15 Software Outsourcing Companies by Size (And How to Pick the Right One)

Updated 17 Apr 2021

Published 16 Jul 2019

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Having an existing business you might already know that outsourcing is a valuable channel for your company. Though you’re probably wondering which company to choose — smaller or bigger. It’s a matter of a balance between the number of specialists to effectively deal with a project and flexibility to meet ever-changing requirements.

A software outsourcing company can be small, medium or large and each option has its own benefits. We’ve decided to discuss the cooperation with which company may bring the most value for your business.

Outsourcing software development companies by size

Software development companies by size

When to Choose Small Software Outsourcing Companies

Small outsourcing companies tend to have less than 250 employees. Such companies usually pay attention to every wish of the client and follow all requirements.

Benefits of Outsourcing to Small Software Companies

  • Affordable rates. Companies that have up to 250 workers usually provide clients with lower prices compared to their bigger competitors.
  • Flexibility. As it was mentioned, small companies consider every detail to offer good software development services. They typically offer a variety of models of cooperation to reach the flexibility their clients need.
  • Well-organized development process. The teams in small software development companies usually consist of developers that work together permanently and know each other better. They have already built a solid team and can cooperate more effectively.
  • Constant growth. Specialists want to satisfy the growing demands of customers, so they tend to expand their knowledge and integrate new tools and technologies into the development process.
When to choose small outsourcing software development companies (pros)

Advantages of cooperating with small software development companies

Best Outsourcing Companies with Less Than 250 Employees


This software development outsourcing company is located in Eastern Europe. It focuses on mobile and web application development for such industries as Retail, Healthcare, Agriculture, Logistics, E-commerce. Cleveroad offers clients a full cycle of software development services, including UI/UX design, Quality Assurance, DevOps, Project Management, etc.

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BGO Software

This digital agency has offices in Bulgaria and the UK. It specializes in UI/UX design but also offers software and mobile development services. BGO Software tends to create solutions for such fields as healthcare, commerce, and more.


This web development firm is located in Gliwice, Poland. I-System provides customers with e-commerce, web and mobile development. The firm offers to create a web design and consult about IT strategy.


The headquarter of this firm is located in London, UK. It’s an outsourcing company that builds solutions for startups and enterprises. Innovify manages the entire project development for all platforms, including web and mobile.


This software development agency is located in Ghent, Belgium, and has one more office in Minsk, Belarus. Cactussoft’s specialists provide web and mobile application development services along with e-commerce and custom software development.

Small outsourcing software development companies

Software development companies with less than 250 workers

Wrapping up this part, small software development companies are perfect if you are limited in a budget but want to create a software solution for your business.

When to Choose Mid-Sized IT Software Outsourcing Companies

Software outsourcing companies of the medium size tend to have between 250 and 999 workers. Such vendors have been on the market for approximately a decade and already worked with various types of customers from startups to enterprises. However, they provide not so affordable prices as small software companies do.

Advantages of Choosing Mid-Sized Outsourcing Companies

  • Brand reputation. Companies of medium size have worked for several years, so they have a quite wide client-base. Additionally, they take care of their reputation and gaining customers trust.
  • More qualified specialists. Due to more workers, mid-sized companies have more specialists with various skills and knowledge. As a result, it’s easier to find a developer who is experienced, let’s say, in C# or any other required technology.
  • Ability to scale up quickly. There are many different specialists, so you can hire more developers and get your project done faster. However, it’s still difficult to create a large team (10+ engineers).
  • Faster problem-solving. If any issue occurs, an experienced team can react and solve the problem more quickly. Due to years of experience, there is a possibility that the developers have tacked the issue before. As a result, you can have less downtime.
Why choose mid-sized outsoourcing software companies

Why cooperate with mid-sized outsourcing companies

Best Software Outsourcing Companies of the Medium Size


This IT outsourcing company offers full-cycle software development. Oxagile has clients from all over the world. The company focuses on building long-term relationships based on cooperation and trust.


It provides customers with mobile and web development services. Syberry creates solutions that can fit all your business needs and requirements. The main focus of the company is custom software development. As a result, the specialists listen to the clients’ ideas and build solutions based on your expectations.


This mid-sized vendor builds solutions for all types of companies from small to large. Fingent offers web and mobile application development for such industries as real estate, financial services, and logistics.


This IT software outsourcing company has headquarters in the United Kingdom and the USA. Intellectsoft has developers with various skills, so they can create complex web and mobile solutions, improve existing systems, and so on.


It’s a European software development company that offers such services as mobile and web engineering, software quality engineering, and more. ScaleFocus builds solutions for banking, insurance, healthcare, and logistics. This company cooperates with all kinds of business from startups to enterprises.

Mid-sized software development companies

Outsourcing software development companies of the medium size

To sum up this part, mid-sized companies have more talented specialists, so you can choose an expert. On the other hand, services are usually more expensive.

When to Choose Large Outsourcing Companies

Large software outsourcing companies tend to have more than 1,000 employees that are experienced in various fields. However, such vendors charge more money and can’t provide the same level of flexibility compared to small and medium companies.

Pros of Hiring Large Outsourcing Companies

  • Scale the team up and down. There are a lot of specialists with different skills, so it’s easy and fast to add or replace experts. As a result, you can speed up the development process. However, this may lead to additional expenses.
  • Experience in developing large projects. Due to many experts, the developers can handle the project of any size and complexity. You can hire as many software engineers as you want to create a solution that follows all requirements and meets your company’s goals.
  • Extensive portfolio. Large outsourcing companies have been working for a long time, so they can provide you with a large portfolio and satisfied clients. As a result, you can ensure your vendor expertize.
Advantages of cooperating with large software development company

Why choose large software outsourcing companies

Large Outsourcing Software Development Companies

IBA Group

It’s one of the largest IT outsourcing companies in Eastern Europe. The main headquarter is located in Prague, the Czech Republic, but there are offices in 12 other countries. IBA group offers end-to-end software development and consulting. This software company provides solutions for manufacturing, transportations, logistics, finance, and so on.

V-Soft Consulting

This software outsourcing company is situated in the USA and India. Since 1997 V-Soft creates innovative solutions for such industries as healthcare, insurance, manufacturing, government, and more. This company tends to utilize artificial intelligence, blockchain, and the Internet of Things.


This firm provides software development services to clients all over the world. Invensis creates IT solutions for such industries as healthcare, insurance, real estate, retail, education, and so on. However, this outsourcing company prefers cooperating with small businesses.


One more software outsourcing company based in the USA. Its main focus is to assist customers in improving their work through full-cycle web and mobile application development. ZS tends to cooperate with such industries as healthcare, energy, media, and transportation.


This company has been on the market for more than 25 years. Nowadays, InfoPulse has offices in 11 countries across Europe and North America. It builds software solutions for healthcare, banking, retail, and so on. InfoPulse cooperates with businesses of any size from small to large.

Large outsourcing software development companies

Large software development companies

Large outsourcing companies provide expertise in various fields and offer to hire specialists with different knowledge and skill sets. However, there is one serious drawback: large firms have high hourly rates. As a result, you spend a lot of money during the development process.

How to Outsource Software Development Successfully?

To achieve the best results from cooperation with an outsourcing company, you should follow several tips. We've listed them below.

Define your requirements and timeframes

The first tip on how to outsource IT is quite obvious: to achieve the best results, you need to set clear requirements. Software development companies need accurate and detailed information about your expectations and project. Only having such information, the vendor can provide you with realistic timeframes and price.

Consider specific experience

Each vendor has several fields with the greatest expertise. So, while outsourcing complicated software projects, it’s better to make sure that the vendor has enough experience. For instance, you want to create an iOS application for the healthcare sector. So, such specialists as Swift or Objective-C developers should be members of your team. Additionally, you can look through the company’s portfolio to study their previous projects.

Choose an agile methodology

The agile approach allows keeping tack on the workflow during the software development. This method is perfect for outsourcing because it gives both a project owner and a vendor an opportunity to be in different places but cooperate successfully. The product development is divided into several cycles called sprints. As a result, you and members of your team can fully understand the project building along with final goals.

Discuss project management tools

There are a lot of applications that can assist developers in tracking tasks they need to do. For example, such tools as Basecamp, Trello, Jira allow assigning tasks, commenting on them, and so on. And on top of that, you need to discuss ways to communicate and schedule meetings beforehand to follow all the changes in the project.

Keep your data safe

A reliable vendor offers you to protect your project idea and any information about the development. There is a non-disclosure agreement or NDA that you may sign. This contract outlines all confidential material and data that can’t be told to the third parties.

How to outsource software development

How to outsource successfully

Why Outsource Your Software Development to Cleveroad?

Cleveroad is located in Eastern Europe (Ukraine) and provides qualified software development services at reasonable prices.

Our clients have chosen us because:

  • Software engineers and project managers are good at English, so it’s easy to communicate and discuss all the details of the project.
  • Our specialists are flexible. They are always ready to follow your schedule and find an appropriate time for meetings and calls.
  • The developers are constantly improving their knowledge and skills. They visit different conferences, workshops, and so on.

To conclude our article, the size of the outsourcing software development company completely depends on your requirements and goals. We've created many projects for various industries. You're welcome to study our profile on Clutch and GoodFirms to check reviews from our clients.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Because it allows you to build a software product with fewer expenses and a wider range of companies to choose from. There are bo office costs or taxes, and most tech vendors provide a Project Manager who watches over the development team.

To achieve the best results, follow these tips:

  • Define your requirements and timeframes
  • Consider specific experience
  • Choose an agile methodology
  • Discuss project management tools
  • Keep your data safe

Depends on your product and budget. If there's no need for deep expertise in machine learning, IoT, or other complicated tech stuff, a small company may be quite enough.

Besides, companies with up to 250 workers usually provide clients with lower prices than their bigger competitors. And they're more flexible, too, offering a variety of cooperation models.

Vendors that have between 250 and 999 workers have been on the market for approximately a decade. They already worked with various types of customers, from startups to enterprises.

They offer a wider range of services, have more qualified specialists (as they can pay them better), can scale up quickly.

Large software outsourcing companies tend to have more than 1,000 employees that are experienced in various fields. It makes sense to cooperate with a large company when you need lots of specialists with different skills and experience in developing large-size projects.

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