Mobile World Congress 2016: New Discoveries and Impressions

Updated 28 Aug 2023

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Mobile World Congress 2016 in Barcelona is probably the biggest event in the sphere of informational technologies this year. Over 100 000 participants from nearly 200 countries and territories worldwide were introducing and discovering the latest novelties from the world of IT industry. The Congress was attended by representatives of such companies as Microsoft, Intel, Google, Facebook, Nokia, Sony, Fujitsu, Samsung, LG, Xiaomi, and many others. The giants and smaller companies of Hi-Tech branch were sharing the experience and surprising each other with the innovative ideas. 

IoT Penetration

This year event was definitely marked by the Internet of Things and mobile globalization signs. The geographical boundaries are no longer a reason preventing from the custom software development start-ups growing anywhere in the world.

Even though the IoT direction is not revolutionarily new, many companies have made great strides towards promoting of Machine-To-Machine communication. A surprising fact was that the enterprises, not related to the Internet technologies in the past, also presented their openings in the sphere of the smart things solution.

Barcelona MWC 2016

For your reference, we have arranged a list of the latest IoT innovations. Let's make a brief overview of each of them.

Intel development environment

New XDK IoT Edition has become Intel's innovation in the direction of Internet of Things. The developers are now provided with the opportunity to make applications and implement the tests on Intel IoT platforms. Ready code patterns and templates are at your service. Use them for making new apps and interacting with actuation mechanisms and touch-sensitive tools.

A software component comes along with a hardware one, together they compile Intel IoT Developer Kit. Software implies coding in JavaScript and consists of three elements: Intel XDK IoT Edition, Yocto Linux set, and specific libraries which are mainly in charge of controlling hardware components and accessing sensors and actuators.

Intel MWC 2016

By means of MRAA library, you can translate the General Purpose Input/Output (GPIO) interfaces into the pins of Intel Galileo or Intel Edison boards.

The UPM constitutes a storage for sensor introductions. It is written in C++ and deploys MRAA.

Ubuntu OS for small devices

Meet Snappy, a short-cut Ubuntu version, designed especially for the various Internet-connected devices. Ubuntu Core represents a separate platform for developing and testing.

It 'understands' multiple programming languages, like Python, Go, C, C++, Node JS, and .NET. The Pi-Cubes SDK provides supporting of home automation and the Mycroft AI executes language recognition.

The ROS-powered walking drone Erle Spider enables reaching places of difficult approach.

Ubuntu MWC 2016

Snappy also provides you with the opportunity to develop the creativity in the sphere of Internet of Toys. Anterior fantastic intentions to make unanimated things alive now become true.

Nokia goes 5G

Nokia announced it's intention to fully concentrate on the 5G and IoT directions.

It introduced a new AirScale invention. The creation is packed with different technologies ranging from 2G via LTE Advance Pro to 5G when it gets to a place.

Nokia 5G

AirScale is an energy saving product (savings are 60% compared with it's predecessor Flexi) which is going to astonish customers by a connectivity level striving for perfection. It deploys a new base station which is totally prepared for the upcoming baseband and includes innovative RF elements.

Fujitsu IoTization

Probably, it is easier to list the spheres where Fujitsu hasn't started to introduce the IoT technologies yet rather than where it has.

At MWC 2016 the giant of digital technologies revealed an impressive number of smart solutions in such spheres as Manufacturing, Financial Services, Enterprises, Agriculture, Transport, Utilities, and others.

Fujitsu MWC 2016

Vital sensing bands, digitized clothes and bedsheets for hospitals, hyperconnected vans - here is an incomplete list of IoT marvels from Fujitsu. Speaking of the technologies in use we can mention the Healthcare Cloud platform, NFC technologies, TeleCare services, etc.

Qualcomm chip of new generation

It is a well-known fact that Qualcomm produces chips used in the majority of phones. Having announced the LTE category 1 chips, they promised to release the chips of LTE category 0 in the nearest future.

It should be noted that for the Internet of Things the speed is not as important as energy consumption (which should be low) and cost. Qualcomm promises to meet these needs in the nearest future and release power saving and respectively inexpensive chips.

Qualcomm MWC 2016

New Technologies at Cleveroad

We were following the news at MWC 2016 and discovering the latest innovations from the world of informational technologies with a great curiosity. We are proud to admit that the direction of Internet of Things does not sound alien to us and we have already worked in this sphere. The project we have dealt with was related to the Smart Home solutions, probably, the most popular IoT direction, at least, until recent:). Basing on our experience we have listed the following challenges of IoT development:

  • Establishing security while rendering software development services requires more time and effort due to the fact that IoT specificity implies many devices to interact;
  • Dealing with complex development is what the IoT developers should be prepared for due to numerous platforms, protocols, and APIs to be involved simultaneously;
  • Adapting third party elements in order to make the system function as a single whole.
MWC 2016

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Windup Impressions

A new wave of technologies is bringing new challenges and we are excited to face them.

MWC 2016 has shown that IoT is a huge area for creativity. Not only does it refer to the Smart Home solutions but includes nearly all the spheres of human activity, such as Healthcare, Manufacturing, Transport, and others.

Deploying prime mobile trends inspires us for creation new awesome projects. We are open to the upcoming prospects and challenges.

If you have an interesting idea, hurry up and contact us immediately. We will estimate it in minutes and supply you with the top development team for it's implementation.

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