How To Convert Website To iOS App and Use Iphone Utilities To Advance Your Business

16 Jun 2017
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Daria R.

Life has changed. We are no longer satisfied with websites and the inconveniences of being tied to the computer like at work. We like going on the Internet in parks, in buses or in pubs. And if your business is still catching up on the web, dont miss your chance to be abreast of the times. Follow our detailed step-by-step instruction on how to turn website into app iPhone and give your business a new lease of life. 

Choosing a platform

If you have finally decided that its a big day. And you NEED to wrap website in iOS app. The first thing you have to consider is the platform you want your app to work on. Its great if you have some money to burn to develop an iOS app along with Android simultaneously. But more often its more sensible to start with one platform.

At this stage, I need to inform you that the cross-platform or a hybrid application will not satisfy your needs. Why? Read ahead and find out!

As you might have noticed we are going to persuade you to make iOS app from website. Heres why:

convert website to ios app advantages

Benefits of iOS app development 

Wealthy audience

Despite the fact that Android covers many many devices and is free for all, the customers of the brand arent used to paying money (for anything). On the other hand, iOS users feel okay spending money on apps and in-app purchases. If your aim is a paid app, you should definitely choose iOS.

IOS is popular in developed countries

IOS is a preferable platform in countries with higher standards of living, such as the USA, China, Japan and Europe.

Take less time and money to develop

The development time will be quicker if you choose iOS too. Generally, the development of apps, whether for iOS or Android, take the same amount of time. However, Android OS is compatible with multiple devices with different screen sizes, while iOS is compatible with only a few. Also, the design for an Android app takes more time. So, choosing iOS lets you save a little bit of cash.

Perfect UI

You have to make perfect UI and UX. Because Apple follows a very strict guideline policy, you can not do cheap workmanship. Because if you do - the App Store will not publish the app. Yes, its not optional, but it encourages you to do your best. Remember how we were talking about hybrid and cross-platform apps? Well, if the user interface doesnt follow the iOS guidelines, it simply wont be published.

Watch our video to find out the differences between iOS and Android app development you haven't even heard of.

Of course, you need to take into account the region which you want to cover, the social status of your target audience, their income level and many other factors to convert website to iOS app. So, if you are still here, lets move on.

How an app differs from a website

After you have made sure that iOS gives more opportunities to your business, you have to understand that the app will differ (to a great extent) from your website. And there are lots of pitfalls and issues that you are going to face. In order to save time, weve made a list of these bottlenecks.

The design. It wont look the same as on the computer screen. When you create app from website, iPhone screen is much smaller and if you try to box up everything on it, youll get way too many elements and its not a kind of UI we want to have. You need to not only hide the secondary elements but add new ones, which you didnt have on the site before. Page numbering is a nice example. A user needs to see what page they are on and have the opportunity to jump from one to another. If youre on a website it can be done with a simple click of the back button. Think about how to lace your menu because unlike websites, mobile apps use sidebar menus or a burger menu which saves lots of space. Swipe can also be applied as a very trendy design technique.

The functionality. It has to follow the design changes and be adjusted for the sake of users convenience. Some features should be added and some taken away. For instance, in a mobile app, you dont need plus and minus options to zoom in or zoom out on a picture. Touch control is necessary because we all are used to managing content with this feature. You would also need to add push notifications when you wrap website in iOS app.

A mobile app also gives you more opportunities to interact with customers using the unique functionality of Apple phones. Yes, Im talking about a fingerprint scanner which can be used as an authentication method to confirm money transfers or other things. Although some Android devices have successfully copied this detail, still only a few models have it.

Everything that the computer doesnt have or if usage is hindered because of its portability status, can be applied to a mobile version. The camera, GPS, NFC scanner and even Bluetooth can make your app more interactive and convenient for a user.

Here goes the second argument for native development. Native apps have quicker access to such built-in smartphone app utilities like the camera and GPS. And who would want to use a slow app anyway?

Think how you can improve your app with the help of all those unique things that only a mobile device has and maximize the use of it.

Is there a shorter way to convert website to iPhone app?

Finally! We've reached the most interesting part where we are going to guide you step-by-step to your iOS mobile application developed from your site.

Nope, not that fast. Lets talk about all those tools you can find on the web that promise you to translate a website on iPhone within 10 minutes or even less. So, maybe there really is a shorter way to turn website into iOS app?

We have checked a lot of these tools and web services to understand if they really are as great as they claim to be and found a few nice ones. They are fast, cheap and who knows, maybe even better than the developers? Well, here are the drawbacks that weve found.

convert website to iphone app free disadvantages

Drawbacks of web converters 

The converters that promise to convert website to iPhone app free of charge are only able to translate those features that are available in the service. If you have some unique functionality, the service wont copy it.

If you have a big site with lots of different features, again, the system wont be able to copy everything.

The application which you get with the help of such converters is a copy of your site, it parses all the information from the website, not from the server. It means that the content of the app updates only after the site did it, not simultaneously.

And I truly believe one of the critical factors against the converters, is no support! Whatever happens to your app, its on you. And if you see that the app needs to be fixed, you will need a developer who will be willing to check the whole code, understand it, and refactor it.

Scaling would be a problem as well, because you need to find a professional to do it.

And the last but not the least - you cant modify your app. No new features, no updates and no new versions.

All these factors arent critical if you have a simple news site with plain functionality. Yet, in the case with big sites with lots of different features, complicated logic and architecture - you will definitely need a developer with great mobile skills and vast working experience.

Steps to turn website into iOS app

Yep, this is it, lets get back to our steps. Here we go the main steps to create iPhone app from website

turn a website into an app on iPhone steps
How to turn a website into an app on  iPhone
Describe the features

All the functionality of a site has to be mentioned in a list which then needs to be divided into two parts main functionality and secondary features.  The main functionality will be saved in the app, while the secondary will be hidden or tossed away. Contemplate what is the best way to organize the functional elements on the pages when you convert website into iOS app and how you can use the advantages of a mobile device to your benefit.

Create the documentation

After you have determined what functionality your app will include, you need to create a packet of documents needed for the project. One of the main documents that are needed is an estimation (probably rough at first and detailed later). An estimation is a fundamental guide for developers and customers, as it includes the final date and cost of the project. After that, we need to write User Stories. At this stage, the customer can clearly see what features he or she will get and how the system will work. The document is extremely important to the developers as well because it helps them see what is the best way to implement one feature or another.

Create design

The mobile app has to follow the design of the website, including colour palette style and general mood of the company. However, as we have already mentioned, lots of elements have to be reorganized, changed or tossed away. First of all, it has to be a mobile design, NOT an identical copy of your site.


It can take from 2 months to...well, an unlimited period of time. It depends on the sites complexity, the technological stack you prefer for the project and of course, the experience of developers you hire.

If you think thats all, you are wrong. After that, we have step six - launch, seven - promotion, eight - debug and nine - maintenance. Be ready that maintenance is not actually a step but more like a duty that lasts the whole life-cycle of an app. Scaling, updates, and adding new features adding are all included in the term of maintenance.

To turn website into iPhone app isnt easy but dont forget that it will bring you lots of benefits and maximize revenue from your business. This is the process of improving user experience. You make the approach of the interaction with your system more personalized. More than that, the ability to use a camera, fingerprint scanner, touch control and other inbuilt utilities which arent available on PC or laptops elevates the users engagement. Oh, I nearly forgot, an off-line mode is also a great plus for all your customers too!

If you want to grow up and advance your business, go get it! If you need a seamlessly working, perfectly looking and absolutely fantastic iOS application converted from your website, contact us and tell us about your wishes!

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