7 Practical Tips on How to Secure Your Data From a Cyber Attack

24 MAY 2017


Despite the fact cyber attacks are generally aimed at large enterprises, small and medium-sized businesses should also think about making their online presence safer. The problem actually is that such businesses in many cases do not even think about the data protection sources and security policy required to avoid this kind of a crime. That makes them an easy target for cyber criminals.

In the majority of cases, small organizations are faced with a problem of stolen user' personal data as well as intellectual property. Also, swindlers can easily install malware software on computers without any data protection software that leads to employees' payment information stealing, accessing other companies to attack etc.

In this article, we will tell you how to strengthen the internet security of your product, be it a mobile app or a website.

What is a cyber attack?

A cyber attack definition is a deliberate usage of computer systems, networks etc. The malicious code is used for changing the initial code, logic or data that, in turn, leads to such cyber crimes as stolen company's data, personal information etc.

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Both ordinary users and different kinds of businesses can be vulnerable towards any kind of a cyber attack. Their goal almost always is stealing and usage of personal data for various purposes.

To give the full answer to the question what is a cyber attack, we should also consider the main types of cyber attacks.


Cybercriminals who use this type of attack hack a network in several stages in order not to be found out. It is usually used to hack important and well-secured sources. In 2015, One of the APT cyber attack examples is an attack towards the US Government's Office in 2015.


DDoS attacks intended to overload a server with queries in order to make it stop working. I suppose all of us have faced with a variety of captchas where you need either enter the right figure neither select appropriate pictures. That is one of the cyber security types intended to avoid DDoS attacks. 


This acronym implies malicious software and covers any program that is intended to harm your device or access some data/function without your permission passing through your cyber protection. 

Password attacks

This cyber attack includes manual password selection by a hacker, by a program that generates different combinations until reach the right one, and keyloggers that monitor what users type on their keyboards. Again, you probably saw the services requiring, for example, at least one capital letter or something while registration or when you are trying to unsuccessfully login several times in a row and a service bans your account for a few minutes. This way, they achieve a cyber security at least from one of all the existing cyber attack types. 


It is probably the most widespread from all the existing types of cyber attacks. Phishing includes the collection of confidential information such as credentials, credit card information by means of emails or even social networks. 

Cyber security: cyber attack types

Types of cyber attacks  

Finally, what sequences can cyber attacks lead to if not to follow simple data protection principles? Let's take a look at the list underneath to find that out.

  • Financial losses from credit cards' data to different kinds of equipment and other expenses on security system improvement
  • Negative impact on company's reputation and decreased level of customers' trust
  • Recovering time (usually not less than 3 months) that may affect a lot your product's work 

Importance of cyber security for medium-sized companies

The importance of cyber security in the modern world is hard to underestimate. These cyber security basics that we have prepared for you intended to secure your business from data losses. By following this core cyber security tips, you will significantly reduce all the risks connected with cyber attacks.

Antivirus software is one of the most widespread cyber security tools that is able to protect your product from the majority of malware.

Firewall cyber security technology intended to provide your product with an additional layer of defense. Firewalls prevent from unauthorized access to computers and networks.

Data backup will help you to recover faster after a cyber attack. Especially if you have had some data losses.

HTTPS encryption is one of the data security solutions that is used to protect such information as employees' notes, information about clients, financial statements etc. This type of encryption is widely used within the web. After a website receives SSL certificate, it will get the green https prefix in a search line. You can see that on our company's website as well. That means all the data transferred from a website to a server is encrypted. SSL certificate is one of the generally accepted data protection rules for any web resource.

The research conducted by DigiCert showed that those websites using HTTPS encryption have bigger conversion if compared to those ones without the certificate.

Some hardware and cloud security solutions on the market allow you to integrate the complicated encryption algorithm into your service. All of them have the multi-layer security along with constantly updating infrastructure in order to avoid threats. It is much harder to hack such a system since it is possible only with the help of a decryption key.

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Verification Value implies adding a three-digit or four-digit number to online payments placed on the back of credit cards called CVV. Nobody except for a user can access this number physically, so that in combination with a password. CVV is able to provide a user with stronger protection from threats connected with the online payments. Verification Value is considered to be one of the core security solutions.

Wi-Fi security is something that a company of any size can do. For that purpose are generally used different VPNs, Network Access Controllers and Firewalls Blocking Access. This step will help you to bring the personal data protection for your users and company in general.

Mobile security solutions in your app are very important. There are lots of encryption methods for different platforms, so you better suggest with your mobile app developers.

Cyber security: data protection principles

Cyber security methods 

Ready-made cyber security solutions for small and medium-sized businesses

Let's consider some popular ready-made cyber security solutions that may help you and your developers to save time in some cases.

CloudFlare is a relatively cheap from already existing on the market data protection solutions. This tool fights against malicious attacks including SQL injections and DDoS that are able to make a web resource stop working. CloudFlare cyber security software detects attacks automatically, blocks them, and creates reports. Also, the service is able to estimate users by means of their reputation, IP, and other factors.

Lookout Mobile Security was developed for the business data protection from cyber attacks on smartphones and tablets. This is one of the cyber security service providers intended to prevent you from such threats as malware software, data leaks, and some risks related to hacked devices. Lookout also offers advanced tools to manage antiviruses for apps and provide compliance with safety rules and company policy.

Random.org. I bet you did not expect to find this service here. Nevertheless, random.org has in-house data protection tools such as password generator. It helps a lot when it comes to the creation of reliable passwords. So that, if you and your employees apply this tools for password generation - the chances to be hacked will decrease significantly. Since the passwords like "1234" or with your dog's name are no longer safe. The service generates complicated passwords with a combination of letters, figures, and different registers up to 24 symbols. Random.org is one of that free and useful security solutions.

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Comodo Internet security provider offers affordable and reliable security tools including enterprise data protection. The pack of service's solutions includes Comodo One that is a platform for company's employee management with the help of which you can perform Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM). Another solution called SecureBox is used to protect apps from malicious software and infected devices. Also, businesses of different sized are welcomed to use free and paid antiviruses, SSL certificates, firewalls and much more.

Cyber security: cloud security solutions

Comodo security service  

StaySafeOnline.org service from National Cyber Alliance Security (NCSA) is full of cyber security tools and resources intended to help business owners in protection from cyber attacks, data losses, and other threats. The service allows to monitor risks, and create cyber security strategies for employees. Also, it shows the steps that are needed to be taken after an attack including where and how to apply in order to compensate losses and bring the perpetrators to justice.

General tips to prevent a cyber attack threat

Keep your software and hardware updated. That means you should not ignore any update notifications related to OS, antivirus software, web-browsers, and firewalls. By ignoring these updates you leave the cracks on your cyber attack protection.

For example, WannaCry virus was using a vulnerability in outdated OS from Microsoft to access a computer.

Use only complicated passwords. Do not create simple passwords and change them at least every two months. Try to create passwords that contain figures as well as both capital and ordinary symbols.

Usage of antiviruses is the first step towards creating the cyber security for business.

Do backups of your important and confidential data regularly in order to avoid it's losses.

Protect and encrypt your Wi-Fi network as well as protect your Internet connection by means of firewalls.

Cyber security: network security solutions

Methods to prevent threats 

With the increasing threats of cyber attacks, businesses of any sizes just cannot afford themselves ignoring this problem. In case you want to build customized security system - contact our managers to get your free consultation.

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