Make Your Residence Brainy: 10 Top Smart Home Apps

31 MAY 2017


Are you planning to make your house not only comfortable but also a bit smarter? A large number of smart home products - the programs that allow remote controlling of lightning, temperature and even humidity - is constantly increasing. Every single day tons of smart devices and apps for house management are multiplied by new marvels of modern technology. We decided to scrutinize the best smart home apps and determine what common features they have. 

A mobile app designed to control other devices can have many diverse features. But there are several important of them that constitute the skeleton of the whole engine: remote access to all integrated devices via the app that is a unified integrated platform and server uniting all devices in the single home network. It includes such features as watching, control, management, and adjustment.

Watching feature allows displaying video or image from built-in cameras in home appliances. Due to it, you can always monitor your home just from anywhere. As to the control feature, it allows users to change settings from their smartphones so they can easy control their door locks, pet feeders, lights, thermostats and so forth. Apart from these useful functions, smart home mobile apps can help users save their family budget. They control energy consumption, in-home temperature, humidity and so forth. Let's consider some best of them.

Apps for TV controlling

Do you like watching TV? Make this process more comfortable! 

Simple Control One

The app provides users with full home automation and universal control via Wi-Fi network. You can distantly control TV, cable and satellite television, receivers, acoustic systems, Blu-Ray players, lighting, thermostats etc. This app provides users with free control of one media player or one basic box of devices without manuals. An additional connection of one device costs $4,99. The app automatically detects the availability of electronic devices at home via Wi-Fi. Besides, it has one remote control for all devices that can be optimized automatically and can be controlled using the same commands. A maximal number is 25 controlled devices in one app. Also, there are various TV guides and DVD manuals. Available for free for iOS platform.

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Advantages: versatility, up to 25 devices that have Wi-Fi connection can be controlled via one app

Control your TV using Simple One Control

Simple Control One app


This app is a kind of the assistant of home TV system that allows you to control your TV set with the voice. For example, if the system is connected together with the app to one Wi-Fi network, users can speak aloud such commands like 'Play Game of Thrones' or 'Find melodrama', and DirectTV will do everything according to your queries. Built-in Live TV feature and feature of recording of favorite shows and movies make it possible to watch television and movies in any point of the world. Free for iOS and Android.

Advantages: highly functional smart system of TV and cinema control.

DirectTV app to control your media

DirectTV app

Apps for home security

Security comes first, doesn't it? 

Withings Home

Withings Home app is the device that increases home security. Connecting to Withings Home HD camera, you get night vision, two-sided sound transmission, 130-degree view angle and streaming video, as well as the register that is recording during 48 hours. Using security cameras, the app makes it possible to see what your child is doing, adjust voice streaming, switch on built-in program Lulla Light & Music where you can lull your baby remotely together with the lullaby and LED lights.

Withings Home monitors the air pollution, so users can switch on the feature of sending notifications about air quality. Free for iOS and Android.

Advantages: watching mode, baby control, video streaming, intelligent notifications.

Withings Home app for high security of your dwelling

Withings Home app app offers security system support, using it you can track and control your home in the real-time mode from any point of the world. The app streams video surveillance, controls energy consumption. The app requires an interactive subscription to security system service plan. After this you can be notified about many actions system detects, when you children leave the high school, for example, or your security system is unlocked. Free for iOS, Blackberry, Windows Phone, Android.

Advantages: available for all platforms, enhanced security system, and guard system. app: feel safe with this app app

Apps for home convenience

My home is my castle. And I want to feel here comfortable.


Nest is not only the name of the widely used app. High-quality thermostat and protection systems are also manufactured under this name. Wanna make sure that all your rooms are warm or cool enough? Just place this sensor in the room and it will adjust the temperature to the optimal level. Furthermore, these smart devices make it possible to save energy. You can easily adjust them to any appropriate mode from any point of the world. Nest protection system always notifies users if it detects smoke, carbon monoxide, or when it's battery is running down.

Nest can be connected to the security camera. Therefore, you can always be aware of what is going on inside your house. In the case of suspicious motions, the app notifies users on it's own. Although this app doesn't provide you with a total home automation, it is very popular among many users due to it's simplicity. Available for iOS and Android for free.

Advantages: popular due to simplicity in usage. Every member of your family may have their own accounts in this app so you do not have to share your own password.

Control your home weather with the Nest

Nest app


SmartThings is the company that offers you the kit which includes SmartThings hub and various sensors. They can be connected to devices whether it be a coffee maker or a garage door, and then you can control them using the app. SmartThings is an open source platform, so the user can connect devices from other manufacturers. Using this app, you can also solve problems remotely. For example, if you forgot to close the door, close it from your office using your smartphone. Also, there is a feature of notification about gas leakage or smoke detection. You can switch it over to video mode, watch saved records of the last changes at your home. Available for free for iOS, Windows Phone, Android.

Advantages: versatility, full automation, can be connected to an unlimited number of devices.

All your home is under your power with SmartThings app

SmartThings app

Control4 MyHome

The peculiarity of this app lies in it's remote control via 3G/4G or Wi-Fi network. Before using this app, you need to purchase a controller and Control4 automation system. Smart home controlling features include audio, video, lights, thermostats, IP cameras, security systems, air conditioners, heating systems etc. Such app will be a perfect gift for music lovers since it allows listening to the music or watching movies. You can also connect voice control, security system control and camera monitoring. The app is free for iOS and Android, but 4Sight feature costs $100 per year.

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Advantages: 4Sight house management via 3G/4G.

The way to improve your convenience - Control4 MyHome app

Control4 MyHome app


Using WeMo app, you can control Wemo sensors from any point of the world. Hands-free control can be conjugated not only with native devices but also with Amazon echo or Google Home for monitoring of your house. The app even makes it possible to set the schedule for connected devices. For example, it can brew coffee at 8 am and switch off the lighting at 23 pm when the user falls asleep. Also, WeMo cooperates with Nest, so it is possible to be connected to thermostat Nest, and control it both at home and remotely. Free for iOS and Android.

Advantages: hands-free control, cooperation with Nest that increases the app's functional capabilities.

WeMo app to connect with smart hubs

WeMo app 


This automated system makes it possible to connect via Bluetooth to lawnmower and syncs to the app. You can even control lawnmower remotely via the Robomow app. App settings allow you to set sizes of the lawn, adjust a weekly schedule of mowing, and to determine the mowing area. Free for iOS and Android.

Advantages: lawn mower remote controlling.

Lawn mower is under your control - Robomow app is here

Robomow app

Philips Hue

Philips Hue system together with the app makes it possible to adjust tones and colors and even lighting contrast. You can choose soft lighting for relaxing atmosphere or bright dynamic lighting for parties. Free for iOS and Android.

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Advantages: the capability to adjust lighting depending on your mood.

Philips Hue app: change your light according to your mood

Philips Hue app

All the applications listed above are designed to ease your life. Your house will become smarter and you will control every small process in your cozy dwelling. But if you are not satisfied with such apps, you can always make a decision to develop something unique. Our company is always ready to assist in it, so don't hesitate to contact us and we will help you in all your projects!

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