, but I assure you that human desires are endless. There will be something that a person is missing always.


  1. How well do you know the market?

Looking at Hailo I can assume that a part of it's success was achieved thanks to familiarity with the business sector where it was launched. So, if you came up with a brilliant idea, do not rush to implement it. Look at the market, competitors, consumers. This will help you to choose the most successful development strategy.

  1. What distinguishes your product from the similar ones?

In any case, you have to be unique. Your product might be similar to others but it cannot be the same. Look back at our cases in point. Try to ask ordinary people what the difference is between, for example, Uber and Lyft. I bet you would hear that the drivers of the first one are mostly quiet and earnest. And so are the passengers. They prefer to sit at the back and look at their phones rather than chatting on unrelated matters. Lyft users are more open and configured to a friendly conversation. The drivers often come from ordinary people, not the professionals. And the passengers often sit in the front and chat with a driver.

  1. How much do you care about customers?

Remember that happy customers is the overriding priority for you. onstantly study their needs, preferences, and mood. Set up your product especially for users and then it will become really valuable.


  1. Can you be 100% sure on your team?

No matter how good your idea is you will not be able to implement it alone. Therefore, a reliable and responsible team is an undisputed part of success. Come down to the point bindingly. Explore the options, check the information. At long last, get the best team and hit the road to success!

Final word

As you can see, success barely depends on luck. In most cases, this is the result of hard and productive work. According to Jim Rohn:

'Success is nothing more than a few simple disciplines, practiced every day.'

Following the words of Arnold H. Glasow:

'Success is simple. Do what's right, the right way, at the right time.'

I hope this article come in useful and brought you a little bit closer to a smash idea in a mobile app development in general and a car service app in particular. If you need more information in this matter and want to speak with our success consultants, do not hesitate to do it! Not to miss upcoming impressive stories, subscribe to our blog. Thank you for attention!

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