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How to Create a Service Like Quora and Reddit: The Rules of Survival

01 Nov 2017
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Despite the fact that Q&A websites along with forums are not newbies on the Internet, Quora and Reddit have managed to successfully move this category to the new level. From the technical point of view, it is relatively easy to build sites like Reddit or Quora, while problems appear when you try to hook users. So, let's find out what should you do to create a successful website like Quora and Reddit.  

What is Quora website?

Simply saying, Quora is a website where users can ask their questions and get answers. Also, the service gives an opportunity to answer questions from other users, edit answers through the time, and organize them.

Although Quora is similar to Yahoo Answers and, it works differently. The mandatory condition for users is the usage of real names when registering. Quora allows you to follow certain topics, questions, and people, so their activities will be displayed on your feed.


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If you want to create question and answer website, you should definitely take a look at Quora's features. This service has simple and intuitive design, so users can start using it from the main page by scrolling the latest questions from random categories. Near to the tab 'Read' have settled the 'Answer' tab, where users can find topics they may be interested in or were asked to answer. After the 'Notification' tab, intended to notify about any activities connected with a user, goes the tab with a profile where website developers have placed the information about a profile itself, settings, messages, reading list, stats etc.

Create Q&A website: Main tabs

Sites like Quora: Main page interface

What is Reddit?

Reddit is a forum where users are able to join or create a community in any niche. The members of community can share their stories, as well as post photos and links. The stories with a big number of upvotes will get at the beginning of the main page. Reddit has a huge amount of participants worldwide and contains tons of discussions on any topic you could only imagine.

How to make a website like Reddit: Main page

Sites like Reddit: Main page interface

If you want to learn how to make a website like Reddit, you should also learn more about its promotion. Reddit and Quora were not always as popular as they are nowadays. In their interviews, the creators of Quora and Reddit pointed out they had no audience and content in the very beginning, so they had to find the way for user attraction. How did they manage to attract first users? Let's find that out.

How did Quora and Reddit gain users?

The creators of both services solved the problem of having no users and content in similar way. Several months from the moment of launch the creators of Quora and Reddit spent by creating the content for their websites by themselves. Creators of Quora were asking and answering questions from their accounts, while Reddit has chosen more complicated way. Instead of using their own account, they created fake users in order everything looked like the posts are published by different people. According to creators, it took them several months before the necessity to publish posts on their own has disappeared.

If you are trying to create a question and answer website -- you need a community and this strategy may work pretty well for you. Nobody wants to lead the discussions on an empty website, so fill it with content by yourself before users join them. It is up to you which strategy to choose -- Quora or Reddit. Both of these approaches have their own benefits. By creating fake profiles your website will not look like it is managed by several people while adding the content from personal profiles makes the process of promotion faster and easier.

One more thing, stick to less variety of content and make an emphasis on what you are really good at if you create it by yourself. This way, you will provide your users with the content of a high quality and, respectively, increase the chances that they will come to your website once more.

Peculiarities of Q&A website management

If you want to learn how to create a question and answer website, you should previously examine all the peculiarities related to its management. I mean, how to engage users, organize their content, generate additional traffic etc.

Engage your users

The time spent on a website is an important factor. It is a vital element for Q&A websites. If you are able to increase the time spent on your website or keep it high all the time, then as a rule, it will indicate a high interest of users and lead to the bigger number of page views. In turn, the advertising revenue will be growing (if this monetization model is applicable to your service).

For instance, to increase the time spent on their website, Quora allows their users to follow unlimited number of questions, topics, and users. Also, every question page on Quora contains a section called 'Related Questions' that immerse users deeper into surfing the website.

Integrate social networks

As the addition to good-old login & password registration, the majority of modern websites allow their users to sign in via popular social networks like Twitter, Facebook etc. Besides, some websites offer users to invite their friend to get a certain reward. Also, we definitely should not omit the opportunities for sharing. So, if you want to create Q&A website, bear that in mind.

Add some relevance

Relevance depends on a type of business but still very important since by providing users with relevant information you save their time. For example, Quora sends notification if the question asked by user got a new answer. This and opportunity to follow topics of interest delivers to users only relevant and customized content.

Create Q&A website: Quora

How to build a question and answer website: Quora notifications

The content placed on Quora and Reddit also organized in a way contributing to increasing of total spent time. This way, users consume customized and constantly updating content right from the main page. In turn, the more relevant content your website proposes, the more chances that users will click on discussions, spend some time there, and follow them. Quora likewise to Facebook gives recommendations concerning people to follow.

However, not only the accuracy of the content makes sense but its quality as well. So, Quora uses blue tick to indicate users who are experienced in a certain field. Such an approach has proved its usefulness, being used on Twitter (for indicating starts), as well as on Reddit (for verifying the integrity of high-profile participants).

Use emails wisely

Do not send emails without a reason, you will annoy users. Instead, focus on replacing the quantity with quality. For instance, you may send weekly digests based on users' preferences. On other hand, websites like Quora that send questions that can be interesting for users. We should point out that adding links to your email letters is extremely good idea since users can go to the topic that caused the interest.

In case your service has a mobile app, you can limit email letters for those users who get push notifications.

Show them how to use it

Regardless of what kind of digital resource you create, provide users with short instruction on how to use it. That may be a short video, scheme or even a written guideline. This way, users are able to understand whether they got to the right place or not.

How to create Q&A website?

The whole concept of Q&A websites is based on the opportunity to exchange the content within a community. The content can contain external links, photos, GIFs, videos etc.

As I already mentioned, create Q&A website is relatively easy from the technical point of view. However, it demands well-thought-out UI/UX design and flexible database to be fast and eye-catching.

The next important decision for you as the owner is to choose the domain name. If you already have some ideas, you can use such services as Namestation or Godaddy to check whether they are available, as well as buy. The next step is to get business hosting. We will not go into details, just recommend you the service called HostGator that will take care about the administration of the server and help you to install the script on it.

Talking about user attraction, there are several ways:

SEO optimization

It implies the optimization of texts that are placed on your website. These texts should contain keywords in order search engines could link to them and show users your website in the list of found resources in case their search query corresponds to one of the keywords that the engine detected in your website's content. The frequency of adding new content also matters since search engines are constantly looking for new pages to index them. 

Social networks

How to make a website like Quora popular? Use the power of social networks. They will help you to generate more traffic. So, you can create the product page on the most popular social networks among your audience. By the way, Quora and Reddit are present on Facebook and Twitter where they publish content containing direct links to their resource. 

Word of mouth marketing

It is one of the most powerful approaches for attracting users. The example of word of mouth is awarding prizes for a certain activity in social networks (likes, repost and so on). 

Of course, you need profit to pay the bills, salary and cover other expenses. That is why you have to think through the monetization strategy. For example, Reddit generates revenue through advertisement and sponsored links. However, subscription model can also be a good variant. If you combine several monetization methods, you will never depend on one of them.

So, how to create a website like Quora and Reddit? Let's consider the main points of this article in the picture underneath.

Create Q&A website: Things to consider

How to make a question and answer website: Things to consider

In case you are considering the opportunity to develop your own website in this category -- contact our managers to get the estimation of your idea and free consultation.

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