Top 11 Flutter Open Source Apps To Take Advantage Of

Updated 01 Sep 2023

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Flutter framework from Google gains its popularity, and today more and more apps are created using Flutter. The main advantage of Flutter is its cross-platform feature. Your app is available both on the web and on iOS/Android platforms. Besides, Flutter is an open source framework, and any developer may improve its capabilities on GitHub.

Today we will list top open source apps built with Flutter. It may give you some idea of the development of your app based on Flutter using appropriate mobile app development services.

Flutter apps for daily use

We will start with open source Flutter apps that you can use every day and benefit from it. They are related to financial and health issues mostly.


The app works with smart locks, and it makes it possible for users to open or lock doors. But it is not the main advantage of Unloc. Using it, you can share your keys with someone as if it is a simple text message.

flutter sample app github

Unloc app

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You don’t need to stay at home for the whole day waiting for delivery or for some other reasons. Thus, if someone comes when you are away - you can share a key and let a person enter your home. Besides, you can share a one-time (a key that is valid only once) or reusable key (for multiple usages). It is both safe and efficient. GitHub page grants you access to source code. The official website is also available. You may download the app for iOS and Android platforms.

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A NANO cryptocurrency wallet that is a perfect choice for everybody who wants to trade a fee-less and scalable cryptocurrency. This app is one of the most interesting among other Flutter app templates. Natrium was approved by Red4Sec agency that is engaged in the cryptocurrency audit. Natrium is a secure wallet that allows users to send NANO to anyone, manage contacts, create a new NANO wallet and manage an existing one, etc. It has a wide range of features.

flutter app open source

Natrium app

Moreover, Natrium supports over 30 different currency conversions. The only thing you need to remember is the safe storage of wallet seed and backup to protect it from malefactors. The open source code of Natrium is available on GitHub. And due to Flutter, Natrium is available both on iOS and Android.


Watermaniac is a drinking water tracker app and one more Flutter app example. Everybody knows that water means life. And Watermaniac app helps you always stay hydrated to lead a healthy and fulfilled life. So the app lets you know how much water you drink daily.

Watermaniac app

Watermaniac app

You can set a daily goal of water, see the entire history of drunk water during an indicated period, and customize notifications that will remind you about the right time to drink water. Although the app is created with Flutter, it is available only on Android platform at the moment. And you can find source code on GitHub.


It is a simple to-do planner but has high efficiency and clean aesthetics. Deer’s primary purpose is to make to-do planning convenient, quick, and clear. Deer was developed using BLoC pattern (Flutter pattern that simplifies the development of one app for multiple platforms). Apart from daily planning, you can also use Deer to write down notes, create a list of favorites movies, or draw up a shopping list.

Deer app

Deer app as a to-do planner

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Deer has intuitive UX, and it makes it possible for you to add images as well, filter tasks by categories, schedule notifications about important events, etc. Besides, you may create custom color themes depending on your preferences. For now, Deer is available on Android, and source code is on GitHub.

My Trail

My Trail app is a geolocation app that remembers your recent locations and provides you with coordinates on demand. Why do you need it? For example, you saw something interesting, but you can’t remember the exact address. Or you parked your car, and you cannot find it. My Trail allows you to select geographic coordinates using a history of locations.

My Trail app

My Trail app to track your route

Thus, filter the location by date and time, and you will find what you need. This Flutter demo app was built for the Spanish market, but it is available in other locations as well, and you switch to the English language. My Trail is the right solution for travelers and people on a business trip. GitHub page is open for developers, and My Trail app can be downloaded on iOS and Android platforms.


And the last app in this section is You app. It is created with a purpose to let people see what the Internet knows about them. If you are a social person, you are probably registered in various social media and use Google as the leading search engine. So, you can download your personal data from Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. These four giants that collect a large amount of personal data.

You app

You app finds the data about you

You app also helps you locate your mobile (if you use it on a tablet, for example) and make it ring. By the way, you may even delete all mobile data remotely if your smartphone is stolen. At the moment, Android version is available only. And GitHub page is active as well. So find out everything the Internet knows about you.

Flutter apps to train your brain and entertain

Apart from daily apps, some apps may be useful for your brain, let you spend time beneficially, and also have some fun. Look through five more Flutter open source apps.

PI Ultimate

A brain-training app for everybody who loves math and likes to solve puzzles. PI Ultimate helps anyone learn infinite PI decimals, and do it interestingly and competitively. The faster you enter PI decimals, the higher the chance you get combos that give you more points. Longer combos give you much more points.

Pi Ultimate

Pi Ultimate to train your brain

PI Ultimate has a Help page that assists users in studying PI and memorizing digits. Also, you can check the Statistics page to see your highest result and longest combo. PI Ultimate is an excellent way to train your brain and impress your friends, showing them what your brain is capable of. The app lets you share results with friends via social media networks. Download it on your Android device. And visit GitHub page for Flutter source code.

SpaceX GO!

Are you interested in space missions? If space falls within your scope of interest, then SpaceX GO! app is what you need. It has an intuitive UX, and you can find there all information about SpaceX - starting from launches to rockets development. SpaceX GO! provides you with such features like launch tracking and details, look through the history of launches, etc. Also, you may get notifications about upcoming rocket launch, see vehicle library where the info about rockets or ships of SpaceX is contained, and use many other features.

Space X GO! app

Space X GO! app - space missions are under control

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The app is created for Android at the moment, and it was built using Material Design guidelines, so the app design is graceful and crowd-pleasing. The project is open source, and you can find the code on GitHub as usual. If you are a fan of space subject and you want to know more details about such a giant corporation as SpaceX, then this app is for you.


Zgadula app will help you spend time with your friends cheerfully. If you want to play, you need to have a group of people that includes at least two persons. Then, one of the players needs to choose a category (there are many - movies, food & drinks, games, animals, etc.) and put the phone on a forehead. Other players give different hints like words, gestures, images, and so on.

Zgadula app

Zgadula app: a large number of charades

The app offers multiple types of charades, so you can choose what you like more. Be it your friends or family - Zgadula becomes a good party member. Android and iOS apps are available along with source code on GitHub.


PostMuse is not a simple app - this is a story editor for Instagram. It contains multiple story templates if you want to wish something like “Happy Birthday,” “Happy Marriage,” or say something pleasant. Besides, PostMuse offers stock photos, story maker with templates, free images and fonts, and crisp typography.

PostMuse app

PostMuse app to improve your Instagram profile

PostMuse helps you decorate your Instagram profile and build neat stories with amazing images and fonts. Also, you can add text like inspirational quotes on the selected images and post them in your profile. PostMuse is available as Flutter web app example, iOS, and Android apps. However, source code is available only for Palette functionality.


It is a Dart cross-platform app that makes it possible to browse movies and look through showtimes in Finnish cinemas. For the moment, it is developed for the Finnish market. However, types of movies are diversified, and anyone may read about the film, its storyline, even if he or she isn’t located in Finland. inKino has a straightforward interface, with a minimalistic design. Also, you can use inKino app to book and buy tickets for a movie.


inKino app to know everything about a movie

inKino has both website version and iOS/Android apps. This sample Flutter app with 40% of code sharing between Flutter and web, but initially, it was built using Dart language - visit GitHub to get source code.

So why Flutter?

What is the main of the article? Well, to show you what kind of exciting and multifunctional apps are created with the help of Flutter framework from Google. Flutter combines the quality of native apps with cross-platform features. Moreover, the development time is reduced, so you get one app for two or more platforms saving your budget.

An example of Flutter apps is to give you an idea to create your new project with the help of this framework. The development team at Cleveroad may help you implement this since our developers already work with Flutter and create a cross-platform app that works on a few platforms using one codebase.

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Frequently Asked Questions
What are the open source applications of Flutter?

There are a lot of cool open source apps built with Flutter. To give you a hint, there are some of them:

Apps for daily use

  • Unloc
  • Natrium
  • Watermaniac
  • Deer
  • My Trail

Apps to train your brain and entertain

  • PI Ultimate
  • SpaceX GO!
  • Zgadula
  • inKino
What are some big open source projects for Flutter?

There are a bunch of big open source apps built by Flutter. For example, Natrium (cryptocurrency wallet) and SpaceX GO! (app with the darptw about SpaceX).

What are some open source Flutter projects to contribute to?

There are a lot of cool open source apps built with Flutter. To give you a hint, there are some of them:

Apps that you can use everyday:

  • Unloc
  • Natrium
  • Watermaniac
  • Deer

You can also consider what is an average cost to develop a Flutter app like the enlisted above.

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