Top 10 Smartwatch Apps In 2024: The Way To Keep Your Business Moving Forward

Updated 25 May 2023

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Motion is life. This truth is fundamental. People who live their life to the fullest make use of this principle and try to be active in every field of activity whether it be work or travel. To perform all necessary tasks on the go, they use mobile devices like smartphones and smartwatches. Latter ones are used actively today since smartwatch apps offer many features that don't even require from users to take their phone out.

What are smartwatch apps the best for today? We will list the most popular of them that you can use both for business and for entertainment. And we will tell you why smartwatch mobile app development is a good decision for your business.

Smartwatch apps for business

First, we start with the best smartwatch apps for business. They will help you optimize your business processes and make them faster and more convenient.


I think this app needs no introduction. Many people all over the world are using this messenger for communication with their friends and business partners. According to statistics, there are about 200 million active users. Messenger is available for all types of operating systems, including wear OS (Android smartwatches) and watchOS (Apple Watch).

telegram on apple watch and android wear

Telegram app for Android Wear and Apple Watch

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Telegram can boast about it's complete availability since it is free and free of advertising as well. Also, it can encrypt all messages and Telegram has self-destruction feature to delete all messages when it is seen. Today Telegram has the highest security level among all existing messengers, it is impossible to hack. So that is why Telegram is also used actively on smartwatches. Using Telegram Android Wear or watchOS version, users can send text and voice messages, check notifications, participate in group chats. You can use Telegram for business, and Cleveroad can help you.


This app is an e-notepad. But it has a large difference from notepads installed on all mobile devices by default. This app can be installed on a smartwatch, on PC, smartphone and all your data in Evernote will be synced automatically. If you add something from PC, you can already find it on tablet or smartwatch. The only thing you need is the Internet connection.

evernote apple watch evernote for android wear

Evernote app - write down everything in your e-notepad

It is possible to store anything you want in this notepad. Text, images, audio files - everything you need. It can be the best alternative for business purposes, you can always store all files related to your work. Also, Evernote watch app can be synced with Twitter, Google Drive, LinkedIn and other social media. Paid and free app version is available both on Wear OS and WatchOS.

Apple Pay / Google Pay

Pay apps for smartwatches make it possible to make payment using NFC technology, that is you can just wave your watch over PoS-terminal. Also, to encrypt your payments and make them safe, systems require authentication, fingerprint scan, or a password. Such systems are very convenient since they can speed up all payment procedures and make them more convenient. Both Apple Pay on watch and Google Pay watch available for free, but some additional costs during use are possible.

google pay watch apple watch apple pay

Google and Apple payment systems for smartwatches


Slack app is the perfect option for teamwork. This app is mostly used by large companies as an internal messenger to discuss all work issues. The app integrates many other services into one informational channel, services like Dropbox, Google Drive, Gmail and many others. The main goal of Slack is to reduce the workload as much as possible since it allows to chat with people that use other messengers with the help of Slack only.

android watch apps

Slack app to communicate with colleagues

With the help of a Slack smartwatch application, users can be always in touch with their colleagues or customers. So today Slack is available for all operating systems. It can be used for free, but there are limitations for integration of third-party services and the number of messages in history. Paid version of Slack watch app removes all limitations.


The app that comes along with Slack and it helps structurize the workflow. Using Trello watch app, users can quickly look through all their tasks, not only one task. Users can see task status, move it in the list up or down, copy cards, send them to another board and so on. It is possible to see what projects are on the go right now and their order, see deadlines.

trello watch app

Trello app - task management software

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So it is a really good project organizer that many enterprises use and Cleveroad is not an exception to this rule. Such projects are always in demand since people constantly need good organizers. If you want to create something similar to Trello or you have your own idea - drop us a line, Cleveroad developers have enough skills to help you achieve it. Trello is available for all smartwatch operating systems and other available OS. It is free but you can buy premium versions that have more advanced features.

Smartwatch apps for travel and relax

If you work hard, you shouldn't forget about vacation and relax. So not all best smartwatch apps are created for work. There are many useful smartwatch apps that help you spend your leisure to your advantage.


It is a service for drivers and commuters that make it possible to order a ride online with the help of a special app and make cashless payment. Or with cash directly to a driver. To become a taxi driver, it is necessary to register in the service and connect to the partnership program. Then, a driver needs to install Uber app on a mobile device that helps detect the location of a customer on a city map, estimate ride cost according to basic costs.

best android wear apps

Uber app for smartwatch - find a taxi nearby you

Today Uber is available in many countries all over the world. Uber app is available for all OS, and smartwatch app version is very popular today since you can see the location of the Uber car you ordered, the cost and the status on your wrist. Uber watch app is free to download. If you want to know how much does it cost to create Uber app, read our relevant article.


A mobile app for dating that was launched in 2012. It made a revolution in the world of dating since it completely changed the way how we are used to looking for a soulmate. A user can simply browse photos of candidates and click Like or Dislike button. If they click Like, it doesn't mean that this candidate will reciprocate. Only when he/she also clicks Like on your profile, it will be a match and you can start chatting with each other.

best apps for apple watch must have android wear apps

Tinder app to find your soulmate

Using Tinder app, users can find partners nearby with the help of geolocation feature. Today Tinder app is available for iOS and Android, and on smartwatches of both these OS as well. It is possible to find your partner just from smartwatch on your wrist. Tinder app is free, but there are paid features that you buy if you need them. It is one of the most appropriate apps for smartwatches. Tinder app development guide will give you more information.


A service that helps travelers make themselves at home in any foreign city and save money. Using TripAdvisor, people can plan their trip, get acquainted with local sights, book hotel room or reserve a table in the restaurant at favorable prices.

top smartwatch apps

TripAdvisor app helps you find interesting places in other countries

The service cooperates with touristic centers, hotels, and restaurants, so you can find up-to-date information about all places. TripAdvisor covers about 50 countries for today and this number is increasing. Why does this app remain one of the best apps for smartwatch? Because it is very convenient to use smartwatch when to look through all hotels located nearby. Do you want to create your own trip planner app for smartwatches? Cleveroad is at your disposal!


Instagram is a social media that is based on pictures predominantly. Facebook is the owner of this photo media. Instagram represents something like social media and microblog. It may seem like a Twitter where you post images and write a short description of them.

how to use instagram on apple watch and android wear

Instagram app - share you photos with the world

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People can subscribe to your account and follow it, you can do the same. Unlike Twitter, pictures and video clips are the basis of Instagram, these pictures can be related to your daily photos or business pictures. Users can leave comments, click Like. Some people use it for editing pictures, some add there their personal pictures, some people want to share all moments of their life with others. Many famous people use it today. Instagram watch app version is in large demand since it simplifies the process of pictures uploading and browsing. Instagram available for wear OS/WatchOS for free.


And the last but not the least app can be referred to one of the most unique and best smartwatch applications. Because this one app can drastically change your approach to using any other apps. IFTTT means 'if this then that', so, if you perform a specific action, it will be a trigger for any other action. It is a very useful service that makes it possible to sync various apps and devices.

top apple watch apps and android wear apps

IFTTT app to set a required task

Using IFTTT, you can create recipes that will unite different services. For example, you put a Like on a post on Facebook, and then this picture is automatically sent to Google Drive. So you can create a scenario by yourself. If this, then that. Thus, many actions can be performed automatically and it will save a lot of time. That is why it connects smartphones, tablets, and smartwatches. Using IFTTT, you can automate the majority of actions between your apps.

We showed you the most popular smartwatch apps list, so you can use a business idea to create something unique and fascinating. Who knows, maybe your future can surpass Instagram or TripAdvisor? Share with us your idea, and we will find a solution for you.

Why smartwatch app is a good business idea

Here, I would like to provide you with proof why a smartwatch app is really what people need. It has many advantages you should pay attention to, and, moreover, if you create an app not only for smartphones but also for smartwatches, it will allow you to attract a larger audience.

Always in touch

Business people should always be in touch with their partners and employees since it is very important. Of course, a smartphone can solve this problem but it will not save as much time as smartwatch app can do it. Users don't even need to take their phone out, all chats and phone calls can be made using a watch only. Also, a smartwatch will help prevent the situation when they don't hear incoming signal - it will vibrate on hand.

Advanced organizer

When users have a busy day and they have many meetings and other necessary tasks to do, smartwatch syncs to their smartphones and sends all reminders from the organizer in a calendar or special organizer app like Trello. Time is money, as we all know. So if users will follow their schedule strictly due to smartwatch app made by you.

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Up-to-date travel info

Using a special trip planner app, users can plan their route and not be late for a flight. Business people travel more often and their trips are connected with business purposes predominantly, so it is very important for them to control each detail. Smartwatch app allows them to quickly find a flight, buy a ticket or just plan a trip.

Increase customers' loyalty

If you need to attract more people to your product, think about a smartwatch app version in addition to the existing app for smartphone or tablet. Users will be able to pay more attention to notifications received when they see it on a smartwatch screen, and it can increase their loyalty towards your product. It is likely that additional app for smartwatch will make your target audience grow.

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What thoughts do you have upon reading this article? As you can see, many smartwatch apps are created to simplify users' lives. You can do the same and create something new or enrich the app you already have. In turn, Cleveroad has many qualified mobile app developers that will create a first-rate app for you. Contact us and subscribe to our blog clicking on the button you can see on the right side!

Frequently Asked Questions
What is the best app for a smartwatch?

There are many smartwatch apps for business, but the best ones are:

  • Telegram
  • Evernote
  • Apple Pay / Google Pay
  • Slack
  • Trello
  • Uber
  • Tinder
  • TripAdvisor
What apps work with smartwatches?

Whether you are an Apple Watch or Android Wear fan, there are apps out there for all your needs.

Android apps you can use on your smartwatch:

  • Sleep as Android
  • Feel the Wear
  • Wear Camera
  • Google Keep
  • Toggles Wear

Apple Watch apps:

  • Sleep time
  • Cooking
  • Workflow
  • Apple Fitness Plus
  • Peloton

For both:

  • Citymapper
  • Google Maps
  • Dark Sky
  • Google Keep
Can you download apps on smartwatches?

You can install, customize, and uninstall apps on your smartwatch. But make sure that your watch fits the app. Some of them are available for Apple Watch, some — Android Wear.

What are the best apps for the Apple Watch?

The best apps for Apple Watch in 2022 are:

  • AutoSleep
  • Carrot Weather
  • 1Password
  • Tiny Armies
  • PB: Lost Phone Alert
  • Things
  • Streaks

Some are free, some are not, but everyone is worth your while.

Can I use any app for my smartwatch?

It depends on the type of smartwatch, whether you have Android Wear or Apple Watch. When paired to an iPhone, Android Wear watches can’t do as much as the Apple Watch. But they can be a powerful tool when paired to an Android. The same situation with Apple Watch.

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