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Updated 19 Jan 2024

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Did you know that Flutter is the most popular among the cross-platform frameworks, and 46% of developers in the world use it, according to Statista researches? This versatile framework has revolutionized mobile app development, offering seamless performance across various platforms. Moreover, its extensive community support and frequent updates make it a preferred choice for developers worldwide.

But you should consider many different aspects that define the accurate Flutter mobile app development price. Look through our article to discover all the price intricacies.

Key Factors Affecting Flutter App Development Cost on The Whole

To clarify all the components of the cost of developing a Flutter app, we will single out each factor and analyze its impact on the price.

Features and their complexity

The cross-platform apps based on Flutter can be categorized into three sub-categories - basic, medium, and complex - based on its complexity level, taking into account its features, functionalities, and integrations.

  • Creating a basic Flutter app with simple features would typically cost around $50,000 to $60,000.
  • The estimated cost to create a Flutter app with medium complexity would be between $60,000 and $80,000.
  • The cost of developing a complex app on the basis of Flutter can vary based on features, functionalities, and technology integration, with prices starting at $80,000.

It's recommended for you to start Flutter app creation with Minimum Viable Product (MVP) development. It will help you test your cross-platform app concept viability by creating an app with the primary functionality, enough for early customers to use it and make their feedback.

To provide a comprehensive understanding of the Flutter app cost by feature complexity and development timelines, refer to the following concise table.

How Flutter app development cost and time depend on the app complexity

Flutter app complexityApp aspects defining complexityFlutter app development timeline (approximate)Average prices

Simple Flutter-based app

Basic user interface, MVP features

2-3 months


Medium Flutter app

Custom interface, advanced functionality

3-6 months


Complex Flutter app

Bespoke interface, advanced features of high complexity

6-14 months


UI/UX design

Mobile app navigation, typography, and color schemes are the main issues that UI/UX designers should pay attention to. They should also provide you with a prototype of your app. Depending on the complexity of your app, design may take from 40 to 90+ hours. This line of expenses will raise the Flutter cost for $2000-$4500.

What are the constituents of the Flutter app design cost?

Pre-design activities include market research, analysis of trends, as well as finding ideal criteria for future Flutter solution design. The time required for it depends on the particular business niche and resources available to conduct research. The approximate price of pre-design activities is about $500-$700.

UI design preparation at the beginning consists of making rough sketches and wireframes. The time spent on that is based on design complexity. Sketches and wireframes creation may need about $200-$1000 of your app development budget.

UX design creation includes UI mockup samples, mood board development and final mockup creation. The accurate creation time there also depends on app complexity. It may require a rough budget from $5,000 to $10,000 and more.

Brand identity design. This kind of activity means the UI/UX designers create logos, icons, and other design elements according to your brand colors. The rough budget it may require is from $5,000 to $10,000 and more.

Animation preparation. The UI/UX designers work on screen and customer content visualization. The development cost for this part of the activities reaches to $10,000+, depending on the level of animated images that the UI/UX designers prepared for your Flutter app.

Let’s sum up all the necessary data as to the Flutter costs for design in the following table.

The average Flutter app design costs

Workflow stagesDevelopment price on average

Pre-design activities and research


UI preparation


UX creation


Brand identity design




App categories

Flutter application development can be classified into different categories, with each having its own features, target audiences, security requirements, etc., influencing Flutter app price.

Variations in features are often observed when shifting between different application categories. Certain cross-platform apps employ multi-factor authentication, while others do not require login while developing an app based on Flutter. For example, the cost to make a Flutter app with limited features like a currency converter is typically lower than more intricate apps (e.g., an IoT-based solution or ride-booking app).

Cooperation models

We analyze the following cooperation models for creating the cross-platform business solution that influence the cost to develop a Flutter app.

Freelancers. This option is widely applied due to the opportunity to decrease development expenses. Yet, in the case of Flutter app development, you have no guarantee of freelancers' competence and quality. In addition, such specialists are also not advantageous within the support, maintenance, and updating services, as they may switch to another project and make long-term partnerships impossible.

In-house teams. In this case, you are responsible for project development management, searching and checking the experience and knowledge of potential employers. Moreover, when you choose Flutter in-house team, such a choice requires a row of extra expenses, like purchasing hardware, renting the office, sick leaves, salaries, and many more. Consequently, such conditions significantly raise the total cost for creating a mobile app.

Outsourcing companies. Outsourcing the project refers to the already assembled team of experts with a proven in-depth Flutter development qualification taking over the creation process. This option is a great way to save development investments and avoid affecting product quality.

Apart from this fact, here are some more benefits you'll receive with outsourcing:

  • Cost flexibility. The global market offers a lot of outsourcing IT companies ready to help you with Flutter app creation and provide custom software development services at reasonable prices. Particularly, Central Europe has become the top region for this goal, and many businesses have benefited from the top-class performance of talented developers coming from this location.
  • Scalability. You can adjust the development flow to your requirements: the team of such companies comprises all types of developers who will take part in the process when their competence is needed.
  • Faster product delivery. With outsourcing, there's no need to spend time on recruiting. You can adapt the speed of your project creation (e.g., involving more experts). Thus, time to market is cut down, as well as outgoings: you pay only for work done.
  • Vast talent pools. IT outsourcing comprises an immense range of tech-savvy specialists with great expertise and experience. Outsourcing vendors offer businesses flexible hiring opportunities. You are allowed to select among lots of software architects worldwide.
  • A great diversity of technologies to apply. Depending on your project requirements, you can choose a specialist from such companies with relevant expertise.

Location of development team

Apart from the cooperation models, the location of your development team may influence the Flutter app development cost a lot. In different regions, developers have different rates. The average developer’s rate in North America is $75-$250/hour, while in Estonia, it’s only $50-$60/hour.

In the table below, you can find developers’ hourly rates and compare them with each other.

Flutter developers' rates in different regions

LocationHourly rates of Flutter developers

Central and Eastern Europe (CEE region)


Western Europe


North America


Latin America








If you’re thinking of outsourcing your Flutter-based app project, we recommend you take a closer look at the CEE region, particularly Estonia. This country is a popular outsourcing destination because of its affordable rates and high level of customer service. Estonia has a vast talent pool, so the quality of the final product on the basis of Flutter will fulfill your expectations.

Qualifications of Flutter engineers

The qualification levels of Flutter engineers play a crucial role in determining the cost to develop a Flutter app.

Junior Flutter developers. When collaborating with junior Flutter engineers, who are relatively new to the field, the development cost tends to be lower. These individuals may have limited practical experience but are often enthusiastic and willing to learn. While their hourly rates are more budget-friendly, it's essential to account for potential learning curves and a longer development timeline.

Middle-level Flutter engineers bring a balanced mix of experience and cost-effectiveness to the development flow. With a moderate level of expertise, they can contribute efficiently to app development tasks. The cost associated with the services of the middle-level engineers is typically a middle ground, making them an attractive choice for projects that require a combination of skills.

Senior Flutter engineers have the extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of the Flutter framework, commanding higher hourly rates. They can navigate complex challenges, optimize performance, and ensure a robust app architecture. That's why, the investment in senior Flutter engineers can lead to a quicker and more reliable development process.

Nevertheless, in order to develop your Flutter-based cross-platform software, you may need not only Flutter developers, but also other members of the project team. The below table will give you an understanding of how to compose your cross-platform creation team and how on average it will cost.

Flutter app development team and their costs depending on app complexity

Flutter app development teamSimple Flutter AppMedium Flutter AppComplex Flutter App

Developers (Junior, Middle, Senior)




QA Specialist




UI/UX Designers




Project Manager




Business Analyst








How much will your Flutter app cost?

Leave it to our tech experts! Contact us now and get a rough cost estimation of your Flutter app according to your business needs

Cost of Flutter App Development: Additional Constituents to Consider

Like any other product, your app may need to be maintained and updated to stay successful on the market. This leads to additional expenses that influence the Flutter pricing for the upcoming app. It’s time to talk about these expenses.

Additional expenses for Flutter app

4 additional factors that affect the cost of Flutter app development

App maintenance and updates

Applications from the top charts of app stores hold their positions for a reason. They engage clients with constant upgrades and brand new features. Even if your app is perfect, the absence of updates will lead to stagnation and users abandoning your app.

In the perfect world, you should hire mobile app developers that created your app. They’ve worked on satisfying your app development needs from the very beginning and know how their code works. If it’s not an option, make sure you have detailed documentation of your app. It’ll simplify the lives of other developers and reduce development time.

Mind that the app maintenance costs rise over the app’s lifetime. Companies usually include 15-20% of the Flutter software development costs into the budget for app maintenance. However, the longer your app has a stable audience, the more money you have to invest in updates. It’s not surprising that you’ll spend more money on updating within a certain time than on the actual development. Still, while your app generates more revenue than losses, it’s a worthy investment.

Unfortunately, with new features appear new bugs and vulnerabilities. You can’t just turn a blind eye to this issue, because it makes user experience worse and opens new loopholes for fraudsters. A number of software development companies offer post-release support that includes the development of new features, testing, and fixing bugs.

Here, at Cleveroad, we have expertise in both post-release support and working with projects developed by other companies. From our experience, it’s much easier to work on a project you made on your own than to search for bugs in someone else’s code. Besides, the cooperation with the same team lowers the Flutter app development cost.

We've explained the steps we take during QA process at Cleveroad in this article!

Third-party API integrations

Depending on the complexity of the apps, Flutter developers may need to apply third-party APIs. Their implementation facilitates data interchange between two solutions using protocols. Initially, you may opt for the least expensive APIs; however, increasing usage will necessitate migrating to more advanced APIs. Hence, the more integrations you want to add, the higher will be the Flutter app price.

Release to App Stores

When you already have a finished product, you have to launch it somewhere. Google Play and the App Store are major players among the app distributing platforms. That’s why you definitely should place your app there. However, these platforms charge fees before the app release:

  • Google Play charges a one-time fee of $25
  • Apple Store charges $99, annually

On top of that, both platforms have a 30% fee for every in-app purchase. If you’re distributing your app via a subscription model, you’ll get only 70% of the initial price. However, recently Google Play and the App Store have softened their policies. For now, they charge only 15% for every subscription from an account that purchased a subscription for twelve months.

We’ve released hundreds of applications, and according to our estimates, the release stage depends on the amount of platforms and takes 190-270 hours. With the rate of $50, that’s $9,500-$13,500 for a release, which is a substantial sum in terms of the whole Flutter app development cost.

Server space

If you’re going to process and store the user-generated data, you have to take care of server concerns. Weak servers lead to low performance and high response time on the user side. Besides, unreliable servers with a vulnerable protection system can cause personal data leaks of your users.

To minimize risks, our team trusts only reliable providers, like Amazon EC2. According to the AWS Price Calculator, a 24/7 working server with an 8-core CPU and 32 GiBs of RAM will cost you around $1650/year. Keep this expense in mind when calculating the overall Flutter development cost.

How to Calculate Flutter App Development Cost

As it was mentioned earlier, features impact Flutter app development cost the most. Flutter is good for projects that don’t include native features. But when it comes to mapping, streaming, AR, and background processes, developers have to build these features separately for iOS and Android and then combine it with Flutter.

Let’s get back to our examples. In the case of native development, you will need around 60-130 hours to implement AR filters in your app. Flutter development will take about 80-150 hours because AR is a native feature. Keeping in mind the rate of $50/hour we should multiply it by the development time. This formula can be used to figure out the final Flutter app development cost.

Except for this formula, another thing matters in the initial stage.

Discovery phase

A poorly considered Discovery phase may result in a collapse of a whole project. But why is this stage so important? This step aims to establish the right vision of the future project, determine possible risks, and identify the business goals and work scope to perform. Moreover, you’ll get an approximate vision of the Flutter app price due to a rough project estimate.

Cleveroad discovery stage

Discovery activities for your Flutter project price assessment

Rough estimate

A rough estimate assessment is included in the primary stage of the client and software team’s cooperation. It also helps both sides decide whether they will become partners. The main aim of the rough estimate is to calculate the minimum and maximum time required to finish the project and the approximate total cost. Hence, a client knows how much investment in the development flow is required. In addition, this estimate comprises the entire creation process split into stages. This document should not be considered as one with fixed terms and conditions. It is prepared for customers only to inform them.

A rough estimate includes:

  • The main part containing the preparatory works. Commonly, they remain the same from project to project and comprise the product description, database setup, and REST architecture. The items indicated in the section are not necessarily executed at once. Some works are completed throughout the project.
  • The development relates to the encryption process. This part includes functionality, screens, and features to implement. The development section includes the 'business logic' and 'UI/UX' requirements and the number of hours for a certain part of the work.
  • Integration of frameworks and libraries is required to implement features more efficiently, and cut down the development time and the spending accordingly.
  • Non-development is mainly related to technical writing. Specialists prepare detailed documentation of the code and prepare other data concerning product creation.
  • The suggestions section incorporates various enhancing recommendations.

At Cleveroad, we also make a rough estimate according to the feature list you give us.

We proceed to the Discovery Phase services and create a project specification when all the issues are settled. You have to participate actively here because we build project specifications based on the data you provide. In the next stage, we create wireframes for your app. That’s a schematic placement of User Interface elements on screens.

Then, our developers and business analysts devise a detailed estimate of your cost to develop a Flutter app. With an accurate budget, project requirements, and wireframes, we can sign the contract and begin the development stage.

As you see, the discovery phase is a crucial part of any project. Without this stage, you can’t know the price and time needed for the development, because there will be too many variables. If something goes wrong on any stage, the whole project can go wrong with the plan. That’s why you have to cooperate with the software development company, so they can build the project you need.

How Much Does It Cost to Create a Flutter App?

How much does Flutter app development cost based on the app size? The prices typically falls between $40,000 and $200,000+.

We will explore the varying sizes of applications, from small and simple app to large, and the associated costs of building them.

The average development time for a small Flutter application is typically around 2 months. This timeframe also applies to Minimum Viable Products (MVP) that are planned for development after the initial release. It is recommended to test your idea in the market and evaluate the necessary steps to progress, even if the application only has basic features and design.

The average construction time for a medium-sized cross-platform app on the basis of Flutter is typically 3 to 4 months. The number of hours and cost of a project remains consistent, even if multiple developers are hired to accelerate development.

The timeline for developing a large-scale Flutter app depends on the amount and complexity of the features, typically taking anywhere from 4 to 6 months or potentially more. The accurate length of time needed to build a Flutter application is influenced by the level of planning and how quickly decisions are made.

Now, we’ll make a conclusion on how the app size influences the average Flutter cost and timelines

Flutter app average prices depending on their complexity

Flutter app sizePrices on averageDevelopment timeline

Small Flutter app


about 2 months

Medium Flutter app


3-4 months

Large-scale Flutter app


6+ months

The accurate prices and timelines for Flutter apps of any complexity and size depend on various factors (e.g., app functionality, design complexity, number of integrations, etc.). That’s why, it’s better for you to cooperate with a skilled mobile app development company able to give you consultations as to Flutter app development cost factors, and make a detailed estimate for your cross-platform app idea. For example, you can always contact us, and our Flutter app development experts will prepare a personal estimate for your Flutter-based project.

Cost to Develop a Flutter App by Real App Examples

As you already know the major and minor factors that influence the price, it’s high time to make an overview of the Flutter app development cost for different apps. To make it useful for you, we’ve estimated the development costs of several existing apps from various industries and different levels of Flutter app complexity.

We’re going to talk about:

  • Transport
  • Streaming
  • Social media

Flutter App Development Cost: Transport

  • Examples: BlaBlaCar
  • Approximate time for features implementation: from 4 to 10 months
  • Approximate cost: $40,000-$90,000+

Transport apps require user profile, driver’s and passenger’s roles, payment gateway, and GPS support. Mind that if you use Flutter to build native features like geolocation, the overall project development time may rise. Mind that the Flutter costs estimates below don't include time for code documentation, frameworks integration, project management, and more.

Flutter App Development Cost: Streaming

  • Examples: Twitch, Periscope, YouTube Live
  • Approximate time for features implementation: from 5 to 10 months
  • Approximate cost: $45,000-$60,000+

Streaming app is a complicated piece of software. It requires your development team to use streaming protocols (which aren’t Flutter’s strong side), develop a text chat for communication with the audience, push notifications, use smartphone’s cameras, and more. Some of them have donation systems, multiple integrations with third-parties, and even paid emojis.

Flutter App Development Cost: Messenger

  • Examples: Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram
  • Approximate time for features implementation: from 8 to 15 months
  • Approximate cost: $41,000-$60,000+

Messengers have simple features, at first glance, but a detailed analysis proves the opposite. Integration of chat with various statuses (typing, online/offline, reading), file transfers, voice messages require a significant amount of time. If you add voice calls and group chats, things will get even more complicated.

Let’s revise all that we’ve discussed about the average cost and timelines for the widespread types of Flutter-based apps.

Cost of Flutter based app development by types

Flutter app typeApp example$41,000-$60,000+Timelines

Transport software



4-10 months

Streaming apps

YouTube Live, Twitch, Periscope


5-10 months

Messenger applications

WhatsUp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram


8-15 months

We have shown approximate estimates for some Flutter-based app types for you to consider. Feel free to contact our team and receive a Flutter app cost estimate for your business idea.

Cutting Flutter App Development Cost: Essential Hints to Take Into Account

Flutter app development prices can rapidly increase and exceed your budget if not managed appropriately. What methods can be used to obtain a high-quality flutter app without exceeding the budget? Begin by following these tips.

Outsource your software project

Applying to outsourced services for Flutter app development is an effective way of controlling Flutter app price and time. Engaging to work with outsourced Flutter app coders is faster and more cost-efficient than recruiting specialists yourself.

You may also consider outsourcing certain projects to an external vendor to lighten the workload for your in-house coders and engineers. The provider's specialists can offer valuable insight and innovations which could be beneficial if the app is intended to have an international presence.

Outsourcing software development can also help you unlock long-term savings with the help of an experienced Flutter app partner - from idea validation to support and maintenance. Moreover, working with an outsourcing vendor, you are able to optimize your expenditures due to an opportunity to employ IT experts from all over the world, choosing a region which hourly rates will perfectly fit your budget.

Start with MVP development

When creating your Flutter app, you can keep it simple to optimize costs. It is essential that a feature is only included if it contributes to providing an optimal user experience. This does not necessarily require building a minimalistic app; rather, the functionalities should be tailored to the requirements and expectations of the target audience. For this purpose, market research should be conducted to understand the target audience and their needs.

Then you may start your Flutter software creation from MVP features integration. This will allow you to test the app concept viability, gathering early users' feedback and seeing whether your Flutter-based application would be essential for them. What's more, all that can be done without spending too much from your budget for any modification and exceeding Flutter development cost.

Focus on the Agile approach to cut expenses

Consider that it gets more expensive to make bug fixing the further along the Flutter app goes in the development process. So, you can use an Agile development methodology, which is test-driven, and make adjustments as you go.

For example, Cleveroad software development team works with Agile methodology SDLC to remain flexible and easily make changes to the project. We are always ready to provide you with in-depth consultation on optimizing your project budget expenditures for Flutter app development cost.

Furthermore, we strive to help you practically, offering the below partnership models to maximize your working convenience:

  • IT staff augmentation serves as an effective partnership model for building Flutter apps, providing businesses with the flexibility to scale their development teams according to project requirements. By seamlessly integrating additional skilled Flutter developers into the existing team or only hiring several experts for the Flutter-based project, companies can efficiently meet tight deadlines and navigate complex coding challenges.
  • Dedicated Team allows extending your opportunities by hiring developers with experience in the domain of your business. Scale up your in-house team structure with additional team members, assemble an agile-oriented team for a project created from scratch, or support the current one.
  • Time and Material model allows you to get an approximate estimate and adjust the requirements during the development flow. Thus, customers can make changes in the needs from the final product and be charged for the services they require.

Time and Materials contract in outsourcing — consider more on how it’s established and used from our guide!

Flutter Pricing Estimation at Cleveroad

We, at Cleveroad, prepare two project costs evaluations: Rough and Detailed estimates. Let’s learn more about each of them.

Rough estimate

A rough estimate is typically the most approximate figure. The client is being provided with the development stages’ rough cost data for informational purposes.

We generate two approximate estimates to refine the costs accuracy incrementally.

  • The first one was prepared following the Solution Design stage. We establish goals, outline the scope of work, identify complexity levels, assign roles and limitations, anticipate risks, and plan accordingly. We utilize this information to make an estimate and proposal.
  • The second one is formed after the Discovery Phase has been completed. We assess business process intricacies, define a detailed feature set, identify key development nuances, and develop non-functional requirements and architectural solutions.

Detailed estimate

A detailed estimate is the best way to get an accurate Flutter costs estimation in project management. The product creation process includes the participation of the developers who will be directly responsible.

Detailed estimates are compiled after the Discovery Phase and used during the development process. The business analyst prepares a detailed user story for each sprint or two-sprint period as part of an iterative process. After the evaluation of each user story, a detailed estimate can be determined taking into account the following points:

  • Maintaining thorough records of the upcoming software solution, including wireframes, specs, and other written material
  • Integrations, recommendations, and other non-developmental activities
  • All you need to know about quantities, prices, and rates: for instance, cost-calculating rates

When customers submit a documentation package, we can generate a detailed estimate more quickly and easily.

Get your Flutter app cost estimate now

Contact our experts to get a personalized cost estimation of your Flutter app

Frequently Asked Questions
How much does it cost to develop the Flutter app?
  • A small Flutter-based software costs from $40,000 to $60,000.
  • Medium-sized Flutter app development will be from $60,000 to $120,000.
  • The large-scale Flutter app development cost will be equal from $120,000 to $200,000.
How much does Flutter app development cost in general for 2024?

The total price for you to build a Flutter app may vary from $40,000 to $200,000 or more.

How much does it cost to hire a Flutter app developer in 2024?

The price to satisfy Flutter development needs depends on the experience and location of Flutter app development company you collaborate with. For example, In the USA, the average developer’s rate is $75-$120/hour, while in Central Europe it’s only $30-$65/hour.

What are the main factors that impact the cost of Flutter app development process?

These are complexity of features, UI/UX design, app categories, location of Flutter app development team.

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