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06 OCT 2015


You may spend hours, days, or even months promoting your product. Endless discussions on forums, your product appears in some blogs, but this activity brings you few users and hardly any profit. They say that proper promotion demands time and money. Paid advertising comes up as possible solution. However, now and then we hear stories of products that get a huge number of organic downloads. All these stories have something in common the products were featured on Product Hunt.

Product Hunt is a growing force in the world of tech and business. It is a place that helps users discover and share 'next big things': new apps, websites, games and books. Anyone can present his product ensuring good quality visibility and free source of primary traffic. Since Product Hunt community consists mainly of passionate entrepreneurs, early adopters, journalists and investors, the rapid growth is not a mystery. Let's deep into the details of how actually get featured on Product Hunt.

What products can be featured?

A digital product of top-quality that has recently been released or extensively updated has a chance to show up on Product Hunt. There are four separate categories with displayed novelties: tech, games, books and podcasts, to improve visual performance of the products.

Within the Product Hunt community the products can belong to certain collections. With recent introduction of Collection 2.0 (the biggest update to Collections since it's first release) users have the ability to follow collections they like, add comments and search effectively inside collections.

How are the products rated?

Each day on Product Hunt is a new chance to be on top of the daily rating. Ranking in the top lines of the day opens up possibilities for the product to be recognized, while being in the top 10 of the week almost ensures publications in the world press and proposals on investments. Even in the worst scenario the product owner has a chance to get useful feedbacks and to see the path forward.

Still there are certain parameters that influence your rating. Here are the main of them:

  • Who votes. It is supposed that active member's vote is equal to 2.5 of beginner's.
  • Where votes come from. Ideally, voters should go on your project page on and vote from there.
  • Voting dynamics. Opinions are divided: someone thinks that it is better to round up all your friends in the first hour, and someone thinks that it is better to stretch the fun for the whole day.
  • The number of comments your product receives.
  • Exclusivity. The product, which is launched exclusively, rises a little higher in the rankings. 
Surely, this is only a part of the parameters. All the rest is called the 'secret sauce', and only Product Hunt creators know what it includes.
product hunt secret sause

How to reach the top?

Successful launching on Product Hunt demands thorough preparations. Firstly, be ready that no matter how prepared you are, the whole process will not run smoothly too many factors influence the final outcome. Still you can minimize their impact and we know how.

1. Find a publisher. Your product will benefit more if is published by the maker or moderator, so-called 'Top Hunter'. If the "Top Hunter" writes about you, all his subscribers will be notified about your product. Note: most of his subscribers are active members of the community and their votes are valued higher.

2. Make lists. Time truly matters when you are featuring on Product Hunt: it is a dynamic community and heroes of the day change literally daily. You have a very short period of time to engrave in the minds of influencers and achieve maximum benefit. Pre-prepared lists will save the precious time. Relevant Twitter profiles, Facebook / LinkedIn / Slack groups, Product Hunt Collections that your are likely to get in, list of mass media in case you reach the top here are the must-have lists.

3. Polish the product. Get a tagline prepared a brief sentence that describes the point of your product. Create a decent landing page to measure the coverage of users. Don't forget to make up a draft of your first detailed comment, describing the reason of creating your product, it's benefits and your plans. A few templates of thankful responses for upvotes and comments, asking for feedbacks should also be ready. A media-kit would also be a great idea: a folder with your product screenshots, founders photos, press-release and market research.

4. Make public aware. There are many ways to alert public about your presence on Product Hunt: starting from hanging up a banner on your website to making campaign on PublicFast, for example. In addition, posting the product on BetaList and Startup List is a great strategic move you'll have the emails of those who are interested in your product.

Finally, before launching agree the exact time of exclusive posting. The best time is Tuesday or Wednesday at 00:10 UTC +0. When you are on the Product Hunt 48 hours of hard work is on. There're going to be two peak periods the middle of the working day in the United States and then in the EU. Again, find a way to thank anyone who has upvoted your product. You can follow them on Twitter or Product Hunt, upvote their products.

In a while it's time to start an advertising campaign. The most important thing in the first couple of hours is to break out to the top, so it's time to call your friends. Continue sending emails to users who you have on the lists. Do not forget to ask permissions to join collections. Your main goal for the day is to run advertising in time and communicate with people.

product hunt move to success

Being featured on Product Hunt is not only prestigious but also highly rewarding. The challenging process of preparation to post your product on Product Hunt is totally worth the efforts. You will benefit in the number of downloads and constructive feedbacks. Product Hunters are genuinely interested in products, they ask stimulating questions and can suggest some improvements that will bring your product to the new level.

  • An awesome product.
  • An influencer who can submit your product on Product Hunt.
  • To take an active part in discussions.

Summing up, to get featured successfully on Product Hunt you need:

Good luck!

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